Batman Beyond / Batman of the Future Batman Beyond / Batman of the Future is a 90’s children’s TV cartoon, which won an Emmy Award for attempting to bring Batman up to date. It is supposed to be set 50 years from now, so not too much into the future. In Europe and other countries the show was renamed Batman of the Future. There were only 3 series of the show made (which is a shame) and it was parked for future use. Currently all plans to get the show restarted have failed and we just hope this is not the last we see of Terry McGinnis. This Batman has cropped up in other shows, including Justice League Unlimited. There is an episode called Epilogue which covers the history of this Batman. For the moment we haven't covered the detail on this web page. Story The original Batman has aged, and not well by the look of him. Gotham is getting darker again, as the aged Batman finds it hard to keep the baddies in check. So with regret he has to put his suit and cape away and he retires from the superhero business. Gotham is now overrun by low life's and super baddies, and it is a place you would not like to live. Terry McGinnis lives in Gotham and he sees the gang called the Jokerz preying on people and his doesn't like what he sees. He opens his mouth and the next thing he knows is that the Jokerz want to take him down.  Bruce Wayne is passing at the time and helps Terry, but what cost to himself as he has a suspected heart attack. Rather than going to the nearest hospital, Terry is forced by Wayne to take him back to Wayne Manor to recover. Here Terry snoops around and accidentally comes across the Batcave and learns Bruce Wayne's secret (he was the infamous Batman). It was like Christmas come early for Terry, as he saw a way to avenge his father, and make the man who turned his father into a freak pay (Derek Powers). So he stole the Batsuit and went into action. Things didn't go too well on his first encounter and Bruce Wayne was livid that he had stolen the Batsuit and refused to help him. It was only when Terry was on the receiving end and looking like his time was numbered when Bruce had a change of heart and decided to help. From that time forward they have worked together. Batman Beyond / Batman of the Future Characters Terry McGinnis / Batman    (voiced by Will Friedle) He is one teenager that has the world on his shoulders and is always getting into trouble. His father was part of a genetic experiment which went horribly wrong, so now he lives with his mother and little brother (the brat) in an apartment. In the day he's normally found at Hamilton Hill High School, but most nights he becomes the new Batman. He is a moody man and definitely does not like being pushed around. If he sees someone being picked upon then he is the one likely to wade in to help. This is also one of the main reasons why he is nearly always in trouble. He is very athletic and agile and actually compliments the Batsuit. Even if the suit is out of commission, he is a formidable opponent. When he became the new Batman, it was like a dream had come true. At his disposal was all the gadgets he could think about and he could even turn himself invisible. But the arrangement that he has with Bruce Wayne is an uneasy one, as Bruce sometimes treats Terry as an employee and it telling him what his next move should be. Sometimes this works, but sometimes it pushes Terry in the other direction, which doesn't always get the best results. As with the original Batman he loves to talk up what he will do to the other guy when he catches them. Bruce Wayne     (voiced by Kevin Conroy) The alter ego of the original Batman was forced into retirement by his old age. He had become bitter over the years and trusts no one, so he lives alone in his mansion with no friends. He doesn't even seem to care that Gotham is being pulled apart by the seams by the violence and criminal underworld. When he came across Terry McGinnis, he could see that his attitude on life was similar to himself when he was younger. But he was totally against him using the Batman suit, as he had closed this chapter in his life and that there was only ever one Batman. Gradually he was worn down by McGinnis, who kept pestering him to use the Batsuit and its gadgets, plus it had something to do with stealing the suit and using it on a few missions of his own. Resigned to the fact that McGinnis wouldn't go away and that he didn't want to have the death of the teenage on his hands if he kept going it alone with the suit, he decided to be his mentor. He trained him and showed him how best to use the Bat gadgets against the horde of villains out there. He became Terry's coordinator back at Wayne Manor, using at vast database of knowledge and a direct radio/video link with the Batsuit Terry was wearing. This was probably the best thing that had happened to Wayne in years and it revitalised him. Even if he didn't show it he had begun to care about Gotham again and its new Batman. Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon     (voiced by Stockard Channing / Angie Harmon) She is the head of law enforcement in Gotham and knows that the original Batman was Bruce Wayne. They hadn't spoken for years till the reappearance of the new Batman. She confronted Bruce straight away and found out that it was Terry that had donned the suit. She warned them both not to continue and she especially wanted Terry to ditch the suit, as she knows the dangers associated with it. You see the reason why Barbara knows the identity of the original Batman is because she used to be Batgirl. It seems that Bruce Wayne and herself were once an item, but they parted ways (probably badly). Later she followed in her fathers footsteps (James Gordon) and became the Police Commissioner, and is now married to D.A. Sam Young, who stands for justice and is incorruptible, unlike his previous counterparts. Maxine Gibson     (voiced by Cree Summer) She is one of Terry's fellow students at Hamilton Hill High School, who is known as Max to most people. She is a fantastic student and has a very high IQ. She started a project on Batman and kept feeding a computer program data on him. Eventually she would work out who Batman was and she had a theory that this was an entirely new Batman (spot on, give the girl a prize). But when she was threatened by the Jokerz, she turned all her resources towards finding out who they were. The trouble is that Terry came top of the list. Luckily she found out he wasn't one of the Jorkerz, but she did find out he was Batman. She wanted to help him as Batman and not divulge his secret. Instead she was there if he wanted to speak to her about anything Batman related, rather than bottling things up. She has even suggested that she would like to accompany him out there too (New Batgirl?). She likes to hang out at 'Cheesy Dans' and play the great games there. But she was talked into trying out a new VR game, but she got hooked on it. Dana Tam     (voiced by Lauren Tom) She is Terry's girlfriend and attends the same High School. When they are there, they are mostly inseparable. Mary McGinnis     (voiced by Teri Gar) She is the Mother of Terry and Matthew McGinnis. Her husband was killed in an accident years ago (or was he?) and has brought the children up on her own. She has even been studying for an exam which should help her get promotion at work. Matthew McGinnis     (voiced by Ryan O'Donohue) He is Terry's younger brother and likes to play practical jokes on him. But Terry is a very serious teenager that does not appreciate the jokes. Terry classes him as spoilt (which he probably is), which is something he wasn't, so he does actually harbour a grudge against this little boy and calls him Twip. He loves to eat at 'Cheesy Dans', where he can play games and eat pizza. The Dog He is a Doberman, who is the only companion to Bruce Wayne in his lonely mansion and does not take kindly to strangers. He classes Terry as a stranger and is always growling at him. If there is a baddie that they need to track, then he's your dog and after a few sniffs he's off after Gotham's worst. It was only when Terry saved his life did he stop treating him as a stranger. Dr Able Cuvier     (voiced by Ian Buchanan) He is the director of the Chimera Institute, which is a profit making organisation that offer Splicing. Splicing is the name given when a human's DNA is combined with animal DNA. Most teenagers seem to be into this trend, so that they can stand out in the crowd, such as changing their eyes to resemble cats eyes. He was the first test subject and he advocates it and even says that it is fully reversible. But he didn't tell anyone that people who are Spliced become more aggressive and violent. Because of this D.A. Sam Young wanted to shut them down, but the Dr has other ideas and decides that the D.A. needs to die. So he sends some of his Spliced youngsters to do the deed. Batman stopped the assassination attempt, but Cuvier wasn't finished and went for Batman by using his serum to turn into a Chimera. But he was outsmarted by Batman, who overdosed the Dr on his own serum and finally killed him in a massive explosion. Robert Vance     (voiced by Stacy Keach) He was a pioneer in digital technology who suffered from a debilitating brain disorder. Before he died, he digitised his brain impulses, so that he could continue running his company from beyond the grave. Little did he know that his son would turn off the computer program that was running this digital mind. But 35 years later his grandson Bobby switched him back on after his father suffered a heart attack and died. Robert asked Bobby to put him online, so that he could see what had changed in 35 years. But this digitised mind has a different agenda and wanted control of the city, and he did a good job by controlling the power in Gotham. Batman tried to shut down the power to the program, but was hit by a laser bolt during the act. All seem to have gone to plan and the program was shut down, but in fact the program had infected his suit. It was discovered that he wanted to control the Batsuit so that it would help him download his mind back into a human - his Grandson. Tony Maycheck When Bill Wallace was starting his company he needed to dump some toxic waste. His friend and partner Tony Maycheck helped him put it down a disused shaft. But while Tony was guiding the containers at the bottom of the shaft, there was an accident and the shaft caved in and Tony was covered with Toxic Waste. Bill thought he was dead, so brought up Tony's daughter, Jackie, like his own. But years later a creature made out of earth was stalking Jackie, who then turned its attention to killing Bill. But Bill knew who it was, it was Tony out for revenge. A mud monster took Bill and Jackie into an underground lair. Here they found a dishevelled body of Tony stuck to a wall, with toxic waste flowing through him. If fact it was Tony's mind that was creating and controlling the mud monsters. Terminal     (voiced by Michael Rosenbaum) He is the leader of a group of Jokerz, but looks different to the others. As with most Jokerz he has a disregard for human life. In fact his real name is Carter Wilson and he attends the same High School as Terry. He has a mother that only wants to see 100% results, so if he gets 99% then he is classed as a loser. Because of this he donned his terminal disguise and used his Jokerz to kill the person that had got the better GAT scores than him, Max! He even filled the automatic cleaners with acid to spray her, to get rid of her (the coward). 10     (voiced by Olivia D'Abo) Her real name is Melanie and she was the girlfriend of Terry McGinnis. But her family have a past, they are all thieves and are part of the Royal Flush Gang, which she has now become part of. Her relationship with Terry McGinnis was frowned upon. So they did everything in their power to stop it. She dresses in black and white and uses exploding cards to help her steal. She can even fly through the air by standing on a large ace of clubs. It seems that Batman has been fighting against her family for years, but she does not know that Terry is in fact Batman. The Stalker     (voiced by Carl Lumbly) He is a big game hunter that loves to hunt unusual and dangerous predators and he classes Batman as one of these. He is from Africa and his tracking skills are second to none. He has a big scar down his back from a hunting accident, where a panther pounced and broke his back in 5 places. So surgeons had to replace his spine, but it enhanced his strength and reflexes. The down side of this was that hunting prey had become too easy, until he heard that Batman was back. He will use anything in his power to flush Batman out. He has already discovered his secret identity and so kidnapped his younger brother Matt to lure him out! Jokerz They are one of the street gangs in Gotham. Their hero and mentor is the famous villain called the Joker. They all paint their faces like a clown and love to pick on the weak. If they see any opportunity then they take it, such as the time they stole a new military jet from under the noses of the Government. Little did they know that this jet has some technical flaws and that the reactor was unstable. But still they use it to try to take out a rival gang called the Ts. Ts A rival gang to the Jokerz, who all walk around with a big red 'T' over their faces and have shaved their heads (I kid you not). Their headquarters is situated in the old Gotham Subway. They are run by Fat T. Batman Beyond - Batman Batman Beyond - The Mayor Batman Beyond - The Police Batman Beyond - Time for Action Batman Beyond - Bruce Wayne Oversees Batman Beyond - The Rebel Batman Beyond / Batman of the Future Images (click to enlarge) Batman Beyond - Broken Batsuit Batman Beyond - Gotham City Batman Beyond - Titles Batman Beyond - Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon Batman Beyond - Dana Tam Batman Beyond - Mary McGinnis Batman Beyond - Bruce Wayne Batman Beyond - Maxine Gibson Batman Beyond / Batman of the Future T-Shirts - NONE Batman Beyond / Batman of the Future DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (Europe) - Batman Beyond DVDs Region 1 (USA) - Batman Beyond DVDs Batman Beyond / Batman of the Future Episodes Series 1 (1999)  1. Rebirth (1)  2. Rebirth (2)  3. Black Out  4. Golem  5. Meltdown  6. Heroes  7. Shriek  8. Dead Man's Hand  9. The Winning Edge  10. Spellbound  11. Disappearing Inque  12. A Touch of Curar  13. Ascension   Series 2 (1999)  1. Splicers  2. Earth Mover  3. Joyride  4. Lost Soul  5. Hidden Agenda  6. Bloodsport  7. Once Burned  8. Hooked Up  9. Rats!  10. Mind Games  11. Revenant  12. Babel  13. Terry's Friend Dates a Robot  14. Eyewitness  15. Final Cut  16. The Last Resort  17. Armory  18. Sneak Peek  19. The Eggbaby  20. Zeta  21. Plague  22. April Moon  23. Sentries of the Last Cosmos  24. Payback  25. Where's Terry?  26. Ace in the Hole Series 3 (2000)  1. King's Ransom  2. Untouchable  3. Inqueling  4. Big Time  5. Out of the Past  6. Speak No Evil  7. The Call (1)  8. The Call (2)  9. Betrayal  10. Curse of Kobra (1)  11. Curse of Kobra (2)  12. Countdown  13. Unmasked Specials   1. Batman Beyond - The Movie (1999)  2. 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