Bod Bod is a 70’s children’s TV cartoon, which was created by Joanne and Michael Cole. Bod started life as a character in a series of 3 books. They were published by Methuen in 1965 and used by the BBC in Play School. In 1975 the Bod stories were incorporated into a series fifteen minute 'Watch with Mother' programmes. It was narrated by John Le Mesurier (of Dad's Army) and the music was by Derek Griffiths (of Play School). Things have now come full circle and a new Bod Book has been released. Story It was simple animation and it consisted of following around a strange looking boy called Bod. He to me looked like a bald little girl because of the clothes he wore, but Bod was a boy! On his journey he would always bump into his friends - Frank the Postman, Farmer Barleymow, Aunt Flo and PC Copper. They were a strange group and would follow Bod around on his adventures (looking more like an episode from Benny Hill).  After the main Bod story Maggie Henderson would narrate an additional section showing pictures that would entertain young minds, remember Bod Snap. This would then lead into a story about Alberto Frog and his Amazing Animal Band, who would try to help people by playing their classical music. He was always rewarded at the end with a milkshake for his efforts. The whole band always tried to guess which flavour milkshake he would choose. I always liked Strawberry :) Bod - Here Comes Bod Bod - Thinking Bod - Titles Bod Images (click to enlarge) Bod - Frank Posting a Letter Bod - Frank the Postman Bod Episodes Series 1 (1975)  1. Bod's Dream  2. Bod in the Park  3. Bod and the Rain  4. Bod and Breakfast  5. Bod and the Apple  6. Bod on the Beach  7. Bod and the Dog  8. Bod and the Cake  9. Bod and the Kite  10. Bod and the Birds  11. Bod and the Grasshopper  12. Bod's Present  13. Bod and the Cherry Tree Bod Video Intro Bod - Farmer Barleymow on his Tractor Bod - We Love Strawberries Bod - Following Bod Bod T-Shirts - NONE Bod DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Bod DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Bod - Sleeping Bod - Farmer Barleymow Bod - Hello Aunt Flo Bod - Hello, Hello Bod - This Looks Dangerous Bod - Frank Follows Bod Bod - Aunt Flo Bod Bod - PC Copper Bod - Time to Go Bod - A Truck Bod - Filling Holes Bod - What's This? Bod - It's a Bicycle Bod - The Tigers Bod - Alberto Frog Bod - Wake Up Bod - Asleep at Last Bod - Amazing Animal Band Bod - Bod and Frank Bod - What Flavour Milkshake? Bod - Strawberry Milkshake Bod - Lets Play Bod - Bod and Barleymow Bod - Bod and PC Copper Bod - Cells 1 Bod - Cells 2 Bod - Snap Bod - Hello Everyone Bod - Cells 3
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