Brum Story Brum is a 90’s children’s TV show, made by Ragdoll Productions. Brum is a small car that lives in a garage with lots of other old cars. But Brum is different than the others, as he comes to life. His owner doesn't know this and doesn't know that he sneaks out behind his back for adventure.   Once out, he drives around Birmingham (UK). Here he meets some of his friends and also bumps into nasties. At the end of each adventure Brum dances around with all his friends to music. Then its time for Brum to return to sneak back into the garage, past his owner, before anyone notices that he's missing. Then he goes fast asleep. Brum Characters Brum He is a small old car that has a life of his own. He can open his doors to use them as arms and shakes from side to side when he is happy. His number plate even spells his name, 'Brum'. If he sees a nasty doing something naughty, it normally ends with him chasing them around the city until they give up or tire out. He's even taken on an aircraft, to stop some nasties getting away. Nasties They are always trying to do bad things, such as stealing (eg. stole jewels). Also Nasties have a very bad dress sense. Policeman He is normally in charge of directing traffic, but he always seems to get involved chasing nasties with Brum. Even if Brum loses him in the chase, he normally chooses the right time to arrive and arrest the Nasties and take them to jail. Brum - Remote control chair Brum - In the garage Brum Images (click to enlarge) Brum - The chair has gone mad Brum - Lets dance Brum Episodes Series 1 (1991) 1. Brum To The Rescue 2. Brum and the Kite 3. Brum and the Scrapyard 4. Brum at the Opera 5. Brum and the Mad Mower 6. Brum at the Seaside 7. Brum and the Lost Little Girl 8. Wheels 9. Brum and the Removal Van 10. Brum and the Magician 11. Brum and the Runaway Pram 12. Brum On Safari 13. Brum and the Stilt Walker Series 2 (1994) 1.  Brum and the Helicopter 2.  Brum and the Crane 3.  Brum Goes Skating 4.  Brum Dances In The Street 5.  Brum at a Wedding 6.  Brum and the Rascally Robber 7.  Brum and the Supermarket 8.  Brum and the Very Windy Day 9.  Brum and the Street Party 10.  Brum and the Lost Kitten 11.  Brum and the Marching Band 12.  Brum and the Flood 13.  Brum Goes House Painting Series 3 (2001) 1.  Brum and the Airport Adventure 2.  Brum and the Naughty Dog 3.  Brum and the Pizzeria 4.  Brum and the Gymnast 5.  Brum and the King of Thieves 6.  Brum and the Skateboarding Bride 7.  Brum and the Balloons 8.  Brum and the Necklace 9.  Brum and the Theatrical Thieves 10.  Brum and the Runaway Train 11.  Brum and the Cake Gang 12.  Brum and the Mobile Phone 13.  Brum and the Bushes 14.  Brum and the Posh Dog 15.  Brum and the Music Box Series 4 (2002) 1.  Brum and the Statue Rescue 2.  Brum and the River Race 3.  Brum and the Golden Loo 4.  Brum and the Golf Buggy 5.  Brum and the Football Hero 6.  Brum and the Rampant Robot 7.  Brum and the Mannequin 8.  Brum and the Bowling Alley 9.  Brum and the Basketball 10.  Brum and the Gorilla Keeper 11.  Brum and the Runaway Sofa 12.  Brum and the Garden Gnome 13.  Brum and the Runaway Ball    Series 5 (2002) 1.  Brum and the Stunt Bike 2.  Brum and the Stopwatch Botch 3.  Brum and the Cream Balloon 4.  Brum and the Pickpocket 5.  Brum and the New Gnome 6.  Brum and the Mouse 7.  Brum and the Heavy Safe 8.  Brum and the Runaway Rickshaw 9.  Brum and the Artist 10.  Brum and the Crazy Chair Chase Brum Video Intro Brum - I'ts wet outside Brum T-Shirts - NONE Brum DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Brum DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Brum - Titles Brum - Time to Chase Baddies Brum - Retrieved the Safe Brum - Don't Over Inflate Brum - I love Gnomes Brum - Look Behind You! Brum - After Dark Brum - Nice Cake Brum - Follow that Balloon Brum - Gnome Man Brum - Foam Everywhere Brum - Nice Likeness Brum - Old Lady Brum - Captured Balloon Brum - The Mona Gnome Brum - He's So Excited Brum - The Nasties Are Here Brum - Is Chasing Nasties Again Brum - Nasties Are Hiding
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