Peanuts / Charlie Brown Peanuts is a 60’s children’s TV cartoon, based on the characters created by Charles M. Schultz. The Characters first appeared in 7 newspapers in 1950. Their popularity flourished over the years and in 1965 the first cartoon hit the small screen, which was the start of many. In 2000 the last comic strips were created by Charles Schultz, after he was finding it difficult to draw following a stroke. Sadly he died not long after. Story In Peanuts, we follow the lives of a number of young children. We even follow them when they go to school (Birchwood School) and for some reason, we can never make out what the adults say (strange eh?).    The two main characters are Charlie Brown and Snoopy (who is his dog). Poor Charlie Brown always tries hard, but never seems to get anywhere. Where Snoopy, just floats through life with ease. Now lets meet the gang... Peanuts / Charlie Brown Characters  Charlie Brown Charlie Brown is a young boy, who is 8.5 years old. He's a bit quiet and he seems to suffer from bad luck and worries a lot, but he really loves his dog Snoopy. This was apparent when Snoopy ran away with a poodle at the Circus (luckily he came back). He was totally lost without him. His Mom and Dad got Snoopy for him, when he was younger, from the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm. This was after he was upset when a kid he was playing with in a sandbox poured a bucket of sand all over his head. But Charlie brown does have friends (even despite his bad luck) and he always seems to be on the phone to one of them, Peppermint Patty, who likes to ring him up and discuss life. He is also the manager of his local Baseball Team. They enjoy playing, but always lose. One thing he does have is a crush on the little red headed girl, who he's fancied for ages. Snoopy He is Charlie Brown's (cool) Dog and just to be different, he sleeps on top of his kennel. He is well educated and seems to excel at everything he does (which is the opposite of Charlie Brown). Once he pretended to be the Easter Beagle who gives out Easter Eggs to all the children.   Little did they know that he'd followed Lucy who was hiding all her own eggs (so she could find them later), and picked them all up and gave them out to everyone(cheeky!). He's a bit adventurous and even joined a Circus, because he fell in love with a performing poodle. He enjoyed it for a while and he even changed his name to Hugo the Great. But bit by bit they wanted him to do more, but the final straw came when they wanted him and his poodle girlfriend to be dyed Pink, so he came back home.   Poor Peppermint Patty hasn't noticed that he is a dog, and thinks he is a kid too, even if he is a little strange looking. If ever Snoopy gets in trouble with one of the girls, such as Lucy, when he stole all her Easter Eggs, then he gets out of it by giving them a kiss. It always seems to work, so he must be a good kisser.   He's very versatile, as he can even turn himself into a helicopter, by spinning his ears. He even rescued Linus from on top of a barn. Peppermint Patty Peppermint Patty, real name Patricia, is a bit of a tomboy and fancies Charlie Brown (or Chuck, as she likes to calls him). She may fancy Charlie Brown and talk to him on the phone a lot, but one thing she does like to do is to brag how her baseball team with thrash his team (which pretty much always happens).    One of her best friends is Marcie, who keeps annoying her by calling her Sir! Her dad is always out of town and he even offer to pay for her to transfer to a private school. She spoke to Snoopy about it, and he gave her a brochure about the Ace Obedience School.   Whilst there she completed an obstacle course, and couldn't understand why the other kids weren't having a go and instead only let their dogs attempt it. She even passed and received her diploma, but she was not happy with Snoopy, when she found out what type of school it really was...a Dog Training School. Marcie Her best friend is Peppermint Patty and she is always calling her Sir. She's a bit square, but be careful when asking her to do things, as she can take the meaning literally. Don't ask her to paint any Easter Eggs, as she will fry / poach them first!! She let slip that she would love Charlie Brown and she would like him to invite her to the prom and she would even marry him. Woodstock He sleeps in his nest in a tree and uses an invisible elevator to get down. He is Snoopy's best friend and when he is upset with him, then he really lets him know. Snoopy even bought him a bird house for him, but later broke it by accident when he was trying to be nosey and see how Woodstock had decorated it inside. Linus Linus is Lucy's younger brother and he has a comfort blanket that he takes everywhere. He's a quiet boy and comes up with fantastic stories that he believes are true, like the Great Pumpkin who rises out of the pumpkin patch on Halloween and fly's through the air bringing toys to all the children of the world. He's so enthusiastic about these stories that he can convince (most) people that they do exist and they get very upset when they find out they aren't true. He also believes that each Easter, the Easter Beagle comes and delivers Easter Eggs to children. Again he convinced some of the others that that the Easter Beagle was true but just went everyone (except Linus) had given up, he turned up. The Easter beagle skipped through the neighbourhood giving out Easter eggs to all the children. That is apart from Charlie Brown, as the Easter Beagle just ran out of eggs before he got to him.   Charlie Brown's sister, Sally, has taken a liking to Linus and he hates it when Sally keeps calling him her boyfriend. He goes red quite easily, but mostly when he's speaking with Sally, as she can embarras him. He hates spiders and his sister is always teasing him about them (like making up there's a spider nearby). Also Linus has a kid brother that likes top contemplate life sitting in the child seat of his mother's bicycle. Lucy All she ever thinks about is herself. She even hides her own Easter Eggs, so that she is the only one that can find them (its a shame that the Easter Beagle got their first). She is mean to Charlie Brown. Every time Charlie Brown runs up to kick the football that Lucy is holding, she pulls it away at the last minute and he goes flying through the air and crashes on the floor on his back (the meanie!). She likes to call him a block head.   Lucy even convinced her fellow baseball team mates to plant flowers, trees and shrubs on Charlie Brown's baseball field. He was horrified and couldn't even pitch a ball properly because she'd even arranged for a tree to be planted on the pitchers mound! You are a bad one Lucy! But one person has melted her heart, Schroeder. She is always trying to get a kiss from him. Sally She is the rather confused little sister of Charlie Brown. Also Sally is a worrier, who thinks that her teacher is going to pick on her and ask her a question. The trouble is that the teacher must pick up on this vibe, as she is always singled out by the teacher. When Sally does answer the question, it bears no resemblance to the real answer, which makes all the other kids laugh at her. Sally likes and respects Linus, but she is wary of what he says. She really wants to believe in the Great Pumpkin or the Easter Beagle, but has past experience of being let down by him. When the Easter Beagle did turn up, then she was over the moon. Also Sally has convinced herself that she is Linus's boyfriend, to the horror of Linus. She doesn't mean to embarrass him, but when she keeps calling him 'My Sweet Baboo' (yuk!), then he can't avoid it. She likes complaining about everything. She hates field trips, drawing farms, the Great Pumpkin etc. Schroeder He loves playing on his small piano, especially classical music, such as Beethoven. But he has an unwanted guest - Lucy, who fancies him and wants to marry him. He tries to ignore her, but it can be difficult as she drapes herself across his piano.   He is the catcher on Charlie Brown's baseball team and even agreed to give Lucy a kiss if she hit a home run. Never bet with Lucy, as she immediately hit a home run. Run, Schroeder, Run!! Peanuts - On the Dog House Charlie Brown Episodes Peanuts / Charlie Brown Specials The majority of the specials were 30 minutes long. Any exceptions are marked.     1. A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)  2. Charlie Brown's All-Stars (1966)  3. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown      (1966)  4. You're In Love, Charlie Brown (1967)  5. He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown (1968)  6. It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown        (1969)  7. Play it Again, Charlie Brown (1971)  8. You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown       (1972)  9. There's No Time for Love, Charlie Brown       (1973)  10. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)  11. It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown (1974)  12. It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown        (1974)  13. Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (1975)  14. You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown        (1975)  15. It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown (1976)  16. It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown        (1977)  17. What a Nightmare, Charlie Brown         (1978)  18. You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown        (1979)  19. She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown        (1980)  20. Life is a Circus, Charlie Brown (1980)  21. It's Magic, Charlie Brown (1981)  22. Someday You'll Find Her, Charlie           Brown (1981)  23. A Charlie Brown Celebration (1982) - 1           hour long  24. Is This Goodbye, Charlie Brown?          (1983)  25. It's an Adventure, Charlie Brown (1983)         - 1 hour long  26. What Have We Learned, Charlie          Brown? (1983)  27. It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown (1984)  28. Snoopy's Getting Married, Charlie          Brown (1985)  29. You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown         (1985) - 1 hour long  30. Happy New Year, Charlie Brown (1986)  31. Snoopy: The Musical (1988) - 1 hour         long  32. It's the Girl in the Red Truck, Charlie         Brown (1988) - 1 hour  33. 'This is America Charlie Brown' - Part 1         - The Mayflower Voyagers (1988)  34. 'This is America Charlie Brown' - Part 2        - The Birth of the Constitution (1988)  35. 'This is America Charlie Brown' - Part 3        - The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk          (1988)  36. 'This is America Charlie Brown' - Part 4         - The NASA Space Station (1988)  37. 'This is America Charlie Brown' - Part 5        - The Building of the Transcontinental           Railroad (1989)  38. 'This is America Charlie Brown' - Part 6        - The Great Inventors (1989)  39. 'This is America Charlie Brown' - Part 7        - The Smithsonian and the Presidency         (1989)  40. 'This is America Charlie Brown' - Part 8        - The Music and Heroes of America         (1989)  41. Why, Charlie Brown, Why? (1990)  42. Snoopy's Reunion (1991)  43. It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown         (1992)  44. It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown         (1992)  45. You're In the Superbowl, Charlie Brown         (1994)  46. It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie         Brown (1997)  47. It's the Pied Piper, Charlie Brown         (2000)  48. A Charlie Brown Valentine (2002)  49. Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales (2002)  50. Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown         (2003)  51. I Want a Dog For Christmas, Charlie         Brown (2003) - 1 hour long   Peanuts / Charlie Brown Movies  1. A Boy Named Charlie Brown (1969)  2. Snoopy Come Home (1972)  3. Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown (1977)  4. Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (1980) Peanuts / Charlie Brown Video Intro Peanuts / Charlie Brown  T- Shirts T-Shirts (Europe) - Peanuts / Charlie Brown   T-Shirts T-Shirts (USA) - Peanuts / Charlie Brown   T-Shirts Peanuts / Charlie Brown DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Peanuts / Charlie Brown   DVDs Region 1 (USA) - Peanuts / Charlie Brown   DVDs
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