Alias the Jester Alias the Jester is an 80’s children’s TV cartoon which was narrated by Richard Briers and created by Cosgrove Hall Productions. Story Alias is a Time Traveller that crash landed his spaceship on Earth, because of its magnetic pull. Here he found himself in the middle ages (with his companion Boswell), where swords and sorcery were the rage.   Obviously Alias didn't fit in with his surroundings, so disguised himself as a Jester, and was employed by none other than King Arthur! Alias has special powers and uses them to fight off the enemies of the King, keeps his identity secret. Alias the Jester Characters Alias The Jester As mentioned he is a time traveller, but looks and acts like a superhero. He has the costume, with face mask, and can fly! Alias even does the Clark Kent transformation, from his normal Jester clothes to his red costume. King Arthur He doesn't resemble the hero that has been recounted in stories throughout the ages, maybe the description of him was lost in translation? He is a Northerner, who is very short and very grumpy. He's not a fan of Alias the Jester's jokes and is constantly trying to fire him.   Eric the Brainless As you can guess from his name, Eric is a stupid Viking. He's always trying to steal things from King Arthur, including his daughter the princess, but his schemes never goes as planned. He's even tried to get Meredith to turn rubbish into gold.   Eric has somehow managed to get hold of a flying longboat, which is powered by slaves that have been hypnotised (he just has to be that someone doesn't break the spell on them!). Meredith He's the Court Wizard of King Arthur. He likes brussel sprouts. Boswell He is Alias's strange companion, who looks like a green dog. He doesn't bark, but instead sounds like someone that has swallowed a kazoo. Alias the Jester - In Costume Alias the Jester - Spaceship Alias the Jester - Falling From Space Alias the Jester - The Baddies Alias the Jester - Stupid Jester Alias the Jester - Titles Alias the Jester Images (click to enlarge) Alias the Jester - Meredith Observes Alias the Jester - The Gang Alias the Jester - Boswell Alias the Jester - Alias Alias the Jester - King Arthur Alias the Jester   T-Shirts - NONE Alias the Jester DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Alias the Jester DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Alias the Jester Episode Guide Series 1 (1985) 1. Alias the Jester 2. The Ring 3. The Amazing Dancing Bear 4. The Viking Airship 5. Ready When You Are, King Arthur! 6. The Giant's Visit 7. The Walking Island 8. Monster of the Lake 9. Magic Metal 10. The Lost Ark 11. Revenge of the Najjer 12. Fiery Fred 13. Amaranth and the Beast Alias the Jester Video Intro Alias the Jester - Eric the Brainless Alias the Jester - Meredith Alias the Jester - Credits
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