Centurions Story Centurions is an 80’s children’s TV cartoon, which followed a specially equipped team called the Centurions. Doc Terror threatens to destroy humanity and replace it with Cyborg Slaves. Earth cannot allow this and the President creates an elite special squad of 3 men to thwart his plans, called the Centurions. They are equipped with special exoframe suits and when they say PowerXtreme, then they fuse with their Assault Weapons Systems, to attack or defend themselves from the evil of Doc Terror. When fused they have the power of 1000 men. Centurions Characters Max Ray He is the Team Leader of Sea Operations. He doesn't charge into things like the other two and is very level headed. Assault Weapons Systems: Cruiser, Tidal Blast, Depth Charge Jake Rockwell He is the Team Leader of Land Operations. He charges into situations to get things done, without thinking of the consequences. Assault Weapons Systems: Fireforce, Wild Weasel, Hornet, Detonator Ace Mcloud He is the Team Leader of Air Operations. He keeps cool in intense situations and gets the job done, no matter what. Assault Weapons Systems: Skynight, Orbital Interceptor, Skybolt Crystal Kane Hacker He is Doc Terror's sidekick, who is a bit thick, but has the muscle to compensate. He was also fused with an evil machine, which called Lesion. Doc Terror He is hell bent on destroying the human race and replacing it with cyborg slaves. To do this, he stole the knowledge of how to fuse man and machine from the military's world master computer. He fused himself with Syntax, who was programmed for evil and destruction.   Centurions - The Team Centurions Episodes Series 1 (1986)  1. The Sky Is on Fire  2. Battle Beneath the Sea  3. An Alien Affair  4. Found, One Lost World  5. Sand Doom  6. Whalesong  7. Tornado of Terror  8. Denver Is Down  9. Micro Menace  10. Attack of the Plant-borgs  11. Battle Beneath the Ice  12. Operation Starfall  13. Let the Games Begin  14. Firebird  15. Cold Calculations  16. Return of Captain Steele  17. Three Strikes and You're Dead  18. Double Agent  19. Child's Play  20. Terror on Ice  21. That Old Black Magic  22. Max Ray--Traitor  23. Crack the World  24. Incredible Shrinking Centurions  25. Live at Five  26. The Mummy's Curse  27. Counterclock Crisis  28. Zombie Master  29. Malfunction  30. Broken Beams  31. The Chameleon's Sting  32. Film at Eleven  33. Hacker Must Be Destroyed  34. Showdown at Skystalk  35. The Warrior  36. Return of Cassandra  37. Night on Terror Mountain  38. Merlin  39. The Monsters from Below  40. The Road Devils  41. Zone Dancer  42. Firecracker  43. Traitors Three  44. You Only Love Twice  45. Sungrazer  46. Novice  47. Breakout  48. Atlantis Adventure (1)  49. Atlantis Adventure (2)  50. Ghost Warrior  51. Let the Lightning Fall  52. Cyborg Centurion  53. Day of the Animals  54. To Dare Dominion (1)  55. To Dare Dominion (2)  56. Hole in the Ocean (1)  57. Hole in the Ocean (2)  58. The Better Half (1)  59. The Better Half (2)  60. Revenge  61. Man or Machine (1)  62. Man or Machine (2)  63. Man or Machine (3)  64. Man or Machine (4)  65. Man or Machine (5) Centurions Video Intro Centurions T-Shirts - NONE Centurions DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 0 (Europe) - Centurions DVDs Region 0 (USA) - Centurions DVDs Centurions - Jake Rockwell in Action Centurions - Ready for Action Centurions Images (click to enlarge) Centurions - Ace Mcloud in Action Centurions - Space Defence System Centurions - Power Extreme Centurions - Max Ray in Action Centurions - Titles 2 Centurions - Titles
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