The Avengers The Avengers is a 90’s children’s TV cartoon in 13 parts. It was based on the Marvel comic book characters/team of the same name. The series is also known as 'The Avengers: United They Stand'. A series of comic books were created at the same time to tie in with the show, which sadly only lasted for 7 issues. One thing to note, the Avengers mansion changed after episode 1. Story The Avengers are a Manhattan (New York, USA) based crime fighting superhero team. Together they try to thwart International Terrorism and crimes of mass destruction. They were formed by Antman, Wasp, Thor and Iron Man after Loki (Thor's half brother) tried to kill Thor by using the Hulk. They rallied together to thwart this plan and they decided that they worked well as a team and so the Avengers were born.    Over the years a number of great superheroes have joined and left the Avengers, which have included Captain America, Sub-Mariner, She-Hulk, Hercules, The Beast etc. The Avengers have evolved and is now headed by Antman. The team he leads now consists of Wasp, Hawkeye, Falcon, Wonderman, Scarlet Witch, Tigra and Vision. Some reformed Super-Villains have even joined the Team, this includes The Scarlet Witch, Vision and Hawkeye. The Avengers operate from a high tech mansion, which has fantastic defences, training facilities to keep the superheroes in shape, their own medical facilities and much much more. This building was donated to the Avengers by Tony Stark (Iron Man) after the successful completion of their first mission. I would hate to be the neighbours of the Avengers, as they are always being attacked at their base. The noise must be unbearable, I bet the locals have applied for an antisocial behaviour order!! Also I bet their insurance for the place is through the roof. Antman loves to say 'Avengers Assemble!!'. They then touch the insignia on their belts and transform into their superhero costumes. They use a craft to get around, that can go subsonic and is voice controlled. As usual, if things don't go well in the many battles they have, the Government threaten to disband them or make their lives a misery (normally delivered to them by Raymond Sikorsky). The Avengers Characters Antman    (voiced by Rod Wilson) Dr Henry 'Hank' Pym is the worlds greatest bio-chemist and is the leader of the Avengers. He is also known as Antman and he has the power to shape shift and grow large or small, this is due to the Pym particles that he has in his body.   He doubts his leadership skills and wonders if there is a more deserving team leader. He helped form the Avengers along with Iron Man, Thor and Wasp. Sometimes he has to make difficult decisions, such as the time he asked Hawkeye to lay low following the disaster with the President, but was caught unaware when Hawkeye quit the Avengers. Some of the other Avengers are head strong, but it is Antman that reels them in and applies thought and reason to a situation. There is a down side to his power, because if he grows to a height of 150 feet, his body can't take it and he would die. The same applies if he grows too small, as he would just disappear out of existence. So try to be careful. Wasp    (voiced by Linda Ballantyne) Janet Van Pym is the wife of Dr Pym / Antman. She also has the ability to shrink to the size of a wasp and has rocket launchers built into her costume to give someone a nasty sting. She also uses Pym particles to change size. Hawkeye     (voiced by Tony Daniels) Clint Barton initially joined the Avengers from a travelling circus he used to work in, where he had got in with the wrong crowd and had became a thief along with his so called friend the Swordsman. He is also know as Hawkeye, who is a fantastic archer that can fire multiple arrows at once. Most of the time they have explosive tips to blow up the bad guys. During battle against Vision, he forgot to protect the President, but luckily Falcon stepped in. This was noticed by the President who wanted to see Hawkeye removed from the Avengers and Falcon instated. He classes Wonderman as his only real friend he has ever had. Its no wonder he only has one friend as this guy has attitude and is always spoiling for a fight! He didn't like it when Falcon joined the Avengers, as he sees him as a replacement for himself and they are always squaring up to each other. He also keeps quitting the Avengers and rejoining, and needs to go on an anger management course! Wonderman     (voiced by Hamish McEwan) Simon Williams is also known as Wonderman. He is extremely strong and powerful, he is very fast and has a degree of invulnerability. His body was injured when he took a blast from Vision (when under Ultron's control) that was meant for Antman. When his body started dying, Antman transferred his consciousness to the Vision's Body, who had been captured. During this time Wonderman and Vision merged into one rather than 2 people in the same body. Still the Avengers continued to see if they could repair Wonderman's damaged body. During a battle against Ultron, his body was taken by Ultron's evil machines. Scarlet Witch     (voiced by Stavroula Logothettis) Wanda Maximoff is the Scarlet Witch. She has the ability to change the probabilities of things using her Hex power, which is achieved by saying the words 'Winds of Destiny, Change!'. As she says herself, 'the world goes a little crazy' when she uses her power. She has a rather sexy German accent and is in a relationship with Wonderman. The Falcon     (voiced by Martin Roach) Samuel Wilson has an alter ego of the Falcon. He is a local superhero that was working on his own (apart from his pet bird called Red Wing). After he saved the President (while Hawkeye had taken his eye off him) he was invited to join The Avengers. This invitation was forced on them by the President, who was unhappy at how the Avengers failed to adequately protect him. But the Avengers didn't need to be forced to do this, as they realised that he would be a useful addition to the team. There has always been bad feeling between Hawkeye and Falcon because of the incident with the President, but hopefully this will gradually pass. He has a nephew called Andrew who he likes looking after. Tigra     (voiced by Lenore Zann) Tigra is very agile and possesses superhuman strength. Using her claws she can climb up walls and surprise her opponent, plus rip them to shreds. As with most cats, she has heighten senses, such as vision and smell. She seems quite relaxed and loves to have fun. Vision     (voiced by Ron Rubin) The Vision is a living machine and is virtually immortal. He was created by Ultron to realise his dream of a perfect new world without humans. So when the Avengers first met Vision, he was a bad guy trying to kill them, but his primary target was Antman, who knew of Ultron and his devilish plans. After he merged with Wonderman the Vision changed and started to feel emotions and because of this he helped to Avengers to fend off an attack by Ultron. After this battle he was made a member of the Avengers. He has a unique power to change his molecular density, so that he can allow things to pass through him, like a ghost, or change his body to stone. Ultron     (voiced by John Stocker) Ultron is an evil robot who wants to create a new world by purging all of humanity. He loves the sound of his own name as it is always cropping up in conversation. I think that he's a bit lazy as he doesn't push buttons like normal people, but instead uses a small localised energy bolt to push them instead. He believes himself to be perfect. He was created by Antman to build a better world and to serve humanity. Antman had thought that he had been destroyed, but in fact he changed and upgraded himself. In this process he came to hate mankind and set himself a target of killing his creator. He is also the creator of the Vision. Kang the Conqueror    (voiced by ) He originates from the future and already knows who Antman is. He was the ruler of 41st Century Earth and was a dictator who has enslaved millions and rules the planet with an iron fist. But there was an uprising against him and the people defeated him. They then imprisoned him between dimensions. He wants to find his obelisk which will allow him to return to his own time and conquer those that imprisoned him. He has a teleport a device, called the Temporal Tracker, which can freeze anyone in time. Also he has the ability to change time and age people and objects prematurely. Egghead    (voiced by ) He is also known as Elihas Starr. He used to work with Antman and the Wasp in the past, but they went their separate ways. There is bad blood between the two of them and Egghead is always trying to kill Antman. The Avengers - Antman is Huge The Avengers - The Jet The Avengers - 1st HQ The Avengers - The Vision Attacks The Avengers - Wonderman Poses The Avengers - Leaders The Avengers Images (click to enlarge) The Avengers - 2nd HQ The Avengers - Hawkeye and Tigra The Avengers - Titles The Avengers - Wasp The Avengers - Scarlet Witch The Avengers - Tigra The Avengers - Vision The Avengers - Hawkeye The Avengers - Wonderman The Avengers - The Falcon The Avengers T-Shirts - NONE The Avengers DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - The Avengers DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE The Avengers Episodes Series 1 (1999)  1. Avengers Assemble - Part 1  2. Avengers Assemble - Part 2  3. Kang  4. Comes a Swordsman  5. Remnants  6. Command Decision  7. To Rule Atlantis  8. Shooting Stars  9. What a Vision Has to Do  10. Egg-Streme Vengeance  11. The Sorcerers Apprentice  12. Earth and Fire - Part 1  13. Earth and Fire - Part 2 The Avengers Video Intro The Avengers - Antman The Avengers - Ultron The Avengers - Ultron's Shoulder Pads The Avengers - Trouble The Avengers - The Falcon Takes Flight The Avengers - Kang the Conqueror The Avengers - Egghead
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