New Captain Scarlet New Captain Scarlet is a 00’s children’s TV CGI cartoon. Gerry Anderson returned to one of his previous creations, Captain Scarlet, bringing him up to date. Out went the puppets and the strings and in came CGI graphics. Gerry was the Producer and Director of the original Captain Scarlet. Before all the fans of the original show start complaining, I would suggest you watch this new show before making comments (its great!). It still has the famous cut scenes, where it keeps flashing back and forth between two scenes in time to a drum beat.   I suppose the only disappointment is the original title music is missing, as this really stuck in your head and I'm sure that it would have helped with the marketing (all the kids a school humming/singing it). They have renamed a few things along the way, as in the old show the floating aircraft carrier was called Cloud Base and now its called Sky Base.   Initially they were using motion capture for 10% of the episodes, but as the series progressed, this went up to 95%. This makes the movements of the animated people look more life like. As you watch the series you can see some improvement, such as Captain Scarlet's hair. Initially it looks a bit spikey, but later it looks more natural.   It took 2 years to make the first 26 episodes and they cost 23 Million Pounds. Their studio is located inside Pinewood Studios (in England). It is now filmed in Hypermarionation. Nigel Plaskitt, who provides the voice of Captain Black, is the same person who voiced and operated Hartley Hare in the classic children's show Pipkins / Inigo Pipkins. I have to say I was shocked by his voice talents, as I couldn't recognise it was him! If you wonder what SIG means, its 'Spectrum is Green'. Story In the year 2068 (20 years since man first set foot on Mars), Spectrum Agents Captain Scarlet and Captain Black investigate unexplained extra terrestrial signals coming from the Planet Mars. On their journey to Mars, their craft is hit by a meteor shower and Captain Black saves Scarlet's life, but this was something he would not do in the future.   On the planet they search for the source of the signals and come across a vast Martian plain, with nothing on it, or is there. Unexpectedly a Martian City materialises in front of them, quickly followed by some sort of missile heading towards them. Instinctively, they defend themselves and fire at the approaching missile, but little did they know that the shockwave of destroying the missile would be so great that it would destroy the whole of the Martian City!   But wait! it hadn't been destroyed it all and suddenly a new missile was heading towards them, which went underground and it looked like two green rings from the surface. They turned their vehicle (the Bison) around and fled followed by the green rings. Unluckily for them, the rings caught up with them and made it crash. Suddenly they heard a voice telling them that they were the Mysterons and that they had been watching us for centuries and that our violence disgusted them.    They continued by saying we had visited them and that we could not destroy them and that they would crush our world! Then a green flash of light engulfed them both! Eventually Captain Scarlet regained consciousness and found that Captain Black was dead. But on return to Sky Base (which is like an aircraft carrier that floats above the Earth at approx 60,000 feet), Scarlet finds out that he has been chosen by the Mysterons as their instrument of destruction and his eyes flashed green and he was under their command.   He then set about shutting down Sky Base's engines, to make it crash land on Earth. Luckily Captain Blue stopped him, but Scarlet was mortally wounded and died on the operating table. But the story doesn't end there, as miraculously his injuries healed themselves and he came back to life.   Earth's scientists studied him and found that the Mysterons had altered him at a sub-atomic level and that his body would constantly regenerate itself, therefore making him virtually indestructible. But the Mysterons know that Scarlet is no longer under their control, so revive Captain Black from the dead to carry on their destruction! Let the Battle Begin!! New Captain Scarlet Characters Captain Scarlet     (voiced by Wayne Forrester) Real Name: Paul Metcalfe He is one of Spectrum's top agents and was taken over by the Mysterons after they killed Captain Black. Eventually he learned how to overcome their control over him and this was due to his strong will power, personality and a lot of electricity.   Genetically he has changed, but Scarlet still feels the same person he was before, but we know that this isn't so. If he's injured or dies, his wounds heal or he comes back to life. Not only that, he has a telepathic link with Captain Black and the Mysterons, who keep telling him that they will destroy him (we'll see). Also when he is close to a Mysteron, he doesn't feel well. He drives a fantastic looking car (the Cheetah) and seems to like taking pot shots at Captain Blue if he doesn't get his own way. His father took the first steps on Mars (Tom Metcalf). Captain Blue     (voiced by Robbie Stevens) Real Name: Adam Svenson He is the best friend of Captain Scarlet. He seems to carry a number of useful explosive devices around with him. He drives a fantastic bike (the Stallion Raid Bike), that can even glide down from Sky Base. He doesn't trust Captain Scarlet since he was first taken over by the Mysterons, but this will pass. Destiny Angel     (voiced by Emma Tate) Real Name: Simone Giraudoux She is the leader of the Angels, who are a teams of 5 trained fighter pilots who fly White Falcon fighters. She was the girlfriend of Captain Black and was devastated when he was killed in action by the Mysterons.   When she came across the reanimated Black, she wanted to believe it was the man she knew. She had the chance to shoot him, but he tricked her by playing on her emotions. Since then, she has become attracted more and more to Captain Scarlet and the feelings look mutual. Colonel White     (voiced by Mike Hayley) Real Name: Sir Charles Grey He is the level headed Commander and Chief of Spectrum and has to make the decisions that no one else likes to make. Such as the time he gave orders to stop Captain Scarlet at all costs, after he was took over by the Mysterons.     He likes to fence with Captain Scarlet and is very good at it. He was nearly assassinated at the UN by Captain Black. Luckily Captain Scarlet smashed through the window in his Sky Rider and took the bullet instead (lucky he is virtually indestructible). He has a daughter called Victoria and he regrets the time he has spent away from her and his wife over the years. Even when he does visit them, he is always accompanied by a body guard when he is away from Sky Base.   The Mysterons knew that Colonel White would do anything to save his daughter. So Captain Black kidnapped her and tried to get the Colonel to help steal some gold, and so discredit him, but luckily Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue found out about this and helped rescue his daughter. Lieutenant Green     (voiced by Jules de Jongh) Real Name: Serena Lewis She is the executive officer on board of Sky Base and operates an enormous computer in Central Control that is constantly monitoring Earth. The computer screen is massive and transparent and it wraps around the central control room (if you look at it from the other side, it will still show the details the correct way round - cool eh?).     Her father (G. Lewis) commanded a space mission in the Endeavour II, but after 3 months it disappeared and 15 years later the escape capsule landed on Earth, but is he the real deal, or a Mysteron agent? Captain Black     (voiced by Nigel Plaskitt) Real Name: Conrad Lefkon He died on Mars and was buried on Earth. He was reanimated by the Mysterons after Captain Scarlet broke free from their control over him. Now Captain Black does the Mysterons bidding, and kills people so that the Mysterons can bring them back to life as their pawns. He used an experimental weapon on Spectrum called Cyber Bugs, which can spy on people and eat through metal. They even tried to make Sky Base their biggest meal yet! The Mysterons     (voiced by Mike Hayley) They were peaceful beings who lived on the Planet Mars. They had been observing Earth for many decades and were appalled by our violent behaviour. Because of this, they had made their city invisible to the humans and lived their lives. That was until one day a vehicle from Earth arrived on the planet and homed in on their position (which contained Captain Scarlet and Captain Black).   The Mysterons decided to show their city to them and also launched a probe to scan their new visitors, but were shocked when the probe was fired upon. The probe was destroyed, plus the shockwave destroyed the city. Luckily the Mysterons can Remotablise matter (reform matter) and instantly reformed the city. From this point forward, they declared war on Earth and made it their mission to destroy it and its inhabitants.   They use green rings of light to take over or kill people, which can also bring people back to life but under their control. Once they changed tactic and wanted the people of Earth to surrender to them when they threatened to use a weapon that would render the Earth's Technology useless. They have evolved to beings without bodies. Some of them don't believe in the war and are actively trying to help the humans   Doctor Gold     (voiced by Nigel Plaskitt) Real Name: Dr. Mason Frost He says it how it is and doesn't lighten the impact of bad news. He has a light German accent and Forensic Medicine is not one of his specialist areas. Harmony Angel     (voiced by Jules de Jongh) Real Name: Rebecca Drake She is a member of the Angels. She comes from the south of the USA. VEHICLES The Swift - a futuristic Private Passenger Jet which takes Spectrum personnel to and from important meetings. Sky Riders - a type of flying motorbike. Humming Birds - a modern type of helicopter. Rhino - a huge armour plated car with every conceivable weapon on it, plus its fast.   Condor - is the equivalent of a 747 and is massive. Vampire Jets - latest jets and the ones that the Mysterons seem to take over all the time. The Albatross - it is a freight aircraft, which can also carry a Rhino to anywhere on Earth. Druzynik - a massive Battle Tank that is 10 times the size of our Tanks.   Stallion Raid Bike - a bike that is launched from Sky Base and glides down to earth. Cheetah - A car that is capable of defending itself with rockets and machine guns. It has a limited ability to fly. New Captain Scarlet - Time for Action New Captain Scarlet - Rhino New Captain Scarlet - Captain Blue New Captain Scarlet - Captain Scarlet New Captain Scarlet Episodes Series 1 (2005)  1. Instrument Of Destruction - Part 1  2. Instrument Of Destruction - Part 2  3. Swarm  4. Rat Trap  5. The Homecoming  6. Mercury Falling  7. Circles Of Doom  8. Rain Of Terror  9. Skin Deep  10. Chiller  11. Trap For A Rhino  12. Heist  13. The Achilles Messenger Series 2 (2005)  1. Touch of the Reaper  2. Virus  3. Enigma  4. Best of Enemies  5. Contact  6. Proteus  7. Syrtis Major  8. Fallen Angels  9. Storm at the End of the World  10. Duel  11. Shape Shifter  12. Dominion  13. 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