Biker Mice from Mars Story Biker Mice from Mars is a 90’s children’s TV cartoon, which starred Vinnie, Modo and Throttle are three Cave Mice from the planet Mars. Their planet was occupied by the Plutarkians, a race of foul smelling evil fish men, who annihilated the Cave Mice population (apart from our heros). The Plutarkians wanted the land and bought up everything on the planet and strip mine it back to their own planet. Our heroes were the 3 leaders of the Mars rebellion. Afterward the Mice travelled the Cosmos racing their bikes until their ship (a Cycladrone-Thunderbike) was attacked by a Plutarkian Destroyer, where they crash landed on planet Earth, in Chicago. To be precise, their ship crashed into a baseball scoreboard during a game, where the Biker Mice ejected their bikes before impact - nice entrance! But one of their bikes was damaged and they had to find a garage and they found the Last Chance Garage in Shy Town. Inside Charlie was being threatened by Grease Pit, a large oaf who oozes oil. His boss Laurence Limburger wants the land the Garage is built on. The Mice stepped in and helped Charley. She fixed the bike and added a few extras. They then found out that Lawrence Limburger is infact a Pluarkian in disguise and he was under orders from the Plutarkian High Chairman - Lord Camembert (Supreme Leader) to strip the earth of its natural resources just like Mars (again by buying up everything). Dr Karbunkle is one of Limburger's henchmen and invents things to help get rid of the mice. Modo especially dislikes Karbunkle, as it was him who experimented on the mice and removed Modo's arm  in his Laboratory on Mars (later he had another one built to replace it). Luckily the mice escaped from his Laboratory, much to the displeasure of Limburger. They still live in the ship hidden in the scoreboard and use it as a base to fight the evil Plutarians here on Earth. Biker Mice from Mars - Vinnie Biker Mice from Mars - Lord Camembert Biker Mice from Mars - Grease Pit Biker Mice from Mars - The Gang Biker Mice from Mars - Throttle Biker Mice from Mars - Titles Biker Mice from Mars Images (click to enlarge) Biker Mice from Mars - Dr Karbunkle Biker Mice from Mars - Modo Episodes Series 1 (1993)  1. Rock and Ride!  2. The Reeking Reign of the        Head Cheese - Part 1  3. The Reeking Reign of the        Head Cheese - Part 2  4. We Don't Need No Stinkin' City  5. A Mouse and His Motorcycle  6. Test of Friendship  7. The Masked Motorcyclist  8. The Pits  9. Road Ravens  10. A Scent, a Memory,         a Far Distant Cheese  11. Steelfinger  12. Chill Zone  13. Hard Rock  Series 2 (1994)  1. Steal of the Century  2. We're Going to Cheesyland  3. Stone Broke  4. The Motor City Maniac  5. Upwardly Mobile  6. Last Stand at Last Chance  7. Back to Mars - Part 1  8. Back to Mars - Part 2  9. Back to Mars - Part 3  10. The Tribunal  11. Motocross Trap  12. Unforgiven Cheese  13. Bleu Cheese Bros  14. The Inquisition  15. Stalkers  16. I, Greasepit  17. Villain of the Year  18. Cheeseloggers  19. Hickory Dickory Doc  20. Die Fledermice  21. Law of the Pits  22. Danger is our Business  23. Mad Scientist Wanted  24. Lake Michi-Gone  25. Seeds of Victory  26. Pwetty Wady  27. My Cheese is Quick  28. Verminator  29. Cheese Cadets  30. So Life Like  31. Garbage Wars  32. Vicious Cycles  33. Cycle Centaurs  34. Modo Hangs it Up  35. What Smells Worse than a          Plutarkian Lawyer?  36. Below the Horizon  37. Big Trouble  38. Academy of Hard Knocks  39. High Rollin' Rodents  Series 3 (1995)  1. Biker Knights of the Round Table - Part 1  2. Biker Knights of the Round Table - Part 2  3. Virtual Unreality  4. Pitfall  5. Diet of Worms  6. Rocketh and Rideth  7. Too Many Limburgers Spoil the Cheese  8. Hit the Road, Jack  9. Caveat Mentor  10. Where No Mouse Has Gone Before  11. Once Upon a Time on Mars - Part 1  12. Once Upon a Time on Mars - Part 2  13. Once Upon a Time on Mars - Part 3  Series 4 (2006)  1. The Adventure Begins - Part 1  2. The Adventure Begins - Part 2  3. Changes  4. Rumpity Dumpster  5. The Tender Mouse Trap  6. It's The Pits  7. The British Invasion  8. Break Up  9. Here Comes the Judge  10. Desperado  11. Surfer Cats From Saturn  12. Manchurian Charley  13. Biker Mice Down Under  14. Driver's Ed  15. New Cats in Town   Series 5 (2006)  1. Vigilante Vengeance  2. Between Rump and a Hard Place  3. Bringing Up Vinnie  4. Cat and Mouse  5. Cyber Mice from Mars  6. Swimming With Sharks  7. First Mice on The Moon  8. A Hairy A-Bomb Biker Mice from Mars Video Intro Biker Mice from Mars - Limburger's Goons Biker Mice from Mars - Limburger Biker Mice from Mars - Lets Roll Biker Mice from Mars T-Shirts - NONE Biker Mice from Mars DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Biker Mice from Mars DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Biker Mice from Mars - Charley
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