Bertha Bertha is an 80’s children’s TV animated show, which was written by Eric Charles and narrated by Roy Kinnear. Roy also voiced other characters along with Sheila Walker. The music and lyrics were created by Bryan Daily, who would go on to create and sing the title music for Postman Pat. Ivor Wood, who was well known for many children’s TV shows (Postman Pat / Wombles etc) stamped his unique look on this series, as he designed and directed the show. One thing to note, an number of peripheral character models have been seen in Postman Pat. The director of animation was Derek Mogford and Bertha was produced by Woodland Animations Limited. Story At a small industrial unit is the Spottiswood Factory, lives Bertha, a huge green machine that seems to be able to make anything and has a mind of her own? But she is only one part of the operation, as Bertha is programmed by Ted Turner to make things designed by Mr Sprott, then there is a team to package the items and stack them ready for dispatch. Bertha Characters Bertha Bertha is a large machine that lives in the Spottiswood Factory. She seems to have a mind of her own and can make anything you want (within reason). She even rumbles when upset. Bertha has a flap at the back where all the parts are fed, so that she can make the desired item. A claw comes out of the flap and picks up the items from Ted or Roy. Bertha isn’t a new machine and has been at the factory for 50 years, and was being used years ago by Mr Willmake's grandfather. The workers at the factory even decided to give her a birthday party. Mr Willmake, even gave a speach about the 50 years of hard work she has given to the company. He even gave her the day off, the trouble is what would Bertha do on her day off, its not as if she can leave the factories premises?. Ted Turner He operates and programs Bertha to make the items required. He chats away to Bertha and TOM as if they are real people. Ted always tries to ensure that Bertha is well maintained and kept in working order. He walks around in his white coat, carrying his clipboard. He looks very efficient. It was Ted’s idea to give all the coins from the Windmill Money Box to Flo. Roy He is Teds helper, who also keeps Bertha in working order. Roy was the one who spotted that the Windmill Money Boxes had no way to get the money out of them. His favourite sandwiches are Peanut Butter and Cornflakes. TOM TOM is a small robot that was made by Bertha. He was designed by Tracey for decorating, but wasn’t any good at it. So he was used to help in the factory where he became a valued member of the team. TOM stands for Talk Operated Machine. Also he makes a strange squeaking noise as he goes about his business. He is a very curious robot, such as the time he wondered why there was a bird hiding in a cuckoo clock. When he investigated, he accidentally broke it and immediately hid to not get in trouble. Another time he accidentally got a magnet stuck to himself which confused his circuits and sent him in the wrong direction around the factory. TOM needs to be given specific instructions, otherwise trouble will ensure, such as the time he was banished from working with Bertha (Mr Duncan’s bright idea). He was put in charge of tidying up the office, but the only trouble was that TOM didn't really understand what tidying the office entailed. So he put the phone in the filing cabinet, the office chair on the desk and dropped plant pots from the office balcony! Mr Sprott He is the chief designer at the Spottiswood Factory. and designs new things for Bertha to make. But his inventions don't always go to plan, such as the water powered clock which leaked everywhere. He gets inspiration from the strangest places, such as the time TOM had a magnet stuck to him. This gave him the idea to have wooden building blocks with magnets in them, to ensure they stuck together when building with them. Tracey She is Mr Sprott’s assistant. Luckily for Mr Sprott, she has her head screwed on and spots flaws in his designs before Bertha gets to manufacture them. She was the one that spotted the TOM had a magnet stuck to him, which caused him to give the same note to everyone on the factory for ‘more boxes’. Once removed he was back to his old self. Mr Duncan He is the foreman of the factory, who looks like he's about to burst a blood vessel when things go wrong. Mr Duncan is also tight with money and wasn’t happy when he couldn’t get his money back from the Windmill Money Boxes (Roy must have been laughing, as he suggested putting money in it). One day when Mr Willmake was away from the office, he took charge and let power go to his head. He informed the staff that they aren't working hard enough, so decided to swap their jobs around. Tom isn’t allowed to work with Bertha and he even closed Bertha down! Obviously the staff weren't happy and there was even talk about striking. Nell Nell packs the items that Bertha makes. Flo She is one of the two ladies that pack the items that Bertha makes. Once she was late back from lunch because she had lost here purse. Everyone looked everywhere for it, but they couldn’t find it. She was so upset about it, but cheered up when she was given the money from the Windmill Money Box they had all been having trouble opening (it only opens once full). Panjid Panjid zooms around the factory on his Fork Lift Truck stacking items that Bertha made, ready for shipment. I’m surprised he hasn’t been sued by Mrs Tupp, as once he wasn’t looking where he was going and accidentally knocked her and her tea trolley over. Luckily she wasn’t hurt. Mr Wilmake He is the owner of the company, overseeing its day to day running. The business has been handed down over generations. Miss McClackerty She is the secretary of Mr Willmake and runs the office for him. It was Miss McClackerty that found old papers in the office detailing when Bertha first arrived at the factory. Mrs Tupp If you fancy a break, then Mrs Tupp is always on hand to serve you up a refreshing cup of tea. She has the mentality that having a cup of tea will calm everyone down and make the world right again. Mr Duncan even had the bright idea to give her a teapot with 3 spouts to speed up tea breaks! For Bertha’s 50th Birthday Party, she made Bertha a cake. It even looked like Bertha. It’s a shame that Bertha can’t eat! Bertha - Working Bertha - Nell's Packing Bertha - What's Up Roy? Bertha - Jigsaw Puzzles Bertha - Mr Sprott is Thinking Bertha - Titles Bertha Images (click to enlarge) Bertha - Roy is Worried Bertha - The Mess Bertha - Ted Turner Bertha - Panjid Bertha - Mr Wilmake Bertha - Mr Sprott Bertha - The Girls Help Out Bertha Episodes Series 1 (1985)  1. The Great Painting Job  2. The Windmills  3. A Mouse in the Works  4. The Best Machine Competition  5. Tom Gets Lost  6. The Flying Bear  7.The Tea Nurse  8. More Speed, Less Work  9. The Big Order  10. The Burglars  11. Bertha's Birthday Party  12. The Big Sneeze  13. Tom's New Friend Bertha Video Intro Bertha Bertha - Miss McClackerty Bertha - Mr Sprott is Designing Bertha - Mr Duncan Bertha - Mrs Tupp Bertha T-Shirts - NONE Bertha DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Bertha DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE
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