Bill and Ben, Flower Pot Men Bill & Ben Flowerpot men is a 50’s children’s TV puppet show, which was invented by Freda Lingstrom who also wrote the scripts. Bill & Ben were made by Kim Allen and Maria Bird was responsible for the music and narration. Audrey Atterbury and Molly Gibson were the puppeteers and the man behind the voices of Bill & Ben was Peter Hawkins with Gladys Whitred as Little Weed. Twenty-six 15 minute black and white episodes were produced and shown on 'Watch with Mother' on Wednesdays. The original programmes, produced between 1952 and 1954, were repeated through the 1950s and 1960s. The original Bill & Ben puppets are on permanent display at The Museum of London. Story Each episode started with - 'Once upon a time there was a little house. And all round the house was a beautiful garden. And down at the bottom of the garden was a place where the man who worked in the garden left his things while he went into the house to have his dinner...'  Bill and Ben, the Flower Pot Men lived at the bottom of the garden in their own 'especially large' flower pots. They spoke their very own special language called 'Oddle-poddle', which was not popular with mothers of the time who were trying to teach their children to speak properly. Their co-star was Little Weed. In each episode they would be joined at the bottom of the garden by an assortment of weird and wonderful things including musical vegetables, flying boots, a Potato Man and Slowcoach the tortoise. Each episode ended with - 'Goodbye Bill, Goodbye Ben. Bill & Ben, Bill & Ben, Flower Pot Men.' Bill and Ben - The Group Bill and Ben - Hit The Sack Bill and Ben - Titles Bill and Ben Images (click to enlarge) Bill and Ben - Time to Rest Bill and Ben - Goodbye Bill and Ben Episodes Series 1 (1952)  1. Seeds  2. Musical Vegetables  3. Cabbages  4. The Potato Man  5. Tiny Men  6. Stick Men  7. Shavings Man  8. Stilts  9. Steamroller  10. Scarecrow  11. Slowcoach Flies  12. Mud Pies  13. Bath in Hat  14. Babies  15. Babies Grow Up  16. Live Chicks  17. Icicles  18. Boot Race  19. Acrobats  20. Bellows  21. Water Lillies  22. Turnip Faces  23. Umbrella  24. Fairy Queen  25. Weathercock  26. Flying Boots Bill and Ben Video Intro Bill and Ben - Flower Pot Men Bill and Ben - The Potatoe Man Bill and Ben - Little House Bill and Ben T-Shirts - NONE Bill and Ben DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE Bill and Ben - In Their Pots Bill and Ben - Slowcoach
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