Denver the Last Dinosaur Story Denver the Last Dinosaur is an 80’s Children’s TV cartoon. Jeremy had to do some research for a Natural History Test for school, so he headed to the La Brea Tar Pits and the George C. Page Museum, with his friends Wally, Shades and Mario. When they were leaving, they came across Nick and his gang, who were looking for trouble. They escaped from them by hiding behind a fence, where they found a large hole . On closer inspection they found a large Tar Egg in it. Of course they had to touch it and guess what, it hatched!   Boy were they surprised when a large green Dinosaur came out of it. After the initial shock, they found out it was a friendly Dinosaur and that it could understand what they were saying. But what to call him? After a few silly names, a bus passed close by with an advert for the city of Denver. So they decided to call him Denver, plus they wanted to keep this friendly Dinosaur, but where? Initially they hid him in the Pool House at the bottom of  Wally's garden, but soon his sister found out. So they then made the old school gym his home, with the help of Casey.   Little did they know that Morton Fizzback a music promoter had seen the Tar Egg hatch and that he wanted to capture Denver and use him to make money. He created a diversion to get the kids out of the way and kidnapped Denver and by the time the kids found out, it was too late. They didn't even know where to start to looking for him. That was until Wally's sister found a poster with Denver on. It was a 'one night only' Rock Concert starring Denver.   The kids went backstage while Denver was pushed onstage to a crowed auditorium. He was a hit, they loved him, but not only that Denver loved it too. He went around the stage with a guitar and the crowd went wild. Meanwhile the kids had been spotted by Morton Fizzback and were ushered away by his goons. After the show Morton got scared about being found out (about kidnapping Denver), so he decided to get rid of him to a scientist. This scientist wanted to experiment on Denver with a team of colleagues and was imprisoned in a cage. But not for long, as Denver made friends with a little girl who's grandfather then set him free.   Denver then used his Dinosaur instinct to find his way back Hollywood and the kids. He was just in time to save them from Nick and his gang. They then embarked on lots of adventures. Denver can even show them where he came from. By touching pieces of the Tar Egg it can magically transport them back in time to see that era. Denver the Last Dinosaur Characters Denver     (voiced by Pat Fraley) He loves eating Potato Chips and is a friendly Dinosaur that can understand English. He is supposed to be keeping a low profile, but runs around Hollywood without a care in the world. It seems that the residents in Hollywood are not fazed by his appearances and think he is a person in fancy dress. Jeremy     (voiced by Adam Carl) He's the brainy one of the group and if there is a dangerous situation that the gang is facing, he will use his brain to think up a solution. He is always telling them facts about Dinosaurs etc. The trouble is he can sometimes over explain things to much and confuse the others. Mario     (voiced by Cam Clarke) I think Mario has spent too many hours watching Bill & Ted films, as he speaks just like them, dude! (which gets irritating after the first few seconds). His ego is the size of a planet and loves to brag about how great he is and envisages himself as an action hero. Shades     (voiced by Cam Clarke) Shades vies with Mario to be the coolest dude of the gang. Amazingly he is named after the shades that he wears all the time, I'm sure they have been welded to his head. Wally     (voiced by Adam Carl) He was the bravest member of the gang, as he was the first person to try and make friends with Denver (the others were off) and I would say is Denver's best friend. The rest of the gang make fun of him (shame on them!), but he is very practical. Casey     (voiced by Kath Soucie) She has a crush on Mario, much to Mario's annoyance.. She is a bit of a tom boy and a mechanic, she always carries around a spanner in her dungarees. Rocky He is Wally's Dog and was initially scared of Denver, but he was soon won over by him. Heather     (voiced by Kath Soucie) She is Wally's sister and accidentally bumped into Denver is their house (after Wally had smuggled him in) and boy was she shocked. Once she calmed down she agreed to keep him a secret. Nick and his Gang The mortal enemy of Denver & Gang, they are always trying to beat them up. Morton Fizzback     (voiced by Brian Cummings) A cheap player in the music business. He is always trying to think up money making schemes and does everything on the cheap. He sounds remarkably like the comedian Rodney Dangerfield. Denver The Last Dinosaur - Cool Shades Denver The Last Dinosaur - Wally and Denver Denver The Last Dinosaur - Time Travel Denver The Last Dinosaur - I See Stars Denver The Last Dinosaur - Titles Denver the Last Dinosaur Images (click to enlarge) Denver The Last Dinosaur - Cool Denver The Last Dinosaur - Light Show Denver The Last Dinosaur - The Gang Denver The Last Dinosaur - Mario Denver The Last Dinosaur - Casey Denver The Last Dinosaur - Shades Denver The Last Dinosaur - Denver Denver The Last Dinosaur - Nick and his Gang Denver The Last Dinosaur - Wally Denver The Last Dinosaur - Rocky Denver the Last Dinosaur   T-Shirts - NONE Denver the Last Dinosaur DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Denver the Last Dinosaur      DVDs Region 1 (USA) - Denver the Last Dinosaur      DVDs Denver the Last Dinosaur Video Intro Denver The Last Dinosaur - Jeremy Denver The Last Dinosaur - Heather
Denver the Last Dinosaur Episodes Series 1 (1988)  1. Denver, the Last Dinosaur  2. In the Chips  3. Videohhhh!  4. The Monster of Lost Lake  5. Denver Makes the Grade  6. Big Top Denver  7. The Misunderstanding  8. Lions, Tigers, and Dinos  9. Change of Heart  10. Brinco-Saurus  11. Denver, Dino-Star  12. Dinoland  13. Winning  14. Enter the Dino  15. Radio Denver  16. The Phantom of the Movie Theater  17. Missing Links  18. Dog Gone Denver  19. Party Time  20. Aunt Shadies Ghost Town  21. Movie-Starus  22. Denver at Sea  23. Ski Denver  24. Beach Blanket Dino  25. History Repeats Itself  26. Battle of the Bands  27. The Comic Book Caper  28. Carnival  29. Pen Pal  30. Chinatown  31. Denver, The Lost Dinosaur  32. Denver and the Cornstalk  33. Tea Time for Denver  34. Camp-Out  35. Birthparty from Outer Space  36. Art Show  37. Food Wars  38. Dino-Cise  39. Denver, the Last Dragon  40. High Flying Denver  41. Denver at the Digs  42. Chef Denver  43. Fuzzback's Folies  44. Dinos Are My Life  45. Bayou Blues  46. Canatta  47. Pluto Needs People  48. Arabian Adventure  49. Venice Beach Blast  50. Big News Denver  51. Viva Denver!  52. There's No Business, Like Snow           Business   Denver The Last Dinosaur - Morton Fizzback Denver The Last Dinosaur - Casey and Rocky are Lost Denver The Last Dinosaur - Casey Watch Out! Denver The Last Dinosaur - Group Picture Denver The Last Dinosaur - Angry Dinosaur Denver The Last Dinosaur - Time to Travel in Time © Denver The Last Dinosaur - DVDs
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