The Dreamstone The Dreamstone is a 90’s Children’s TV cartoon. The original concept and design was by Michael Jupp, who got the idea from a crystal paperweight that rested on top of his parents piano. Mike Batt, who was responsible for the music for the Wombles Movies also performed and composed the music for the Dreamstone. It was a Martin Gates Production for Filmfair Ltd     Story  Beneath the red planet of doom, in the Land of nightmares and beneath the black mountain of Viltheed, here Zordrak, Lord of Nightmares, plots to get his hand of the Dreamstone and use it to send out nightmares to everyone. He sends out his henchmen, the Urpneys, to capture it. On the other side of the planet, through the impenetrable Great Cloud of Mist of Limbo (which is a deadly purple gas) is the Land of Dreams where each night the old Dream Maker sends out pleasant dreams to everyone through the magical power of the Dreamstone.   He accepts a new apprentice called Rufus who is always day dreaming, but warns him to never reveal where the Dreamstone is located. But Rufus is careless and he shows his friend Amberley the Dreamstone. At that exact moment Zordrak's henchmen burst into the castle and steal the Dreamstone and Amberley is taken with them. Poor Rufus is mortified about this and blames himself for this disaster, but fear not as Rufus decides that he must set out on a quest and retrieve both of these from under the nose of the Lord of Nightmares. The Dreamstone Characters    Rufus     (voiced by Stuart Lock) He is a Noop that loves to dream. He dreams at night and he daydreams in the day. Because of this he hasn't been very successful with his jobs and is constantly having to get new ones. So he went for a job that was more suited for his qualifications - apprentice to the Dream Maker. He was accepted as an apprentice, but was told that he should never show anyone where the Dreamstone is.   But Rufus loves to show off and make out he is very important and that he makes the dreams, when most of the time he is cleaning out the dream bottles. He even shows Amberley where the Dreamstone is. But the Urpneys come in and steal the Dreamstone. This was Rufus's life changing moment and he decided that he would dedicate his life to the protection of the Dreamstone. His bravery has shown other Noops that he isn't just a daydreamer.     Amberley     (voiced by Nancy Hendry) She is Rufus's best friend. She is very concerned about him, as he is always being fired from his jobs. She was the one who suggested that he should become apprentice to the Dream Maker. She was concerned when Rufus was showing her the Dreamstone, as she thought he shouldn't. Amberley is very strong willed and when it was stolen in front of her, she decided that she was going to get it back there and then. She even stormed into the Whirlyped to get it, but was captured.   But she isn't a prisoner who gives up, but instead stamps and kicks the life out of Frizz and Nug. But Zordrak grew bored of her outbursts and turned her into stone. Luckily Rufus rescued her and brought her back to life.     The Dream Maker     (voiced by John Franklyn-Robbins) He likes to float everywhere, as its less tiring for the feet. He creates all his dreams in his laboratory, which is a fantastic sight to see. Each dream is made up of a number of things (Sunshine, Bird Song etc.) and each of them look like bubble (which cannot be burst). He then mixes them together to make a dream, then bottles it. The Dreamstone is hidden away behind a sliding bookcase, up some stone stairs and behind a panel.     Albert     (voiced by ?) He is the Dream Makers watch dog. He looks ferocious, but his bark is worse than his bite. He doesn't look like a dog, but instead looks more like a fish, so he's actually a Dogfish.     Pildit the 8th     (voiced by Derek Wright) He is the leader of the Wuts. He decided to accompany Rufus on his quest for the Dreamstone. He gave Rufus a present, a magic leaf, which allows him to fly and pass through the Great Cloud of Mist of Limbo. Wuts guard the Land of Dreams and live in the forest. They are tall and each carries a staff with an orb on it. These orbs have the power to show things.     Zordrak - Lord of Nightmares     (voiced by Gary Martin) He wants the Dreamstone to send out his nightmares to everyone and bring an end to nice dreams. He used his henchmen, called Urpneys, to steal it, but if any of them step out of line or fail him in any way then they are destined to be put in the Pit of No Return or turned to stone. Once he had the Dreamstone he hid it in the Pit of No Return (everyone seems to want to hide it) and then summoned his Argorribles who are the nightmare dreams who travel to Dream Land and give everyone their nightmares. He can even fire lightening bolts from his hands and turn himself into vapour to enter a sleeping person and take control of them. But his time is limited in this state, otherwise his body could crumble to dust.     Sergeant Blob     (voiced by Richard Tate) He is an Urpney who was promoted when his captain was put into the Pit of No Return. He is always trying to sound posher than he is, but it doesn't fool anyone. Blob always has great pleasure giving Frizz and Nug the worst jobs, but hasn't realised that they never successfully complete a task.     Frizz and Nug     (voiced by Melvyn Hayes and Anthony Jackson) They used the Whirlyped to cross the Great Cloud of Mist of Limbo, which is powered by them using pedal power. They are like most Urpney's, lazy and complain a lot. Because all other Urpney's stepped backwards when being chosen by Sergeant Blob for a mission, they have now become Blob's second and third in command. They weren't the best choice, as they are always messing things up and squabble between themselves.     Urpgor     (voiced by Leonard Whiting) He is the nutty professor of Zordrak. None of the Urpney's like him, but he thinks that Zordrak likes him. If an accident was to befall Zordrak, then he wouldn't be too concerned, as he thinks he would become the new ruler of Viltheed. He comes up with some strange inventions, like the 'Egg of Death' and has no confidence that the other Urpney's can work his inventions. I think he has a problem with his eyesight, as he wears 3 pairs of spectacles. The Dreamstone - Rufus Attacks The Dreamstone - Zordrak Listens The Dreamstone - Dreams Begin The Dreamstone - Albert and Rufus The Dreamstone - Titles The Dreamstone Images (click to enlarge) The Dreamstone The Dreamstone - Amberley and Rufus The Dreamstone - Rufus and Pildit are in Trouble The Dreamstone - Rufus The Dreamstone - Amberley The Dreamstone - The Dream Maker The Dreamstone - Frizz and Nug The Dreamstone - Zordrak, Lord of Nightmares The Dreamstone - Albert The Dreamstone T-Shirts - NONE The Dreamstone DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - The Dreamstone DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE The Dreamstone Video Intro The Dreamstone - Urpgor The Dreamstone - Pildit the 8th The Dreamstone Episodes Series 1 (1990)  1. The Dreamstone  2. Into Viltheed  3. The Knitted Balloon  4. The Invisible Blob  5. The Voice Of Zordrak  6. Albert Is Fishnapped  7. The Shrinking Stone  8. Blob's Incredible Plan  9. Too Hot To Handle  10. The Daydream Bubble  11. The Statue Collection  12. Argorrible Attack  13. Megattack   Series 2 (1992)    1. The Nightmare Stone  2. Zarag  3. Urpgor's Island  4. RoboBird  5. The Dark Side  6. Albert's Ailment  7. The Monster  8. Spildit  9. Wildit's Whistle  10. Sport's Day  11. Frozen Assets  12. Bottle Harvest  13. Return of the Nightmare Stone   Series 3 (1994)   1. The Return  2. Electric Eggs  3. The Moon of Doom  4. Zarag Rules  5. The Dream Beam Invasion  6. Urpgor's Auntie  7. Wottles  8. The Mirror  9. Spildit's Birthday  10. A Day Out  11. Urpgor's Great Adventure  12. The Neemod  13. Mr Blossom's Present   Series 4 (1995)   1. Auntie Again  2. The Substitute  3. The Stowaways  4. Trouble With The Miners  5. The Basilic  6. Dreambubble Mixture  7. Little Urpip  8. Horrible Argorrible  9. Hod  10. The Jolly Bird  11. Planet Prunus  12. The Spider-Mobile  13. Urpjaws The Dreamstone - Sergeant Blob The Dreamstone - The Whirlyped The Dreamstone - The Wuts The Dreamstone - The Planet The Dreamstone - Nightmares The Dreamstone - The Dream Maker Warns The Dreamstone - Amberley Isn't Impressed NO VIDEO...YET © The Dreamstone - DVDs
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