Dennis the Menace (US) Dennis the Menace is an 80’s Children’s TV cartoon. The character was created by Hank Ketcham for a number of American Newspaper strips. He was inspired by the antics of his own 5 year old son. Early in his career, he was involved with animation for Universal Studios and Walt Disney (he even worked on Pinocchio). There have been numerous versions of Dennis the Menace over the years, from live action in the 1950's to animation in the 1980's and 1990's. So popular has Dennis become, that a number of live action movies were made, starring Walter Matthau as Mr Wilson.    At the same time Dennis the Menace was being created, another Dennis the Menace was created in the UK. Both of these comic strips/shows have nothing to do with each other, and in the UK the US show was renamed - 'Just Dennis'. It premiered in 1983 and the show consisted of 2 series of 78 episodes (234 stories). In 1992 a new TV Special was created - Dennis the Menace: Cruise Control. Then in 1993 the show was resurrected for a new series and it went under the banner of 'The Incredible Dennis the Menace'. It only lasted for 13 episodes. Story Dennis is a little boy who means well, but always seems to end up in troubled. He doesn't take life at a slow pace and instead he rushes around everywhere. He even has to have a new pair of sneakers (trainers to us in the UK) every 2 weeks and he needs new bike tyres every month! Living next door to Dennis is the long suffering Mr Wilson. All he wants is to take life at a slow pace and look after his lovely garden and do jobs around the house. But that doesn't happen with Dennis around. Poor Mr Wilson dreads it when Dennis turns up calling his name, as this normally spells trouble.   Dennis is kind at heart, but doesn't seem to listen to Mr Wilson's plea's to leave him alone. He tries to help out with his jobs, but only makes things worse, like the time Mr Wilson was trying to paint a room. Dennis wouldn't listen again and after he accidentally got Mr Wilson tied up in masking tape, he then proceeded to fill the vacuum cleaner with paint and use it to spray the room in lots of different colours! Dennis the Menace (US) Characters Dennis Mitchell     (voiced by Brennan Thicke) The loveable brat Dennis, just loves to help people, but one thing he loves to do is press things he shouldn't which in turn causes chaos. Such as his trip to a car making factory. He pressed too many buttons, which caused the robots, that make the cars, to malfunction and destroy some of the cars being made. But of course Dennis is oblivious to the damage and destruction he causes, as he is a little naive. He will rush past people, not noticing that he has accidentally barged past someone, sending them flying! He thinks that Mr Wilson is his bestest friend in the whole world, but for all the trouble he causes Mr Wilson, he does have a nemesis - Margaret (see below). He even had his face put on Mount Rushmore, after he befriended a man who created the other faces on it! George Wilson     (voiced by Maurice LaMarche / Phil Hartman) Poor Mr Wilson, just wants an easy life. No matter what he does, he can't get away from Dennis. He has even told Dennis that he has so little hair because of him (Dennis doesn't get this one). He lives with his wife - Martha, next door to the Mitchell's. I would have thought he would have moved somewhere else by now to get away from Dennis, who even tries to speak to him in the middle of the night! One thing does relax him is fishing. It's relaxing and Dennis is usually not in sight, apart from when he thought he had caught a talking shark. He was ever so happy, he thought he would be famous, until Dennis popped out of its mouth and explained it was a radio controlled shark. He was so mad that he broke his fishing rod. The poor guy just needs to go to on an anger management course, because if he doesn't have help soon, he'll have a heart attack because of all the stress!   Martha Wilson     (voiced by Marilyn Lightstone) She is Married to Mr Wilson and she only sees the good side of Dennis. Which can infuriates poor George, as even his wife believes Dennis is good, when he knows he isn't! Margaret Wade     (voiced by Jeannie Elias) She likes playing with her dolly (Molly) and pushing her around in a pram. Once she found a genie's lamp and wished for Molly to come to life and to be a liberated woman like herself. But this backfired when Molly wanted to show Margaret what it was like being pushed around all the time, so she was dumped in the pram and Molly pushed her round at high speed (amazingly Margaret didn't like this?). She can be too overbearing and if Dennis does a good deed, like saving her from being run down by a shopping trolley, then her kindness can smother him. Like making sure he doesn't get 'out' in a Baseball game, by barging everyone out of the way. Which drives Dennis round the bend, but she really does fancy Dennis. One of her hobbies is playing the Piano and singing, but as you guessed, she isn't very good at the singing part. She even scared away an escaped bear with her singing (poor bear). Henry Mitchell     (voiced by Brian George / Maurice LaMarche) He is Dennis's dad and looks like a bit of a geek. He takes Dennis out to places and just can't keep control of him. I'm sure if Dennis was living near you, you'd be telling him what a bad parent he is. Alice Mitchell     (voiced by Marilyn Lightstone / Louise Vallance) She is Dennis's Mom and is the eye candy of the show and boy was she nice. She seems to be the stereotypical Mom, who stays at home and looks after the kids. Again, she can't keep control of Dennis and his actions and normally looks on helpless, as Dennis causes chaos. Ruff     (voiced by Maurice LaMarche / Phil Hartman) He is Dennis's dog and also causes Mr Wilson trouble, as he likes to dig up his prize winning flowers! He likes chasing squirrels. Joey     (voiced by Jeannie Elias) He is one of Dennis's friends and has a lisp. He is a bit of a wimp, but he can get Dennis into trouble too. Like the time Dennis's dad's car broke down in a Safari Park and he told them both to sit still while he got help. For once Dennis sat still, but it was Joey that was off getting to know the animals and Dennis had to keep saving him! PeeBee     (voiced by Jeannie Elias) He is a genius and loves studying things. But he was totally fooled when Dennis got control of a full sized radio controlled shark. He even talked to PeeBee, who thought he was the missing link and ran off to report it to the Oceanographic Society. He also claims to have a black belt in ichthyology! Dennis the Menace (US) - Skateboarding Dennis the Menace (US) - Mr Wilson Spots Dennis Dennis the Menace (US) - The Wheelchair Rolls Off Dennis the Menace (US) - I Love Basketball Dennis the Menace (US) - Titles Dennis the Menace (US) Images (click to enlarge) Dennis the Menace (US) - The Kids Dennis the Menace (US) - Time for a Haircut Dennis the Menace (US) - The Gang Dennis the Menace (US) - Martha Wilson Dennis the Menace (US) - Alice Mitchell Dennis the Menace (US) - Margaret Wade Dennis the Menace (US) - Dennis Mitchell Dennis the Menace (US) - PeeBee Dennis the Menace (US) - Henry Mitchell Dennis the Menace (US) - Ruff the Dog Dennis the Menace (US) T-Shirts - NONE Dennis the Menace (US)  DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Dennis: Cruise Control - Dennis: Volume 1 Region 1 (USA) - Dennis the Menace: Trouble, Trouble      Everywhere - Dennis the Menace: Cruise Control - Dennis the Menace: Cruise Control / The      Amazing Zorro - Archies: Jugman / Dennis The Menace:      Cruise Control Dennis the Menace (US) Video Intro Dennis the Menace (US) - George Wilson Dennis the Menace (US) - Joey
Dennis the Menace (US) Episodes Series 1 (1985) Note: Each episode was made up of 3 stories, which are listed separately below  1-1. Menaced Marriage  1-2. Dennis of the Yukon  1-3. Seal of Approval  2-1. So Long Old Paint  2-2. Trembly Assembly  2-3. Private I  3-1. A Visitor From Outer Space  3-2. Train That Boy  3-3. Genie Madness  4-1. Cheer Up  4-2. Ghost Blusters  4-3. The Life You Save  5-1. Shark Treatment  5-2. Jungle Bungle  5-3. Racetrack Menace  6-1. All the President’s Menace  6-2. The Love Rowboat  6-3. Wilson the Menace  7-1. Fishing For Trouble  7-1. Future Fortune  7-1. Time Bomb  8-1. Spa Blahs  8-2. Whale of a Tale  8-3. Disaster On the Green  9-1. Here, Kitty!  9-2. Circus Berserkus  9-3. The Monster of Mudville Flats  10-1. The Price of Stardom  10-2. Space Menace  10-3. The Magic Flute  11-1. Dennis’ Yard Sale  11-2. The Abominable Snowman Menace  11-3. It Came From Planet Dennis  12-1. Henry the Menace  12-2. Come Fly With Me  12-3. Camping Out  13-1. Medieval the Evil  13-2. Beaver-Mania  13-3. Say Uncle!  14-1. Hopping Mad  14-2. Mayan Mayhem  14-3. The Big Power Trip  15-1. Up, Up,and Oh Boy!  15-2. The Company Picnic  15-3. Aw Nuts!  16-1. Clip-Joint Capers  16-2. Tanks For the Memory!  16-3. Second Honeymoon  17-1. A Couple of Coo-Coos  17-2. The Cloneheads  17-3. Nothing But the Tooth  18-1. Mummy’s Little Boy  18-2. Horsing Around  18-3. Dennis Plasters Pamplona  19-1. My Fair Dennis  19-2. A Good Knight’s Work  19-3. Life In the Fast Lane  20-1. Ruff’s Masterpiece  20-2. Going to the Dogs  20-3. Big Baby  21-1. Strong Medicine  21-2. Gold Strike  21-3. Lights, Camera, Mud!  22-1. Invasion of the Blob  22-2. Wild West Showdown  22-3. The Hen Party  23-1. Dennis Predicts  23-2. Dennis and the Kangaroo Cavalry  23-3. Meatball Mess  24-1. A Nightmare At the Opera  24-2. A Royal Pain  24-3. Having a Marble-ous Time  25-1. Marky the Menace  25-2. Dennis the Genius  25-3. A Step Ahead  26-1. The Boss Gets Scapled  26-2. Mr. Dennistein  26-3. Lean, Green, Jumping Machine  27-1. Laundry Business  27-2. Journey to the Center of Uncle              Charlie’s Farm  27-3. Dennis Springs Into Action  28-1. Ruff’s Hat Trick  28-2. A Moving Experience  28-3. Lemon-Aid  29-1. Sounds In the Night  29-2. Dennis Does Hollywood  29-3. Ruff to the Rescue  30-1. The Bicycle Thief  30-2. Menace of the Mine Shaft  30-3. Margaret’s Birthday Party  31-1. So Sorry  31-2. Shock Therapy  31-3. Yard Wars  32-1. Give a Little Whistle  32-2. Charmed, I’m Sure  32-3. After Hours  33-1. Baseball’s Best Ballplayer  33-2. Mr. Wilson’s Diet  33-3. The Backyard Band  34-1. Double Dennis  34-2. Timber Wolves  34-3. Help Not Wanted  35-1. Million Dollar Dennis  35-2. 3-D and Me  35-3. Barber Shop Disharmony  36-1. Bowling For Dennis  36-2. Dennis Conquers the Navy  36-3. The Longest Half-Yard  37-1. Snowman Madness  37-2. The Invisible Kid  37-3. Home Destruction  38-1. Chitty Chitty Moon Walk  38-2. Wet ’N Wild  38-3. Dennis At the Movies  39-1. The Supermarket  39-2. The Big Candied Apple  39-3. The Detective Detector   Series 2 (1986) Note: Each episode was made up of 3 stories, which are listed separately below    1-1. Up, Up and Away  1-2. Going Ape  1-3. Dennis the Pirate  2-1. It’s a Ruff Life  2-2. Professor Myron Mentalapse  2-3. Dennis Race 2000  3-1. A Better Mousetrap  3-2. The Whizzer of Odd  3-3. Canine Car Wash  4-1. Ride ’Em Cowboy  4-2. Tenting Tonight  4-3. A Hair-Raising Tale  5-1. Building a Better Dog House  5-2. Dennis and the Dragon  5-3. Hic!  6-1. Strike Up the Band  6-2. Queen of Chinatown  6-3. Tale of a Tux  7-1. Vampire Scare  7-2. Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Dennis  7-3. Wilson For Mayor  8-1. Dangerous Detour  8-2. The Prodigy  8-3. The Chimp  9-1. High Steel  9-2. Bicycle Mania  9-3. Little Dogs Lost  10-1. Dennis Destroys Dallas  10-2. Black and Blue Hawaii  10-3. Oil’s Well That Ends Well  11-1. Door to Door Bore  11-2. Dennis In Venice  11-3. Young Sherlock Dennis  12-1. Surf’s Up  12-2. Yo Ho Ho!  12-3. The Karate Kiddie  13-1. Dennis and the Deep  13-2. K-9 Kollege  13-3. Housepests  14-1. Animalympics  14-2. No Bones About It  14-3. Dennis Takes the Cake  15-1. Quiet Riot  15-2. The Magic Pen  15-3. A Feeling For Stealing  16-1. Househusband Henry  16-2. Wheeling and Double-Dealing  16-3. Stop That Car  17-1. Lights, Camera, Auction  17-2. Boy Ahoy  17-3. Faulty Alarm  18-1. Hail To the Chief  18-2. Dennis In Microchipland  18-3. Handy Dandy Dennis  19-1. Dennis the Businessman  19-2. Soccer It to Me, Dennis  19-3. Camp Over Here, Over There  20-1. Hullabaloo At Harmony Homes  20-2. Phantom of the Wax Museum  20-3. Dennis and the Gypsy Woman  21-1. Attack of the Green Tomatoes  21-2. The Dinosaur Doozy  21-3. Funhouse Grouch  22-1. Dennis Rocks Out  22-2. Deserted With Dennis  22-3. Fashionable Menace  23-1. Back To the Drawing Board  23-2. Part-Time Helper  23-3. G.I. George  24-1. Wanted: Scarface Wilson  24-2. Ruff Come Home  24-3. 10-4 Dennis  25-1. Heroes Unwelcome  25-2. The Martians Are Coming  25-3. Ancient Olympics  26-1. Pool Haul  26-2. Fool For Gold  26-3. Nothin’ to Be Afraid of  27-1. Yankee Doodle Dennis  27-2. Dennis the Barnstormer  27-3. Trial and Error  28-1. Frankenstymied  28-2. Space Race  28-3. The Incredible Shrinking Dennis  29-1. Crummy Mummy  29-2. Swiss Family Mitchell  29-3. Pie In the Eye  30-1. The Great Pie Swap  30-2. Climb of the Century  30-3. Little Beauty Shop of Horrors  31-1. Tunnel Vision  31-2. Super Duper Dennis  31-3. Ice Show Show-Off  32-1. Snow Wars  32-2. The Moroccan Pigeon  32-3. Dennis of the Jungle  33-1. Young At Heart  33-2. Thor-Sicle  33-3. A Word From Our Sponsor  34-1. A Froggy Day  34-2. Loch Ness Mess  34-3. Box Office Smash  35-1. Gorilla Warfare  35-2. It’s Magic Time  35-3. Instant Replay  36-1. Kooked Goose  36-2. Pell Mell Hotel  36-3. Wilson’s Night Out  37-1. Hassle In the Castle  37-2. A Fox Tale  37-3. Underwater Wonderland  38-1. Water On the Brain  38-2. Safe At Home  38-3. The Wright Stuff  39-1. Dennis In Wonderland  39-2. The Old Ball Game  39-3. Shared Interest     The Incredible Dennis the Menace Series 1 (1993)  1. Brother Rats  2. Hospitality  3. It's A Guy Thing  4. Pains, Trains & Automobiles  5. Like Master, Like Unit  6. Lock, Stock & Grumble  7. Caution: Boy At Work  8. Fortune Fix  9. Navy Destroyer  10. A Yankee Doodle  11. Mom's Helper  12. Wish You Weren't Here  13. Dennis The Genius   TV Special  1. Dennis the Menace:         Cruise Control (1992)  Dennis the Menace (US) - An Angry Mr Wilson © Dennis the Menace (US) - DVDs
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