Boohbah Story Boohbah is a 00’s children’s TV show, made by Ragdoll Productions. Streaking through the sky a ball cycles through all the colours of the rainbow, like a multi coloured comet, seen by many children around the world. Eventually it plunges into the ground and a transformation takes place. A dome appears in a wash of colour followed by some strange creatures asleep in hammocks / pods. Welcome to the world of Boohbah. Boohbah's are aliens with big fat wobbly tummy’s, who join hands and then zoom around in the air. When they land they squeak and do strange synchronised dances. They come in all different shades of colours and their eyebrows and bodies glisten with light.   Zumbar (purple one), Humbar (yellow one), Jumbar (blue one), Zing Zing Zingbar (orange one), Jingbar (pink one).   Children are allowed into the dome of the Boohbahs. They come in and drop things into the multi coloured circle in the middle of the dome and blow into it. Once this happens it transforms into something that the Story People can use.   The Story People consist of Grand Mama, Grandpa, Mrs Lady, Mr Man, Brother, Sister and little dog Fido. They don't say anything and look a bit simple. But they help to explore things, tell a story and do silly things.   When its time for the Boohbahs to go, you hear a child say 'Boohbah' and they all fly round the dome into their hammocks / pods, which circle around. Then the dome disappears along with the Boohbahs, and the multi coloured ball flies off into the sky onto the next place. Boohbah - Jingbar Boohbah - Jumbar Boohbah - Arrives Boohbah Images (click to enlarge) Boohbah - Time to Fly Boohbah - Lets Dance Boohbah Episodes Series 1 (2003) 1. Skipping Rope 2. Pearly Shells 3. Rope and Rock 4. Musical Pipe 5. Windows 6. Comfy Armchair 7. Record Player 8. Squeaky Socks 9. Pile of Balls 10. Painting the Fence 11. Big Bass Drum 12. Hammock 13. Squeaky Seesaw 14. Jack-In-A-Box 15. Bubbles 16. Couch and Cushions 17. Big Comb 18. The Big Ball 19. Yellow Woolly Sweater 20. The Bed 21. The High Wall 22. Cakes and Strings 23. The Door 24. Building Blocks 25. Hot Dog 26. Treasure Chest 27. Flippers 28. Two Hats 29. Bells 30. Shed 31  Suit of Armor 32  Flowers and Vase 33  Leaky Hose 34  Horn 35  Island 36  Pencil Sharpener 37  Following the Signs 38  Tunnel 39  Heavy Suitcase 40  Beards 41  Big Switch 42  Paper Plane 43  Droopy Flowers 44  Sticky Wrapper 45  Sailing Boat 46  Bat and Ball 47  Ice Cream Cone 48  Stream 49  Pulling Rope 50  Falling Oranges 51  Comfy Slippers 52  Pile of Bananas 53  Crossroads 54  Fence 55  Cloud 56  Buried Bone 57  Bucket and Spade 58  Basketball Hoop 59  Closet 60  Camera 61  Umbrella 62  Flying Fish 63  Unwinding Carpet 64  Bouncy Castle 65  Little Rocky Boat Boohbah Video Intro Boohbah - The Group Boohbah - The Story People Boohbah - All Together Boohbah T-Shirts - NONE Boohbah DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Boohbah DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Boohbah - Titles Boohbah - The Kids Help Boohbah - Whoosh Boohbah - The Line Up Boohbah - Hello Boohbah - Magic Boohbah - Big Socks Boohbah - Love Dancing Boohbah - Multi Coloured Boohbah - Zumbar is Sleepy Boohbah - Love to Fly
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