Andy Pandy Andy Pandy is a 50’s children’s TV puppet show, which surprised me as I though it had been made in the 70's. I was wrong. The first show was produced on 20th June 1950 in Black and White.  It was a show that was created especially for pre-school children.  It appeared in the BBC's 'Watch With Mother' schedule every Tuesday. Andy Pandy was a clown puppet and he initially performed alone, but eventually  he was joined by two friends - Teddy and Looby Lou.  Andy Pandy was so popular, that he became one of the most repeated Children's TV programmes in television history.  Andy Pandy was the first of several successful television characters created by Freda Lingstrom, who was Head of the Children's' Television Department of the BBC between 1951 and 1956. Maria Bird composed the music and also wrote the scripts for the programme with Freda. The first puppeteer for the programme was Audry Atterbury, who was later joined by Molly Gibson. Andy Pandy, Teddy and Looby Lou were all silent stars. The programmes were  narrated by Vera Mckechnie and the songs were sung by Gladys Whitred. A total of 26 episodes were made, each lasting 15 minutes. The characters were all puppets and the crew details can be found here.  In the 1970's, Andy Pandy was remade in colour in the Abbey Road Studios. It seems that TV Companies have been looking to the past for inspiration, because Cosgrove Hall Productions has resurrected Andy Pandy.  They have  made a number of new programmes to thrill children all over again (lets just hope they see some of the originals too). In 1998 Andy Pandy puppets appeared in a 'Watch with Mother Exhibition' at Dudley in the West Midlands.  Each episode began with -   Andy Pandy is coming to play, la, la-la, la, la-la, Andy Pandy's here today, la, la-la, la-la.  and ended with - Time to stop play, just for today, Andy and Teddy must now go away. Time to stop play, just for today Andy is waving goodbye.., goodbye.., goodbye. Andy Pandy Characters Andy Pandy Andy Pandy is a little boy dressed as a clown.  He lives in a house in the country with his friend Teddy. Both like to play and dance along to the songs that Gladys Whitred sings. Teddy Teddy is the friend of Andy Pandy and likes to play and be silly.   Looby Lou Looby Lou is a lifeless rag doll who lives in a toy chest.  But unknown to Andy and Teddy, Looby Lou comes to life when they're not in the room. Andy Pandy - Teddy and Andy in the Basket Andy Pandy - Titles Andy Pandy - In the Trolley Andy Pandy - Credits Andy Pandy - Hello Looby Lou Andy Pandy - Titles Andy Pandy Images (click to enlarge) Andy Pandy - Dancing Andy Pandy - Ducks Andy Pandy - A Jack in the Box Andy Pandy - Looby Lou Andy Pandy T-Shirts - NONE Andy Pandy DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE Andy Pandy Episodes Series 1 (1950) Black and White  1. Tea Party  2. Presents  3. Music  4. Hand Bells  5. A.B.C.  6. Bricks  7. Playing School  8. Play Shops  9. Leaning House  10. Pram  11. Farm  12. Garden  13. Wall and Tortoise  14. Turtles  15. Boats  16. Paddling Pool  17. Horse and Fish  18. Bird and Butterfly  19. Rabbits  20. Kittens  21. Kings and Queens  22. Jack in the Box  23. ????  24. ????  25. ????  26. ????  Series 2 (1970) Colour  1. Andy Pandy's House  2. Hobby Horses  3. Scooters  4. The Trampoline  5. Jack-In-A-Box  6. A Wall And A Hedgehog  7. Cleaning The House  8. Tricycles  9. Looby Loo Has A Cold  10. The Jeep  11. Tea Party  12. The Red Engine  13. Sailing Boats Andy Pandy Video Intro Andy Pandy Andy Pandy - Teddy Andy Pandy - All Together Bouncing Andy Pandy - Looby Lou Says Hello Andy Pandy - Teddy and Andy Pandy Dancing Andy Pandy - Looby Lou in the Garden Andy Pandy - Where's Andy? Andy Pandy - See-Saw Andy Pandy - On the Swing Andy Pandy - Teddy On Show
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