Deputy Dawg Story Deputy Dawg is a 50’s Children’s TV cartoon, about a southern (USA) lawman. His job is to stop those cotton picking pesky varmits Muskie and Vince from stealing chickens and eggs from the hen house. Otherwise the Sheriff will get him. Deputy Dawg Characters Deputy Dawg There is no peace for Deputy Dawg. He can be tricked quite easily by the people he's trying to catch. But every once in a while he out foxes them. Once he even moved the Hen House into the jail.   He wasn't happy when the local catfish from the lake slapped him in the face (he assaulted an officer!). So he tried to use Vince and Muskie to catch it (at gun point). Deputy Dawg is definately scared of one person, the Sheriff, but when he's away he likes to put his feet up on the Sheriff's Desk and take a nap. Muskie He is a Muskrat that is always after the eggs from the hen house. When Deputy Dawg locked it up in jail, Muskie tried every book to get the key to it. He even assualted the Sheriff to get in (I think he needs to see a doctor about his egg addiction). Once he got inside, he found that Deputy Dawg had moved the hen house! Serves him right! Vincent Van Gopher Vince is a mole that tries to be cool, with his hip voice and his beret. He is Muskie's partner in crime. Both Vince and Muskie are Deputy Dawg’s number 1 enemy. Sheriff He is the the domineering boss of Deputy Dawg. He isn't around too often, so Depty Dawg has the run of the place, but when he's around his word is law. Deputy Dawg - Pleased With Himself Deputy Dawg - Is Not Amused Deputy Dawg - The Plan Worked Deputy Dawg - Muskie Plans Trouble Deputy Dawg Images (click to enlarge) Deputy Dawg T-Shirts - NONE Deputy Dawg DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE Deputy Dawg Video Intro
Deputy Dawg Episodes Series 1 (1959)  1. Shotgun Shambles  2. Space Varmit  3. The Yoke's On You  4. Li'l Whooper  5. Seize You Later, Aligator  6. Welcome Mischa Mouse  7. Cotton Pickin' Picnic  8. Henhouse Hasssle  9. Law And Disorder  10. Deputy Dawg's Nephew  11. Friend Fox  12. Rabid Rebel  13. Aig Plant  14. Dog-Gone Catfish  15. National Spoof Day  16. Kin Folk  17. Penguin Panic  18. People's Choice  19. Lynx, The Jinx  20. The Bird Burglar  21. Watermelon Watcher  22. Dragon My Foot  23. Star For A Day  24. The Two Inch Inchworm  25. Honey Tree  26. Where There's Smoke  27. Nobody's Ghoul  28. Oil Tycoons  29. Rebel Trouble  30. Big Chief, No Treaty  31. Beaver Battle  32. Ship Aha Ha  33. The Fragrant Vagrant  34. Noise Annoys  35. Peanut Pilferer  36. Tennessee Walkin' Horse  37. Little Red Fool House  38. Mr. Moose  39. National Lazy Day  40. Echo Park  41. Physical Fatness  42. Astronut  43. Corn Cribber  44. Heat Wave  45. Herman The Hermit  46. Dagnabit, Rabbit  47. Long Island Duckling  48. Tents Moments  49. Dry Spell  50. Orbit A Little Bit  51. Tourist Tirade  52. Low Man Lawman  53. Safe And Insane 4th  54. Terrific Traffic  55. Open Wide  56. The Catfish Poachin' Pelican  57. The Milkweed From Space  58. Bad Luck Day  59. Royal Southern Dismounted Police  60. Stuck Duck  61. Champion Whopper Teller  62. Go Go Gor-rilla  63. Grandpa Law  64. Daddy Frog Legs  65. On The Lam With Ham  66. Science Friction  67. Just Ghost To Show You  68. Lawman To The Rescue  69. Mama Magnolia's Pecan Pies  70. Feud For Thought  71. Peach Pluckin' Kangaroo  72. The Never Glades  73. Diamonds In The Rough  74. Double Barreled Boom Boom  75. The Poster Caper  76. Chicken Bull  77. Spare That Tree  78. The Pig Rustler  79. Catfish Crisis  80. Hex Marks The Spot  81. Something To Crow About  82. How Biz Whiz  83. Pitch Hittin' For A Pigeon  84. Save Ol' Piney  85. Mountain Melvin Meets Hairy Harry  86. Mule-Itary Maneuvers  87. Protestin' Pilot  88. All Tuckered Out  89. Millionaire Deputy  90. The Hungry Astronut  91. Museum Of The South  92. Scare Cure  93. The Great Train Robbery  94. Corn Pone Limited  95. Space Invitation  96. You're Fired And I'm Fired  97. Imperfect Crime  98. Obnoxious Obie  99. The Pink Flamingo  100. Elusive Louie  101. The Governor's Guide  102. Home Cookin'   © Deputy Dawg - Vincent Van Gopher Deputy Dawg - Sheriff Deputy Dawg - Himself Deputy Dawg - Muskie
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