Bucky O'Hare Bucky O'Hare is a 90’s children’s TV cartoon which was created by Larry Hama, when he worked for DC Comics. But due to DC never signing a contract with him for the characters and stories, they were never published. So eventually the Bucky O'Hare comic was born using another publisher and Michael Golden illustrated them. But not everything was well here, as only 5 issues were produced and the publisher collapsed, thus the story didn't continue...or did it? Back in the UK, another Bucky O'Hare comic started which lasted for about 20 issues and continued the story. So years later, an animated version of Bucky was put forward, with a range of Bucky O'Hare toys by Hasbro (which look really good). But only 13 episodes were ever made of this show, which is probably down to the toys not doing as well as expected. Either way it was a fantastic show and many people will remember the catchy theme tune sung by Doug Katsaros. It was animated by Akom and produced by Sunbow Productions Inc. If you want to see what Deadeye looked like before he lost his eye, look carefully in the episode 'The Corsair Canards'. They didn't draw him correctly and he can be seen just before the Frisbee challenge. Story There is a war going on in space, but the rest of us know nothing about it. It is being fought in another Universe and Dimension and they know nothing about humans. This is because this is the Aniverse and is populated by animals only. The once peaceful Toads are now hell bent on Aniverse domination and will enslave any planet. They are led by Komplex and they use climate converters to turn planets into swamps, so they can live there. The Council of Geanus, who are a group of Politicians from each of the Mammal Worlds are aware of the Toads and decide to create the United Animal Space Fleet. But as with all politicians they don't always live up to their promises and only 1 space ship is made (The Righteous Indignation), but not to fight the Toads, instead to gather intelligence on what the Toads are up to. If it's proven that they are a threat to the Mammal planets, then they will commission an number of warships to fight the toads. But by the time this happens, it could be too late! So the No.1 Captain in the Aniverse is put in charge of The Righteous Indignation - Bucky O'Hare. Together with his crew - Jenny, Deadeye, Blinky and Bruce, they make a formidable team. They are sent to spy on the evil Toads and report back their plans, but they are ambushed and the Toad Fleet fire on their ship. An accident happens aboard their ship when they try to use their Photonic Accelerator. It opens a portal to our Universe, in a little boy's bedroom. His name is Willy Du Witt and luckily for the crew this is one clued up little boy and he sets about fixing their ship. Once they escape from the Toad ambush, they report back to the Council, who commission more ships to help battle against the Toad threat. As the crew say - 'Lets Croak us some Toads!'. Bucky O’Hare Characters Bucky O'Hare     (voiced by Doug Parker) He is a green Hare that is the captain of the Righteous Indignation (his ship) and is the fleet leader of S.P.A.C.E. (Sentient Protoplasm Against Colonial Encroachment). His mission is to patrol Mammal Space and make sure that the Toad Military doesn't invade it. He is a fantastic pilot and can out manoeuvre any other ship.  His home planet is called Warren, where it is home to every game and sport known to the Aniverse. It was also known as a holiday planet for its gorgeous beaches and theme parks. But it was invaded by the Toads and they changed its climate so it would become a swamp! One thing, he seems to be a sucker for traps! He is mother died giving birth to Bucky and his 4 other brothers. But all his brothers and his father (Donald - a military hare) were killed during a toad raid on Noctur II. He has sworn to avenge their deaths. Deadeye     (voiced by Scott McNeil) He is a duck that has 4 arms and one eye. He's a bit trigger happy, but he's the duck you would want on your side if the odds were stacked against you, which is why he is the gunner on the ship Righteous Indignation. His home planet is Kanopis III and he still seems to think he is a pirate, but that's now in the past, when he used to be part of the Corsair Canards, a group of 4 armed duck pirates. Willy DuWitt     (voiced by Shane Meier) He comes from San Francisco and his parents support environmental issues. He is interested in science and created a Photonic Accelerator for his science project. Little did he know that Bucky would activate his Photonic Accelerator at the same time and they created a doorway into each others dimension, which was surrounded by a Stasis Field. He combined forces with Bucky and his crew, and fixed their Accelerator.  Once he had proven to the crew that he could fix the Accelerator, he was invited to stay on as their Chief Engineer, until they could find Bruce. He thanked them for the offer, but decided to return home through the doorway. He will always come back through to help them if he's needed. Jenny seems to have a soft spot for him and is always kissing him! She even gave him an Alderbaran memory stone. Jenny     (voiced by Margot Pinvidic) Jenny is a Cat that is 1st Mate of the Righteous Indignation and she comes from the planet Alderbaran. She can fire energy bolts from her hands, but in times of crisis, she can telepathically call on the help of other Alderbarans remotely. It seems that Jenny is part of a sisterhood whose prime directive is not to show outsiders the full extent of their powers.  She goes around in the most figure hugging costume known to animals, which distracts her enemies. I think her choice of hair colour wasn't thought through, bright pink is not the 'in' colour (I wouldn't tell her this to her face otherwise you could end up in hospital). If the crew of the ship are in real danger, Jenny can use her telepathy to contact Willy via the Alderbaran memory stone that she gave him. AFC Blinky     (voiced by Terry Klassen) He is Android First Class and is good and retrieving data and displaying it to others. He acts as an engineer onboard the Righteous Indignation and was created by Dr Wallace. Bruiser     (voiced by Dale Wilson) Bruiser is the brother of the former Chief Engineer of the Righteous Indignation - Bruce, who was sucked into another dimension by the Righteous Indignation's Photonic Accelerator, which he was trying to fix at the time. Bruce is a Betelgeusian Berserker Baboon, who joined the crew of the Righteous Indignation after his brother disappeared into another universe. He is a Space Marine and is the muscles of the crew, He loves nothing more than bashing the life out of Toads, and has sworn to defeat the Toads and see his brother again. Luckily Toads are scared stiff of Betelgeusian Berserker Baboons, so the odds are on his side! Air Marshall     (voiced by Long John Baldry) He is the commander of the Toad Empire. He tried to enslave the home world of Bucky O'Hare, who is his greatest enemy, but was thwarted by Bucky and his friends. The Toads did get to destroy some of  the planet's natural beauty with a climate converter. Come to think of it, the Air Marshall tries to enslave everyone, so that they can work in Toad factories and build more spaceships and weapons. Because of his numerous failures to kill/capture Bucky O'Hare, be has been demoted a level and Toad Borg has become Komplex's right hand Toad. But still he couldn't do anything right, so he was stripped of his medals and his rank of Air Marshal,l by Komplex. So Frix and Frax were given his job and they proved to be even more incompetent, so he was reinstated. For someone that has great power, he seems to be a bit on the small side. Toad Borg     (voiced by Gary Chalk) He is a massive mechanical robot who can deflect any laser beam directed at him. He isn't 100% robot, as deep inside of him are the remains of a living Storm Toad Warrior (who has actually died 10 years earlier). When Komplex was fed up with the Air Marshall failing to capture Bucky and his crew, Toad Borg was put in charge and boy did he get results. He single-handedly captured Bucky and all of the crew, luckily Jenny used her psychic powers to free them. If you want to upset Toad Borg, then call him a toad. If his ego doesn't get in the way, then he can come up with some brilliant schemes. He even came up with a way to invade the Berserker Baboons home planet! He issued goggles to all Toad Troopers that showed all Baboons as thin and scrawny chimps, so that they wouldn't be afraid of them. It was a roaring success, until Willy worked out what the goggles did and created a gun that would reverse the polarity on the goggles, so the Toads would find out who they were really fighting. Once this was done, the frightened Toads ran off back to their mothership. Komplex     (voiced by Gary Chalk) Komplex - Is Air Marshall's Boss. He was an artificial intelligence that was created by Toad Technicians to run their network which controlled everything on the Toad planet which the Toads found boring. Little did they know that Komplex had ambitions and he brainwashed the Toads without them knowing, using Toad TV. They were then set on a course of military aggression and they destroyed anything that tried to stop Komplex.  He has turned the entire surface of the Toad Home world into a factory that is 7 levels deep, where toads create weapons and spaceships, so that he can realise his ambition - Total Toad domination of the Aniverse. He appears to the Toads as a computer generated face (of a Toad), with read eyes! His name is an anagram of the Toad word for - 'Feed Me' and all Toads wear a badge with a large 'K' on it for Komplex.  The 3 technicians who created Komplex (known as the Creators) were arrested by Komplex's Battle Toads 100 years ago. He wanted to destroy them as they knew his inner workings, but he couldn't override his inbuilt directive not to harm them. So he imprisoned them on a prison ship and blasted them into space to drift aimlessly until they died of old age. But Komplex hadn't banked on an accident happening on the ship and they were frozen in suspended animation. Ready to come back and haunt him... :) When needed, Komplex can create himself a mechanical body to take on the mammals. Al Negator     (voiced by Richard Newman) He is a Sleeze-a-saur and is a mercenary who is used by the Toad Empire. His ambition is to earn as much money as possible and double cross anyone to get to it. The trouble was that Willy double crossed him, but saying that his toy money was the new currency in the Mammal Universe. But he seems to have lots of problems trying to spend it (shame!). Commander Darkstar     (voiced by Doc Harris) He is a dog who is the Captain of the 2nd United Animal Space Fleet spaceship - the Indefatigable. He's a bit square and plays nearly everything by the book. Not only that, he doesn't really know what he's doing, but his heart is in the right place and he will eventually do the right thing. Captain Mimi LeFleur     (voiced by Margot Pinvidic) She is a fox that was captured by the Toads and put to work creating climate converters. But Mimi is strong willed and arranged a rebellion. Once she and the other slaves were free (with the help of Bucky), she became the Captain of the 3rd United Animal Space Fleet spaceship - the Screaming Mimi. Since meeting Bucky, she has found that she was really attracted to him and tries to snuggle up to him at the first opportunity. But there is one person that is keeping tabs on Mimi, and that is Jenny. I think Jenny gets a little jealous each time she sees Mimi and Bucky together. Bucky O'Hare - Shooting from the hip Bucky O'Hare - The Righteous Indignation Bucky O'Hare - Toads Bucky O'Hare - Imprisoned Mimi Bucky O'Hare - Komplex on TV Bucky O'Hare - Toad Fleet Bucky O’Hare Images (click to enlarge) Bucky O'Hare - Captured Bucky O'Hare - The Kiss Bucky O'Hare - Willy DuWitt Bucky O'Hare - AFC Blinky Bucky O'Hare - Bruiser Bucky O'Hare - Deadeye Bucky O'Hare - Jenny Bucky O’Hare Episodes Series 1 (1992)  1. War of the Warts  2. A Fistful of Simoleans  3. The Good, the Bad, and the Worty  4. Home, Swampy, Home  5. On the Blink  6. The Kreation Konspiracy  7. The Komplex Caper  8. The Search for Bruce  9. The Corsair Canards  10. The Artificers of Aldeberan  11. The Warriors  12. Bye, Bye Berserker Baboon  13. The Taking of Pilot Jenny Bucky O’Hare Video Intro Bucky O'Hare Bucky O'Hare - Air Marshall Bucky O'Hare - Komplex is mobile Bucky O'Hare - Air Marshall gives hos orders Bucky O'Hare - The Team Bucky O'Hare - Toad Borg Bucky O'Hare - Komplex Bucky O'Hare - Titles Bucky O'Hare T-Shirts - NONE Bucky O'Hare DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Bucky O’Hare DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Bucky O'Hare - Time to suit up Bucky O'Hare - Commander Darkstar Bucky O'Hare - Captain Mimi LeFleur Bucky O'Hare - Al Negator Bucky O'Hare - Toad Borg is on the loose Bucky O'Hare - The Baddies Bucky O'Hare - Sexy Jenny
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