Button Moon Button Moon is an 80’s children’s TV show, made for Thames Television, where a total of 7 series were made (13 episodes per series). It was a strange show, as the characters of the show were made out of everyday objects - bottles, spoons, vacuums etc. and were animated by puppeteers who wore black outfits to blend into the black backgrounds. This marvelous show was narrated by Robin Parkinson and the famous music was written and sung by Peter Davidson (who was Dr Who) and Sandra Dickenson (who played "Trillion" from the Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy).  At the time they were married to each other. Can you remember the song? (you'll sing it all day when you do, until you go mad!!). The stories and original design were by Ian Allen and the puppets and settings were produced by John Thirtle. Story The story revolved around Mr Spoon and the Spoon Family (Mrs Spoon, Tina), who live at Cardboard Box House, Treacle Street. I think Mr Spoon was rich, because how many people do you know have their own Spaceship in their back garden?   Each episode, Mr Spoon (and sometimes with his Family + Eggbert) would use the Spaceship to fly up into Blanket Sky and head to Button Moon to see his friends. Once they had landed, they were met by their friends and the story would concentrate on them (most seem to revolve around naughty "Little Bottle").  Later Mr Spoon would get out his telescope and do a bit of voyeurism, and spy on people back on his own planet (mostly on Brew the Witch).  I'm surprised that he wasn't caught by the police for this. So after his little bit of spying, he would wave goodbye to his friends and head home in his Spaceship. Button Moon Characters Mr Spoon Mr Spoon must be paid too much if he can afford his own Space Ship.  He takes his family on trips to Button Moon and likes spying on people from his telescope. Mrs Spoon Mrs Spoon is married to Mr Spoon. She looks like she has put her fingers in the electric socket - if someone needed a makeover, then she was the one who needed it.  Tina Tina is the Daughter of Mr and Mrs Spoon.  I think she is a Daddies Girl as she seems to stick around and help her dad a lot.  Eggbert Eggbert is a friend of Tina Spoon. He is sometimes invited by Tina to go with them to Button Moon. He lives with his mother, Vanilla, in a tall block of flats. He doesn't do much apart from eat, as you can see from the picture. Little Bottle Little Bottle is always getting in trouble with Captain Large.  He loves to play pranks on others, but they don't always work.  Small Bottle Small Bottle seemed to be Captain Large's second in command and he has him running all over the place with things to do (lazy devil, maybe that's why he's so large!).  Captain Large Captain Large (on the right)Captain Large is the leader of the Bottles and orders them all around - mostly to tidy up. He is known for his lack of humour. Vacuum Cleaner Vacuumn CleanerVacuum Cleaner helped clean up Button Moon.  Captain Large tried to replace him one, but the replacement went a little mad, so Vacuum Cleaner came back (much to the relief of his friends). He speaks like a kazoo. Ragdoll She's a bit of a whinger and hangs around with Freddie Teddy. Freddie Teddy Freddie Teddy is always helping out Rag Doll, I wonder if they are going out with each other??.  Benny Bin He likes eating things and gets in trouble when he eats things he shouldn't have (like cakes).  Betty Bucket Betty also helps to clean Button Moon. Brew Brew is a witch that like showing people the magic she can do. She also has a feeling that she is being watched (I wonder who by?). Thunder Thunder is Brews pet Dragon.  Don't upset him, otherwise he might breathe fire at you.  Brew’s Mum Brew's Mum looks worse than Brew, but you can see the family resemblance. Button Moon - The Spoon Family Button Moon - Time to fly Button Moon - Up in Blanket Sky Button Moon - The Bottles have come to say hello Button Moon - Time to Clean Up Button Moon - Hello Buuton Moon Images (click to enlarge) Button Moon - Spaceship Landing Button Moon - What are they spying on? Button Moon - Tina Teaspoon Button Moon - Little Bottle Button Moon - Small Bottle Button Moon - Mrs Spoon Button Moon - Eggbert Button Moon Episodes Series 1 (1980)  1. Three Little Pigs  2. The Witch's Toast  3. Billy Goat's Gruff  4. Sid and Baby  5. The Three Wishes  6. Storks 1/12/1981  7. The Duck Who Forgot What He Was  8. Scruffy and the Bone  9. The Grasshopper and the Ants  10. The Magic Totem  11. The Hare and the Tortoise  12. The Fox and the Hen  13. House For Sale   Series 2 (1981)  1. A Witch Comes To Stay  2. The Caterpillar Who Loved His Greens  3. The New Canoe  4. The Biggest Tomato in the World  5. Scruffy and the Sparrow  6. The Dragon Has a Cold  7. The Flying Jam Sandwich  8. The Persian Market  9. Music In The Air  10. Scruffy At The Seaside  11. The Little Red Hen  12. Getting Away From It All  13. The Lion And The Mouse  Series 3 (1983)  1. Looking For Button Moon  2. Tina Teaspoon and the School Mouse  3. A Day Trip To Button Moon  4. Shoebox Station  5. Two Sticky Mugs  6. Button Hole Pond  7. The Scouts' Garden Fete  8. Queenie Jelly  9. Painting The Pipes  10. Freddy Teddy  11. The Clown Who Lost His Smile  12. Happy Birthday Mrs Spoon  13. Bundle and Fluff  Series 4 (1985)  1. Egbert Goes To Button Moon  2. The Spaceship Breaks Down  3. Playing Games On Button Moon  4. The Gravy Boat  5. Sticky Sweets  6. Picnic On Button Moon  7. The Cake Fairy Goes Ice Skating  8. Rag Doll Marries A Dinosaur  9. Egbert Goes Camping  10. Banana Birds  11. Pink And Purple Dinosaur  12. The Shark In The Bath  13. The Paper Parade  Series 5 (1986)  1. A Hole In Blanket Sky  2. Egbert Wants To Help  3. Tutti Frutti Ice Cream  4. Granny Spoon and the Missing Apple Pie  5. Rain Stopped Play  6. Bottle Party  7. Paperchase On Button Moon  8. Winter Sports For The       Frozen Vegetables  9. Ding A Ling Ice Cream  10. Blue Button Moon  11. Crazy Games  12. The Royal Handkerchief Ballet  13. The Holiday Weekend  Series 6 (1987)  1. The Good Luck Bird  2. Hose On Charlie's Nose  3. Planet Doughnut  4. Rag Doll Has A Cold  5. Honeymoon  6. Mrs Spoon's Jumble Sale  7. Buttonhole Pond  8. Missing Martha Muggins  9. Barn Dance  10. Bobbing Bottle  11. Cows On Button Moon  12. Cinders And The Magic Beans  13. Queenie Jelly Loses Her Cherries  Series 7 (1988)  1. Button Moon Boat Race  2. Vacuum Cleaner For Sale  3. Benny Bin  4. Little Bottle Floats Away  5. Button Moon Talent Show  6. Mr and Mrs Spoon's Anniversary  7. Mice Play On Button Moon  8. Dotty Teapot  9. Rag Doll Moves House  10. What's The Matter With Marrow  11. Egbert's Birthday  12. Cold Cows On Button Moon  13. 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