Alfred J. Kwak Story Alfred J. Kwak is an 80’s children’s TV cartoon. His full name is Alfred Jonathan Kwak (or Alfred Jodocus Kwak as he is known in other countries) who lives in a town in Waterland, in a house that looks like a large wooden clog (even his bed is in the shape of a clog). His parents/family died in a car crash when he was young and was brought up by a small mole called Henk, who he now calls Dad. His friends are Ollie the stork (who is a lawyer) and Henry the rabbit. He is an adventurous young duck and is always willing to help others. He met the love of his life, Winnie, who with her family (of black ducks) were illegally escaping from a country called South Atrique, where they were segregated and discriminated against. Alfred invited the family to stay at his house while they applied for citizenship in his country. Alfred J Kwak - In Space Alfred J Kwak - An Explorer Alfred J Kwak - In the Far East Alfred J Kwak - Wind Surfing Alfred J Kwak - A Friend Alfred J Kwak - A Sailor Alfred J. Kwak Images (click to enlarge) Alfred J Kwak - Clowning Around Alfred J Kwak - Henk Alfred J Kwak - Titles Alfred J. Kwak T-Shirts - NONE Alfred J. Kwak DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - Alfred J. Kwak DVDs Alfred J. Kwak Episodes Series 1 (1989)  1. Alfred comes to life  2. Alfred’s first birthday  3. The ruby of the crown  4. My father is Henk  5. Dolf’s secret  6. The great race  7. Sea scouts part 1  8. Sea scouts part 2  9. The strange bottle  10. Flying Carpet  11. Alfred joins the circus  12. Alfred's chess adventure  13. The queen loses her crown  14. Let's find the sawfish  15. Alfred's perilous voyage  16. The search for the whales  17. Visitors from outer space  18. The southern cross  19. The ocean belong to all of us  20. Alfred - desert dream  21. The king takes a loan  22. Dolf is justice  23. Escape from the crow party  24. Emperor Dolf the first  25. The decline and fall of emperor Dolf  26. The Unabominable Snowman   Series 2 (1989)  1. Love at first sight  2. A gift from the king  3. Journey to at  4. A turtle island  5. Drilling for oil  6. They come to atlantis  7. Gunfight at tombstone  8. The riddle of the pyramid  9. The labyrinth  10. The course of true love  11. An invitation from the prince  12. Love unites  13. Who wants to marry a witch  14. The stolen pan  15. The volcano erupts  16. Save the dragon  17. Vote for Ollie  18. Dolf takes a chance  19. The strange epidemic  20. Clown in the moon  21. The magic fiddle  22. How about a game of golf  23. Looking for the rainbow  24. Pot of Gold  25. Forests of fuel?  26. Dolf’s last stand Alfred J. Kwak Video Intro Alfred J Kwak - Bowling Alfred J Kwak - A Posh Restaurant Alfred J Kwak - Dinner With A Friend Alfred J Kwak - Travelling Alfred J Kwak - Train Journey Alfred J Kwak - Winnie's Family Alfred J Kwak - Hiding Alfred J Kwak - Winnie
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