Clarissa Explains It All ‘Clarissa Explains It All’ is a 90’s children’s TV show, which was recorded at the Nickelodeon Studios (within Universal Studios), Orlando, Florida, USA. One thing to look out for is the show's attempt to stop only authorised product placement. Its really funny when you see Clarissa get a can of cola out of the fridge, as it sure does have a passing resemblance to a Pepsi Can, but with all the words on it blanked out (didn't they think no one would notice?). Story Before 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' started, Melissa Joan Hart starred in another Children's Show - 'Clarissa Explains It All'.  In each episode Clarissa would talk back to the viewer explaining how she felt about things in her life and we would be shown how it turned out. Clarissa had a horrible brother called Ferguson who was either after world domination (sort of) or to make as much money as possible even at the expense of others. It ran for 4 series, with a total of 65 episodes. Clarissa Explains It All Characters  Clarissa Marie Darling     (played by Melissa Joan Hart) This is one outspoken girl and she says it like it is. Like most girls, she has a dislike for her brother (Ferguson) and will do anything to get in the way of his grand schemes. But for a forward thinking girl, boy does she have real bad dress sense. It looks like she has been to a jumble sale (yard sale in the US?) and bought the worst clothes possible. I'm surprised her parents didn't point this out to her (but maybe they were scared that she would rip their heads off?). Not only that, but she is way into hats (normally bad ones), maybe she knows that she's going to be bald in the future? One of the things she doesn't like is her name and would have rather been called Jade, but she's stuck with Clarissa, so it will have to do! But she does likes to spends an awful long time in her bedroom, where she plots the downfall of her brother and plans other covert operations, which includes doing the opposite of what her parents want her to do. So that means eating Junk Food and avoiding hair cuts that mom's gives you.   Everything she does makes a statement about her life and after a while, you start to think that she is a whinger, and you know what, she is! I'm sure you'd get fed up of it after a bit, but isn't that what all teenagers do? Not only that, we are treated to periodic status updates on how her life/plan is going. I think that she must have an ego the size of a planet if she has to constantly giving us these updates.   She seems to have a knack with computers and can knock up a game in a few hours. Mostly these games have a theme of splatting Ferguson or illustrating one of her many schemes. I'm surprised EA haven't signed her up on a contract to make a game a day. Normally games take years to write, so she should save/make them a fortune!! Two of her best friends are Sam and Jody and she keeps a pet alligator called Elvis. I'm surprised that the Animal Rescue team haven't been round and confiscated him, as I'm sure its one of the pets that they tell you not to have (shame on you!). Ferguson Darling     (played by Jason Zimbler) Clarissa calls him a dork and he is the ginger haired brother that Clarissa dislikes. He will do anything to embarrass her, and even took her training bra into school for 'Show and Tell'. If Clarissa has any secrets, then Ferguson will find them out. He has planned his whole future out in front of himself and thinks he is a genius and everyone else is beneath him. Not only that, but he has a great knack of sucking up to his parents. When you witness this, then you suddenly start to feel sick - he's that good at it! If a couple of words could describe things then Ferguson will use a 100 instead. Maybe this is so he confuses everyone else so that they will agree to his demands? Therefore I can only surmise that his bedtime read is a dictionary! Janet Darling     (played by Elizabeth Hess) She in charge at the children's museum and teaches kids there. Clarissa isn't impressed by her job and thinks that it turns the little guys into morons. Janet Darling is into health food in a big way and tofu isn't far away from the menu. Amazingly her family aren't that keen to eat it, but she is educating them slowly. Everything has to be prim and proper, and nothing out of place. This was especially true concerning one of her ex college boyfriends - Joey Russo. He had perfect eyes, teeth, tan etc. but for some reason he was known as Joey the Jerk by Marshall, due to Joey picking on him and running his gym shorts up the flag pole. Once in a while she goes on other crusades and inflicts the torture on the rest of the family, like the time she decided TV was bad for them, so the whole house was banned from watching TV. Marshall Darling     (played by Joe O'Conner) He's an architect and builds houses in weird shapes (which Clarissa doesn't like). When he was younger, he was a hippy and non conformist. They banned his school photo because his hair was too long. Clarissa thought this was great, as she seems to be following in his footsteps. Even though he is a loving father, Clarissa and especially Ferguson are always waiting for him to show his vulnerable side. Like the time Ferguson convinced him that he was learning another language and he needed 15 bucks to buy an audio tape to help him. For some reason Ferguson didn't want his dad to buy the tape for him, and instead wanted the pleasure in buying it himself (sucker!!). One of his hobbies is being a scout leader and he keeps trying to get Clarissa to go along to their events. She does eventually join in, but only to sell a mountain of Christmas Cards to the troop! Sam Anders     (played by Sean O'Neal) He is the best buddy of Clarissa and he sneaks into her bedroom (ooh err!!) by the way of a ladder. I'm surprised that her mom and dad haven't spotted him and his ladder (they must be going round with their eyes closed!). Not only does he use ladders, but on lower floors he climbs in windows instead of using the door. He lives with his dad, who got divorced from Sam's mother, who is a sports writer, and Sam is always trying to get close to him. But his father seems to have sport on the brain and shares his quality time with his son by talking about sport, watching sport and playing sport. Clarissa Explains It All - My Mad Brother Clarissa Explains It All Episodes Series 1 (1991)  1. Revenge  2. School Picture  3. No T.V.  4. Urge to Drive  5. CNN  6. Haunted House  7. Bully  8. New Addition  9. Brain Drain  10. Bake a Cake  11. Parents Who Say No  12. Cool Dad  13. Sick Days    Series 2 (1992)  1. Crush  2. She Drives Me Crazy  3. Sam.....Darling  4. President Ferguson  5. The Return of Mafalda  6. The Great Debate  7. ME 101  8. The Understudy  9. Can't Buy Love  10. Misguidance Counselor  11. Sam In Love  12. A New Look  13. Total TV  14. Janet's Boyfriend  15. The Darling Wars  16. Poetic Justice  17. Sam's Swan Song    Series 3 (1992)  1. Punch the Clocks  2. The Silent Treatment  3. Involunteering  4. Take My Advice...Please  5. Marshall's Mid-Life Crisis  6. Football Fever  7. Life of Crime  8. Marshall's Parents Visit  9. Blind Date  10. The Flu  11. ESP R US  12. Commitment  13. Road Trip  14. The Bicycle Thief  15. Boy Thoughts  16. Hero Worship  17. A Little Romance  18. The Zone  19. Tale of Two Moms  20. Don't I Know You  21. Babysitting  22. Educating Janet  23. The Cycle  24. A New Mom    Series 4 (1993)  1. Editor-In-Chief  2. Piper Comes To Visit  3. Alter Ego  4. Sam's Dad  5. The Firm  6. Janet & Clarissa, Inc.  7. Ferguson Explains It All  8. Dear Clarissa  9. UFO   10. Clarissa Gets Arrested  11. The Final Episode Clarissa Explains It All Video Intro Clarissa Explains It All   T-Shirts - NONE Clarissa Explains It All DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - Clarissa Explains it All DVDs
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