The Flumps Story The Flumps is a 70’s Children’s TV show, which followed the lives of the Flump Family, who were a family of round fluffy creatures. They lived in a strange house where Grandfather Flump would spend most of his time asleep, apart from trying to play a tune on the Flumpet (a strange Flump instrument related to a trumpet). Father Flump liked making things and Mother Flump would stay at home cooking and cleaning and looking after their 3 children - Posie, Perkin and Pootle.   These 3 were really the stars of the show, would mill about and play games. Posie was the only girl out of the three and she tried to use her head for most problems. Perkin was (as most boys are) the moody one of the bunch. He seemed to be upset with something most of the time. Pootle was the youngest boy (sorry Flump) of them all. He was always asking daft questions and being silly. The Flumps always wore something on their heads. Maybe they were bald? (apart from Posie, who wore a bow).   The Flumps - Perkin and Mother Flump The Flumps - Mother Flump Cleans The Flumps - Grandfather and Father Flump In The Garden The Flumps - Perkin Doesn't Like The Noise The Flumps - Titles The Flumps Images (click to enlarge) The Flumps - Playing Ball The Flumps - Grandfather Flump Playing The Flumpet The Flumps - Perkin Is In A Mood The Flumps T-Shirts - NONE The Flumps DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - The Flumps DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE The Flumps Video Intro
The Flumps Episodes Series 1 (1976)  1. Secrets  2. The Cloud  3. The Magnet  4. Get Your Skates On  5. Moon Shot  6. Balloons  7. Keep Fit  8. Something Different  9. Lend A Hand  10. Quiet Please  11. Grandfather's Birthday  12. What a Carrot!  13. Where's Grandfather The Flumps - Perkin Needs Cheering Up The Flumps - Posie Offers Some Advice The Flumps - Perkin's Under a Cloud The Flumps - Pootle Wants To Help The Flumps - Father Flump Helps The Flumps - Goodbye © The Flumps - DVDs
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