Astro Farm Astro Farm is a 90’s children’s TV animated show created by Andy Ellis & David Yates, and produced by Filmfair. It was first shown on television in September 1992 and a total of Fifty-three episodes were made, each lasting 10 minutes. The Astro Farm theme tune was written by Dave Cook and the scripts were written by John Sayle. John went on to work on Chucklevision (last time I heard - for the last 14 years!!). He also conceived and wrote a series called Out Of Tune. It was made at Mitre Road Industrial estate, Mitre Road (off Scrubs Lane), West London. Story At the far end of the galaxy lies Astro Farm, an amazing mini-constellation of asteroids, where anything grows. Astro Farm is the home of Sam and Lizzie Foxwood, their son Tom and his best friend Dinko, the astro-pup. They spend their days rocketing from one asteroid to another in their astro-tractor, harvesting the crops that grow there. Daisy, the Big Moo provides milk, plain or flavoured in boxes or bottles and a flock of Clucks and their young Clucketts have the freedom of the farmyard, laying their eggs all over the place.  Trouble lurks high in the sky above Astro Farm. Gorpdale, home of the miserable and lazy brothers, Splodger and Biff, is the wettest and most miserable planet in the galaxy. Only disgusting slime curd will grow there and as Splodger and Biff hate slime curd, they are always plotting how to get their hands on the Foxwood's delicious fruit and vegetables! Astro Farm - The Big Moo Astro Farm Images (click to enlarge) Astro Farm - Lizzie, Tom and the Big Moo Astro Farm T-Shirts - NONE Astro Farm DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE Astro Farm Episodes Series 1 (1992)  1. Astro Dragon  2. Barn Dance  3. Disappearing Bubbles  4. Flying Dinko  5. The Big Sneeze  6. The Black Hole Mole  7. Butterfly  8. Moo Flu  9. The Surprise  10. The Tomato Competition  11. The Well  12. Training Dinky  13. Wacky Weather Series 2 (1993)  1. Biff Builds a Rocket  2. Cluck Soup  3. Holiday  4. King Splodger  5. Lizzie's Quiet Day  6. Pumpkin  7. Seeing Double  8. Shrinking Machine  9. Solar Wind  10. Wild Martian Tiger  11. Wishing Well Series 3 (1994)  1. All Aboard  2. Astrodale Farm  3. Bath Time  4. Biff's Baby  5. Crow Twins  6. Dial G for Gorpdale  7. Magic Onions  8. Spooked  9. Super Tom  Series 4 (1995)  1. 1, 2, 3 Pull  2. A Mole in One  3. Biff Do Your Best  4. Cowboy Tom  5. Dragon Moon  6. Futile Attraction  7. Pied Piper of Gorpdale  8. Slimecurd, Slimecurd, Everywhere  9. Splodger The Spider  10. That Takes the Buiscuit   Series 5 (1996)  1. Lucky Dip  2. Mousequake!  3. Pigs Might Fly  4. Poultry in Motion  5. Spaced Out Splodger  6. Sparks Fly  7. Splodger's About  8. Surprise, Surprise  9. To Catch a Thief  10. Tom and the Beanstalk Astro Farm Video Intro Astro Farm - Watch Out Dinko
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