Dennis and Gnasher Dennis and Gnasher is a 90’s Children’s TV cartoon. The series was created by Collingwood O'Hare Productions, in conjunction with DC Thompson who own the rights for The Beano. Tony Collingwood wrote and directed some of the episodes. The character Dennis the Menace has been around since 1951, when he first appeared in the comic book called 'The Beano'. He has become so popular with children that you knew that it was only a matter of time before he made it to the small screen.   You should note that this should not be confused with the American show with the same name, they are totally different.   But this isn't Dennis' first venture to the small screen, as previously he has appeared with the rest of his Beano colleagues. But in 1996 Dennis and Gnasher was released, which concentrated on 'The Beano's' number 1 top stars. Story Dennis is one of the naughtiest boys in the country and loves to wreak havoc with his dog Gnasher. He lives in Beano Town with his Mum and Dad. He finalises his plan of attack on the neighbourhood in his tree house, with his friends Pie Face and Curly. The Tree House uses one of his trademark striped pullovers as a flag. Not only that, there is a secret entrance to get in and out of it (I'd tell you where it was, but its a secret).   Everything isn't plain sailing for Dennis as he has a number of people trying to stop him, such as the Colonel who lives across the street, his father and Walter, who is a bit square. Dennis and Gnasher Characters Dennis     (voiced by Richard Pearce) Dennis is a mischievous little boy, who's main aim in life is to cause trouble. He even has a secret supply room. It looks like an advertising hoarding in the street, but if he does 'hop scotch' correctly on the pavement outside it, then it opens up into a room that has everything a naughty boy needs. Dennis seems to wear the same clothes everyday (in the daytime), a red and black pullover, with black shorts. I think his mum must have been lazy and decided to buy a truck load of the same clothes.   Well, Dennis seems to like the look and this has means that his bedroom hasn't escaped the stripes treatment. His curtains and bed are striped and when he's in a good mood, he loves to bounce up and down on his bed. Dennis knows when he's naughty and does know right from wrong. When he has to, he knows when to to the right thing. Such as battling against Reg Trademark, who invents stupid gadgets (like a chocolate fireguard) and he tried to brainwash everyone in Beano Town. Dennis even tried to stop Clint Catzenburger taking over his house and drilling for oil.    His main rival is Walter, who thinks he is better than Dennis, so Dennis goes out of his way to upset Walter and any plans he has. He even found out that Walter had become the leader of the Goblins to do battle with the Tooth Fairies (I kid you not). So Dennis became a spy for the tooth fairies and took Walter on. His number 1 friend is Gnasher, his dog. They go everywhere together and when their plans go right he loves to say to Gnasher, 'Give me Three!'. Gnasher     (voiced by Kerry Shale) He is Dennis' dog and complements him quite well, as he is mischievous too. Why is he called Gnasher, well its because of his large teeth (gnashers) and he like to bite things (gnash them) and makes a gnashing sound too, so you get the idea? Gnasher likes nothing more than chasing cats and Gnashing Postmen. Once he was dressed as a baby (called Norman), to fool a Guest House owner into thinking that they had no pets. He was quite upset when she thought he was one of the ugliest babies she had seen. But funnily enough, Gnasher quite liked the experience or being a baby (being fed constantly).   One thing he does like to look after is his fleas, they are like friends to him. He even saved them when he was forced to have a bath and they nearly went down the plug hole. That's not the only things he saved, he saved the the whole of Beano Town when Reg Trademark (worlds worst inventor) tried to brainwash everyone to buy his gadgets. As a dog, he was unaffected by the brainwashing sounds and instead he Gnashed the tape and freed them from Reg's spell.   Gnasher was once mistaken for a rat and the rat catcher chased him back to the country he originally came from - Abasinia. It is a small tropical island, where his mother and father live with the rest of his family. Gnasher was delighted to see them all again and eventually they turned the tables on the rat catcher.   Walter (voiced by Judy Bennett) Walter is a bit of a square and seems to attract the attention of Dennis, but he uses his intelligence and inventions to outwit him (sometimes). Walter thinks that he can beat Dennis at everything (which isn't true) and he buys anything he wants to help him to this. You see, Walter's father is rich, but this hasn't helped Walter as he has become spoilt which explains his attitude. Walter has his own dog, but it doesn't look as mean as Gnasher and instead looks a bit girly, as it is a white Poodle called Foo Foo. But this doesn't mean that its a push over, as it loves to take on Gnasher when it gets the chance. Walter can be quite a bitter person and can hold a grudge for years. Such as the time he became leader of the goblins and used them to attack the Tooth Fairies and claim back his baby teeth (as he thinks he wasn't paid enough for them!). Matilda     (voiced by Eve Karpf) She is the female nerd of the group and hangs out with Walter a lot. This is because they are both on the same nerdy wavelength. She loves it when Walter shows off and is Walter's girlfriend (not sure Walter knows this). But she can be a bit fickle, especially if someone speaks to her in a French accent. She goes all 'lovey dovey' over them and this normally makes Walter really jealous! Pie Face     (voiced by Garry Martin) As his name suggests, Pie Face loves eating pies of any sort. He eats them so fast, that he is constantly burping. He speaks with a lisp and is a bit of a scaredy cat, but he is one of Dennis' closest friends and will always try to help out. He can be a bit stupid, such as the time he sold the deeds of Dennis' house to a Texan who was after oil underneath the house. Also Pie Face owns a parrot called Polly, who is very good at doing impressions. Curly     (voiced by Jill Lidstone) Curly is one of Dennis' best friends and will come to the aid of Dennis at anytime of day if he is in trouble. He meets up with Dennis and Pie Face at the Tree House to decide how they can cause mischief next. Dad     (voiced by John Baddeley) He is the long suffering Father of Dennis and tries to keep a tight leash on him, but Dennis is such a tearaway that he fails most of the time. But he does have help from others to control Dennis. One thing he doesn't like doing is spending too much money, he wouldn't even pay the extra to reserve a room for their holiday! So the place was fully booked when they arrived. He isn't keen on his Aunts, who are really bossy. Mum     (voiced by Eve Karpf) Mum seems a bit out of it, but not that far out of it that she can't spend Dad's money at the first opportunity. Like most mothers, she thinks her little boy is an angel. When she recognises Dennis is being naughty, she shrugs it off and doesn't discipline him. Be very careful if you see her behind the wheel of a car. Her last car was a bumper car (dodgem), so you can guess how safe she is at driving. The Colonel     (voiced by John Baddeley) He lives opposite Dennis and is in the army. His house looks like a fortress, with guns, tanks and other defences outside. I surprised he hasn't been reported to the police as these defences look dangerous. He spent time in India and loves telling stories about his time in the army (yawn!). If he has a problem, then he goes back to HQ and gets the Brigadiers to help him (basically they agree to anything he says!)    Once he even baby sat Dennis. He treated it as a military operation, which is wise really, but was outsmarted by Dennis when he was conned into telling Army stories all night. So once he fell asleep, Dennis snuck out to cause chaos. To relax, he likes to listen to a CD called 'Military Explosions', which is exactly what you think it is - bomb explosion noises (what a nutter!!). His real name is Godfrey. Sergeant Slipper     (voiced by Colin McFarlane) He is the local Policeman and is always keeping an eye out for Dennis. He is a stickler for rules and won't break speed limits even when he's was flying the police plane to find Gnasher. The only way Dennis got him to speed up, was when he pointed out that the General was speeding in his plane, so he sped up to arrest him! He has delusions of grandeur and even set up a court with himself as the Judge. If the authorities hear about this, they'll fire him!   Dennis and Gnasher - Planning Trouble Dennis and Gnasher - Walter talks to Dennis Dennis and Gnasher - What A Mess Dennis and Gnasher - On Blue Peter Dennis and Gnasher - Titles Dennis and Gnasher Images (click to enlarge) Dennis and Gnasher - Softies Painting Dennis and Gnasher - Dennis's Room Dennis and Gnasher - The Gang Dennis and Gnasher - Walter Dennis and Gnasher - Curly Dennis and Gnasher - Matilda Dennis and Gnasher - Dennis Dennis and Gnasher - The Colonel Dennis and Gnasher - Pie Face Dennis and Gnasher - Dad Dennis and Gnasher T-Shirts - NONE Dennis and Gnasher DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Dennis and Gnasher DVDs Region 1 (USA) - Dennis and Gnasher: Vol 1 - Dennis and Gnasher: Vol 2 Dennis and Gnasher Video Intro Dennis and Gnasher - Gnasher Dennis and Gnasher - Mum
Dennis and Gnasher Episodes Series 1 (1996)  1. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow  2. The Day They Took Gnasher Away  3. The Bathnight Club  4. Dennis Ahoy  5. Revenge of the Robot  6. Wanted  7. Dennis and the Beanstalk  8. Unidentified Funny Object  9. Special Agent Dennis  10. Dennis and the Grown Ups  11. Gorilla Warfare  12. The Secret Diary  13. The Day TV was Banned   Series 2 (1997)   1. The Competition  2. Summer Holiday  3. Menace Power  4. Dennisaurus Rex  5. Adventures in Dennis Sitting  6. Haunted House  7. Oil Strike!  8. Mauled  9. The Trial  10. Journey to the Centre of the Bed  11. Skull & Crossbones  12. Snowbound  13. Monster Menace   Dennis and Gnasher - Sergeant Slipper Dennis and Gnasher - Gnasher Meets His Family Dennis and Gnasher - Laughing Gnasher Dennis and Gnasher - Dennis is Good? Dennis and Gnasher - Snow Day Dennis and Gnasher - Racing His Car Dennis and Gnasher - The Colonel Flying Dennis and Gnasher - Mum and Dad Are Tired © Dennis and Gnasher - DVDs
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