Come Outside Come Outside is a 90’s children’s TV show starring Lynda Baron as Auntie Mabel, who was known for playing Nurse Gladys Emmanuel in the series 'Open All Hours'. The show, aimed at primary children, ran for 3 series between 1993 and 1997 and consisted of 39 episodes.   Pippin was trained by Ann Head and appeared on a number of shows in her lifetime, including the show ‘Woof’. The animation in the show was carried out by Penny Holton / Touch Animation / Really Animated Productions. The flying sequences were carried out by Alan Cassidy, David Arkell and Jeremy Braben. During its lifetime the series was producted by two companies - 'Tricorn Productions' and 'Spelthorne Productions'. Each production company used a different house that Auntie Mable lived in. It was a shame that the second production company filmed the interiors in a studio, rather than the house, as it becomes quite obvious in certain scenes that it’s a set.   The show did try to trick the audience every so often. Keep an eye out for the 'fake' Pippin (a puppet), which can be seen when the camera is filming behind Auntie Mabel and Pippin in the cockpit of her plane. Also it seems that the show didn't want to fly Lynda Baron out to Spain to see oranges being picked, so they got someone to dress up as her and film them from the back. The plane, a Slingsby T-67 Firefly, changed over time too (G-BOGM, G-SFTZ, G-RAFG), with Auntie Mable’s airfield moving from round the corner to the bottom of her garden. Story Auntie Mabel is a lovely lady that lives in a bungalow with her pet dog called Pippin, who is a very intelligent dog.   Each time we visit Auntie Mabel in her house she greets us by saying 'Hello me dears' and continues to speak to the viewers during their adventures.   Their adventures usually begin when Auntie Mable wonders how things she is using are made, how a service she uses is carried out, or how certain creatures live. She even gets her hands dirty, such as the time she made a house brick, then went onto a building site and did some brick laying too. They learnt how brushes are made, how letters are delivered, how fish live, plus many more. Auntie Mabel even went down the sewers to find out where Pippin’s poo went after she flushed it down the toilet.   Some of these places they visit are far away, but luckily Auntie Mabel has her own plane, which is covering in multi-coloured spots, and it is just big enough to carry Pippin and herself. 'Pippin, its time to fly'. Come Outside Characters Auntie Mabel     (played by Lynda Baron) She is very curious and forward person. She loves to know how things are made or how things happen. So unlike most people, she does something about it and finds out, by asking if she can look around the factories that make the product or ask the people who carry out a task whether she can tag along (such as the postman collecting the post). From what I can see, her requests have never been turned down yet.   She loves to tell us a story related to the item she is finding out about, and even sings a song about it. Such as the time she sang about the 3 Pigs, after visiting a Brick Factory (remember the 3rd pig built his house out of bricks).   Auntie Mabel doesn't look like she’s rich, so we wonder how she can afford her own plane? The running costs must be high.   She has a sister called Edie, who comes round for tea. We hear her, but never see her. Auntie Mabel even made her a jumper in her favourite colour (blue), but Pippin accidentally unpicked it. A number of times she has lost Pippin on her travels, such as the time Pippin got scared on the building site and ran off. Poor Auntie Mabel was really worried and wondered what she would do without her best friend. Luckily Pippin always ends up back with Auntie Mabel with the help of some very kind people who drop her off back home. Pippin     (played by herself) She is a very clever dog and Auntie Mabel's companion. She tries to help around the house, but isn't always successful, such as the time she tried to take in the washing from the washing line. It was clean when it was taken off the line, but by the time it had been dragged in the house it was dirty again.   Pippin can even pack her own suitcase and carry it around in her mouth. She even helped Auntie Mabel look for wool and picked out the right colour, in the wool factory.   Her favourite food is sausages. Come Outside - Pippin Say Hello Come Outside Episodes Series 1 (1993) 1. Hedgehogs 2. Snails 3. A Windy Day 4. Water 5. A Rainy Day 6. Wood 7. Paper 8. Clay 9. Rubbish 10. Holes in the Ground 11. Bread Series 2 (1994) 1. Geese 2. Boots 3. Spiders 4. Buses 5. Apples 6. Cleaning 7. Sewage 8. A Woolly Jumper 9. Crisps 10. Useful Holes 11. A Letter 12. Toothpaste 13. Stones 14. A Carton of Drink 15. Fish 16. Rabbits 17. Eggs 18. Dandelions 19. Boxes Series 3 (1997) 1. Bricks 2. Carrots 3. Pencils 4. Soap 5. Street Lamps 6. Brushes 7. Marmalade 8. Frogs 9. Bulbs 10. 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