The Care Bears Family The Care Bears Family is an 80’s children’s TV cartoon. The Original Care Bears cartoon was produced by DIC Entertainment. In 1987 another company called Nelvana was given the green light to produce a Care Bears cartoon, but it had a slight name change - The Care Bears Family. These bears were different than their last incarnation, they were supposedly more hipper than the previous show (more inline with trends of the time) and they started to wear jackets and trainers (sneakers). Maybe the climate was changing and they just wanted to be warmer? Also it wasn't restricted to bears, there were other animals - raccoons etc and these were called Care Bear Cousins. Story No Heart was an evil Magician who was always trying to bring an end to caring in the world. He was helped by his niece Shreeky and his servant Beastly. Most of the time they send Beastly to try to ruin things for the Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins (eg. Braveheart Lion, Brightheart Raccoon, Treatheart Pig etc.). The Care Bears and their Cousins would join forces to bring caring to the world and repel the evil of No Heart. This was done by shooting Caring beams from the symbols on their chests. Also luckily for the Care Bears/Cousins, Beastly was a little bit inept and would always fail in his mission. The Care Bear Cousins live in Pleasantville, not too far from the Care Bears and they were visited by the Care Bears using their Cloud Cars to get there. The Care Bears Family Episodes Series 1 (1987)  1. Care-A-Lot's Birthday  2. Grumpy's Three Wishes  3. The Great Race  4. Home Sweet Homeless  5-1. Lost At Sea  5-2. The Sleeping Giant  6. The Big Star Round-Up  7-1. The Camp Out  7-2. I, Robot Heart  8. Bravest Of The Brave  9. The Long Lost Care Bears  10. Birthday Bear's Blues  11. Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise  12-1. The All Powerful Mr. Beastly  12-2. Order On The Court  13. The Cloud Of Uncaring  14. The Wrath Of Shreeky  15-1. Bright Heart's Bad Day  15-2. The Magic Lamp  16-1. Desert Gold  16-2. The Gift Of Caring  17-1. The Two Princesses  17-2. The Cloud Monster  18-1. Grumpy The Clumsy  18-2. The Purple Chariot  19-1. The Caring Crystals  19-2. The Best Way To Make Friends  20. Care Bear Town Of Parade  21. Hearts At Sea  22. No Business Like Snow Business  23. The Factory Of Uncaring  24-1. The Lost Gift  24-2. Heart's Wish  25. The Showdown  26. Caring For Spring  27-1. The Turnabout  27-2. Cheer Of The Jungle  28-1. Beautiful Dreamer - The Show Must             Go On  28-2. The Care Bears Carneys  29-1. The Pirate Treasure  29-2. Grin And Bear It  30-1. The Perils Of The Pyramid  30-2. Bedtime For Care-A-Lot  31-1. The Fountain Of Youth  31-2. Treat Heart Baba And The Two              Thieves  32-1. Doctor Brightenstein's Monster  32-2. The Care Fair Scare  33-1. The Mystery Of The Phantom  33-2. Under The Bigtop  34-1. The Most Ancient Gift  34-2. Ski Trouble  35-1. The Care Bear Exercise Show  35-2. The Care-A-Lot Games  36-1. Grams Cooking Corner  36-2. The Care Bear Book Of Facts And              Fables  37-1. The Thing That Came To Stay  37-2. The Space Bubbles  38-1. Cheer Bear's Chance  38-2. A Hungry Little Guy  39-1. King Of The Moon  39-2. On Duty  40-1. The Secret Of The Box  40-2. The Frozen Forest  41-1. Grumpy's Little Friend  41-2. One Million C.B.!  42-1. Tugs The Brave  42-2. Coconut Crazy  43-1. Bad Luck Friday  43-1. Food Frolics  44-1. It's Raining, It's Boring  44-2. A Day Without Tugs.  45-1. The Fabulous Safety Game  45-2. A Rhyme In Time  46-1. Songfellow Strum And His Magic              Train  46-2. Music Video The Care Bear Family Video Intro The Care Bears Family - The Gang The Care Bears Family T-Shirts T-Shirts (Europe) - Care Bears T-Shirts   T-Shirts (USA) - Care Bears T-Shirts The Care Bears Family DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - The Care Bears Family   DVDs Region 1 (USA) - The Care Bears Family   DVDs The Care Bears Family - Cloud Cars The Care Bears Family - Titles The Care Bears Family Images (click to enlarge) The Care Bears Family - Children in Trouble The Care Bears Family - No Heart The Care Bears Family - Trouble The Care Bears Family - Love The Care Bears Family - The Power of Love The Care Bears Family - Hold onto Love The Care Bears Family - Shreeky The Care Bears Family - To the Rescue The Care Bears Family - No Heart isn't Happy The Care Bears Family - Beastly
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