Dawdle the Donkey Dawdle the Donkey is a 90’s Children’s TV cartoon. The stories were written by Elizabeth Beresford, who is the same person who created the Wombles. The title music was sung by Chris De Burgh. It was voiced by veteran actor David Jason and comedian Josie Lawrence and was animated by Vosinta Animation, in association with Treehouse Productions, for Dawdle Productions. Story Dawdle is lost in the city and is looking for somewhere to live and she bumps into Rola Polar Bear and Archie the Cat. The others are homeless too, so they decide to find a place to share together. But Dawdle and Rola, seem to forget about poor Archie and keep going off on lorries and buses. Archie tries to keep up with them, but they seem to be one step ahead of him! They don't sound like the type of friends Archie needs! It's too noisy at the seaside and it's too high on top of a building in the city, but eventually they make their way to the countryside and Dawdle sees a glowing Golden Gate (even though Rola thinks it's the moonlight). Dawdle maintains that the meadow behind the gate is magic and so they make that meadow their new home. Dawdle the Donkey Characters Dawdle the Donkey     (voiced by Josie Lawrence) She used to live in an orchard, but they built houses on it, so she went looking for a new home. But she is happy now that they live in the meadow, but unlike Rola, Dawdle doesn't like the cold. She likes to give children a ride on her back and can carry up to 3 at a time. Her favourite food is ginger nut biscuits, as they taste nice and make you think better. Dawdle is always coming up with smart ideas to help everyone, like the time she took Rola to the seaside, so he could cool down on a hot day. But she can come across as bossy, so try not to upset her. She likes to keep active and gets annoyed when the others just want to laze around, she even tried to get them all fit, but it was an uphill struggle. Once she was turned into a Rainbow Donkey, after she wandered into a rainbow. The rainbow went, but she stayed multicoloured. She was really unhappy and wanted to go back to her normal colour. But a passing van driver kidnapped her, as he thought he could make money from a rainbow coloured donkey. Luckily Rola Polar Bear was on the case and he roller-skated after them and found that she was the star attraction on the beach. So as normal, Rola turned everyone's attention to him, telling everyone that he was the only roller skating Polar Bear in the world. While the kidnapper and the crowd of children were distracted, Archie set Dawdle free. Luckily for Dawdle, the rainbow colours washed off. Rola Polar Bear     (voiced by David Jason) He used to live on an Iceberg, until it drifted into warm water and it melted under him. The only thing he could salvage was a tin bath. Once he even found the kitchen sink in his bath, when he tipped the water out of it. He can use his bath as a submarine (including telescope) and mostly loves to laze around in the bath with lots of ice cool water. If he doesn't keep cool, then his fur can start to fall out.   Rola has endless fur pockets, as he seems to get loads of things out of them, maybe that's why he looks so big. He loves to tell stories about his snowy past and how great he was. Maybe it's all true, but either way, he certainly is strong and can also put his mind to most things. He likes to play his whistle, but he isn't very good at it (remember to put your fingers in your ears) and he likes to get his own way (but Dawdle doesn't let him). Archie the Cat     Archie is an unusual cat, as he is scared of heights and pretty much everything. One day he was caught up in the string of a kite and flew off. Eventually a couple of pigeons helped him and they became friends. He's always been a little greedy and it's always getting him into trouble. He lives in a tree, with the pigeons, which is in the middle of the meadow and periodically gets stuck at the top of it. Once the tree was taken over by another cat. Poor Archie didn't know where to go and hid in a rabbit hole for a few days. Luckily Dawdle had an idea and lured the cat onto a passing fish lorry, which took it away. One thing he doesn't like is water. Rocky Mountain Bear     He has a distant cousin of Rola and he is one of the Grizzly Bears, a distinguished branch of the Cougar Bear family. He's from America and he wasn't too pleased at the long journey to get to the meadow. He was shocked when he found out that they all lived together in a field, as he felt it was over crowded (he can walk for days at his home and not see another bear).    He complains about everything, the food, the water and it's because he gets grizzly if he doesn't eat honey. Luckily the bees in the meadow don't mind sharing and they give Rocky some honey. Once he ate the honey, he was a different bear and complimented them about their wonderful meadow. So if you want to keep a Grizzly happy, feed them honey! Dawdle the Donkey - In her field Dawdle the Donkey Episodes Series 1 (1996)  1. Looking for a Home  2. Dawdle and the Snow Bear  3. Dawdle and the Traffic Jam  4. Dawdle and the Intruder  5. Dawdle and the Grizzly Bear  6. Dawdle Goes to the Sea  7. Dawdle and the Dragon Kite  8. Dawdle and the Birthday Party  9. Dawdle and the Elephant  10. Dawdle the Rainbow Donkey   Series 2 (1997)    1. Dawdle and the Mole Field  2. Dawdle and the Sheep  3. Dawdle and the Bath Chair  4. Dawdle and the Night Prowlers  5. Dawdle and the Enormous Dog  6. Dawdle and the Combine Harvester  7. Dawdle and the Heatwave  8. Dawdle and the Swans  9. Dawdle and the Buried Treasure  10. Dawdle and the Squirrels   Series 3 (1998)  1. Dawdle and the Eagle  2. Dawdle Goes a Little Horse  3. Dawdle and the Scare Bear  4. Dawdle and the Tractor  5. Dawdle and the Stranger  6. Dawdle and Friday 13th  7. Dawdle and the Fairground  8. Dawdle and the Toothache  9. Dawdle and the Snake  10. Dawdle Goes Camping  11. Dawdle and the Kittens  12. Dawdle and the Balloon  13. 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