Fingerbobs Fingerbobs is a 70’s Children’s TV show. It was a low budget affair created by the husband and wife duo Michael and Joanne Cole. It was made by Q3 London and directed by Michael-Grafton Robinson.   As usual for shows that are classed as 'classic', only a small number of episodes were made - 13.   Rick Jones fresh from his stint on Play School was cast as the weird hippy Yoffi, who was quite scary. I don't think he was supposed to look scary, but take a look at the shows again and you will see what I mean. Rick soon came to the conclusion that having your arm stuck in the air whilst hiding behind the cupboard (bringing the characters to life), wasn't particularly comfortable. He even started to refer to Fingermouse as the Vagina, as inside of its head was a foam section that he had to put his finger in to keep it in place. So Rick was quite happy for the series to come to an end.   Still, a spin-off was created in 1985 called Fingermouse. Yoffi was dropped and this time Fingermouse was the center of attention.     Story  Yoffi was a storyteller that liked to use items that were lying around to help tell his story. So he used Fingermouse and his friends to help gather up the items, which wasn't always an easy task. Have you ever asked a sheep for its wool, or a bird for its feathers? It's not easy.   Each one of the scroungers would sing their own special song as they went out on the hunt for items.   Once all the items had been gathered, Yoffi would use his skills to arrange them, add drawings and create a living story. Such as the story about the boy and the feathered hat.   Fingerbobs Characters   Yoffi     (played by Rick Jones) As mentioned Yoffi was a storyteller, who seemed to wear the same turtlenecked sweater each episode. Maybe he was a bit lazy, but he would never collect any of the items himself, so was the brains of the operation, not the brawn.   His talent for arranging items into a living story is amazing and he should have joined Tony Hart or the Art Attack crew for future adventures.     Fingermouse     (voiced by Rick Jones) He was Yoffi's main helper and some will say the star of the show. As his name suggests, he was a mouse...a very quick and speedy mouse (he loved to sing about getting past cats with his famous body swerve). He is so persausive that he even got a headgehog to roll down a hill to help pick up all the feathers he wanted. Most hedgehogs would have said 'on your bike' and told him to pick them up himself.     Scampy     (voiced by Rick Jones) Scampy is another one of Yoffi's helpers. He gathers up items from under the sea (such as sponges) and around the beach areas. If things are taking too long to gather up, then he asks 'his girls' to gather them up, while he takes a rest (the lazy devil!).     Enoch     (voiced by Rick Jones) Another helper is Enoch, the woodpecker, who has a rather funny name for a woodpecker (sounds like - 'He Knock'). He is very good at organising things and not surprisingly he likes creating things out of wood. He even knocked up a four wheels to make a cart, to carry some pebbles Fingermouse had collected. But as soon as the cart needed loading, Enoch buzzed off leaving Fingermouse to load the cart all on his own (the cad!).     Gulliver     (voiced by Rick Jones) Not content with one bird, Yoffi conscripted another, Gulliver, and Italian seagull. When he takes off he loves to sing his song, but unlike most Italian singers, he's terrible! When he see an item for the story, he doesn't give up till he gets it. Such as the time he wanted a Peacock feather. He basically camped out until the Peacock gave him a feather (poor Peacock just wanted to be left in peace).     Flash     (voiced by Rick Jones) What a name for a tortoise and how useful he is when collecting items, as he can take his shell off to carry things. Flash is content to take his time with things and not rush. Once he left his shell off hoping to catch the feathers from the birds in the trees, but instead they used his shell as a nest and put feathers in it to get comfortable. As you can tell, they weren't happy when he asked for his shell back. Fingerbobs - That Cat Has Its Eye On You Fingerbobs - Yoffi And Fingermouse Fingerbobs - Gulliver Takes Flight Fingerbobs - Titles Fingerbobs Images (click to enlarge) Fingerbobs - The Birds Help Gulliver Fingerbobs - Enoch Helps Fingermouse Fingerbobs - Fingermouse Explores Fingerbobs - Yoffi Fingerbobs - Fingermouse Fingerbobs - Scampi Fingerbobs - Flash Fingerbobs - Enoch Fingerbobs T-Shirts - NONE Fingerbobs DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Fingerbobs DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Fingerbobs Video Intro Fingerbobs - Gulliver
Fingerbobs Episodes Series 1 (1972)  1. Bumpy  2. Stones  3. Feathers  4. Sounds  5. Wood  6. Shiny  7. String  8. Shadow  9. Shapes  10. Bricks  11. Paint  12. Seeds  13. House © Fingerbobs - DVDs
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