The Clangers Story The Clangers is a 60’s children’s TV animated show, which began with the words: "This is the planet Earth, our Planet.  It is a small planet wrapped in clouds, but for us it is a very important place, it is home.  But supposing we look away from the Earth and travel in our imaginations across the vast starry stretches of outer space.  Then we can imagine other stars, stranger stars by far than ever shone in our nights sky, and planets too.  This calm serine orb, sailing majestically among the myriad stars of the firmament.  Perhaps this star too, is home for somebody.  Can we imagine the sort of people that might live on star like this.  Lets us go very close, let us look and listen very carefully.  And perhaps we shall see, and hear..." <A whistle was heard and the narrator said> "That is a Clanger"   What were they, Space mice?  They lived on a small blue moon, which was quite barren on the surface (apart from the music tree). They were very civilised and lived below ground, mainly in a large cave, with very small rooms off it where they each slept.  Major Clanger was in charge and loved inventing flying machines (which didn't necessarily work!). Tiny Clanger was very inquisitive and made lots of friends with other creatures from on and off the planet.  Her friend was Tiny Clanger and they both went everywhere with on an other (and got into trouble together!). Here are some of the friends they made : The Froglets Tiny and Small Clanger found a large Hat.  When they looked inside of it, there was nothing there.  It moved around and they didn't know why.  Then suddenly 3 Froglets appeared out of the Hat.  They are strange orange creatures, that creak when they bed their legs. They seemed lost, then Tiny Clanger spotted another Froglet in the cavern near their cave and followed it back to its home.  She then came back and showed the 3 Froglets where they lived.  They seemed very happy about this and went to live with the other Froglets. The Iron Chicken While Tiny and Small Clanger were playing, some metal pieces fell on their moon.  The pieces were taken to Major Clanger, who as you know was an inventor, and he put them together.  To everyone's surprise the metal pieces made an Iron Chicken. This Chicken seemed rather rude and smashed holes through walls and drank soup from the 'Soup Wells' and ate their 'Blue String Pudding'.  It wasn't until Tiny Clanger explained that what she was doing was quite rude, that the Iron Chicken stopped. The Chicken was very upset about causing them so much trouble they she laid an Iron Egg and gave it to Tiny Clanger as a gift to say sorry for all the trouble caused.  This egg hatched an inside were some musical notes.  Tiny Clanger planted these on the surface of their Blue Moon and a Music Tree grew. Another gift to Tiny Clanger was a strange Hat.  This hat is used to talk to the Iron Chicken when it is in its home - an Iron nest which was out in space (not far away). The Soup Dragon The Soup Dragon lived deep in the depths of the small Blue Moon.  Small and Tiny Clanger both go and visit her (on their special trike - they used a pole to make it move), but don't upset her, because when she gets mad, she really gets mad. She looked after and lived in the Soup Wells and was happy to give the Clangers soup to eat.  She especially loves to eat the music notes that Tiny Clanger got from the Iron Chicken (she ate nearly all of them, apart from one, which Tiny Clanger then planted to grow the Music Tree).  The Iron Chicken also upset her, by drinking straight from the Soup Wells!   The Soup Dragon also laid an egg (this was when she was getting really mad) and hatched a young Soup Dragon. The Clangers Episodes Series 1 (1969)  1. Flying  2. The Visitor  3. Chicken  4. Music  5. The Intruder  6. Visiting Friends  7. Fishing  8. The Top Hat  9. The Egg  10. The Hoot  11. The Meeting  12. Treasure  13. Goods   Series 2 (1970)   1. Tablecloth  2. Rock Collector  3. Glow Honey  4. The Teapot  5. The Cloud  6. The Egg (2)  7. Noise Machine  8. The Seed  9. Pride  10. The Bags  11. The Blow Fruit  12. The Pipe Organ  13. The Music of the Sphere The Clangers Video Intro The Clangers  T-Shirts - NONE The Clangers DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - The Clangers DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE
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