Avenger Penguins Story The Avenger Penguins is a 90’s children’s TV cartoon that followed a group of biker penguins hell bent on stopping Caraticus P Doom's dastardly plans for Big City. The group are for hire and can be employed to investigate and recover items. One of the things that appeals to would-be clients is that they are cheap. Their HQ also gives this impression, as its located above Irv's Garage. Avenger Penguins Characters Marlon He is the leader of the group and is the one that plans out their operations. Louis He's easily spotted as he's the short one wearing an old fashioned German helmet, which covers his eyes. Most people have difficulty understanding what he says, luckily the other penguins understand him. Try not to upset him, as he is an expert with guns! Rocky He's the largest one of the group and is always wearing his crash helmet (wonder if it sleeps in it?). If you want a legal expert, then he's the penguin you need (he's always reading books about it). He may be big, but he's the one that would get frightened more than the others. Caraticus P. Doom He is the head of Doom Enterprises and the penguins arch enemy.   He has even sent Harry Slime back in the past to discover gold and register the claims in his name, to become the most powerful and richest person on the planet. Harry Slime He is the right hand man of Doom. He's a reptile, who wasn't wanted by his mother, so was employed by Doom. Harry really loves his teddy bear, Benny, but the trouble is Doom know this and periodically kidnaps Benny to ensure he does his bidding. Avenger Penguins - Quick Draw Avenger Penguins - Get Ready to Ride Avenger Penguins - Time To Run Avenger Penguins - Watch Out Benny Avenger Penguins - Titles Avenger Penguins Images (click to enlarge) Avenger Penguins - The Garage Avenger Penguins - Battering Ram Avenger Penguins - Louis Avenger Penguins - Harry Slime Avenger Penguins - Rocky Avenger Penguins - Caraticus P Doom Avenger Penguins T-Shirts - NONE Avenger Penguins DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Avenger Penguins DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Avenger Penguins Episodes Series 1 (1993) 1. The President is a Fish 2. The Hog Jamboree 3. The Quantum Mechanic 4. Big City, Little City 5. Computer Chaos 6. I Married an Android 7. Cat Pig-Cat of Iron 8. Nightmare at Tea-Time 9. Star Struck 10. The Labyrinth of Doom 11. The Wild Wild Wild Wild West 12. A Winter's Tale (Part 1) 13. The Revenge of Doom (Part 2) Series 2 (1994) 1. The 23rd Century 2. Mummy's Boy 3. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Penguin? 4. Surprise Fate 5. High Doom 6. The Jewel in the Crown 7. A Christmas Carol 8. Fish Finger 9. Disgusting or What? 10. Rock 'N' Roll Penguins 11. The Computer of Doom 12. Sherlock's Penguins 13. Beauties and the Beast Avenger Penguins Video Intro Avenger Penguins - Marlon
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