Fraggle Rock Fraggle Rock is an 80’s Children’s TV show, which was created by Jim Henson who had created the Muppets and the Muppets Show. There were 5 series made, consisting of a total of 96 episodes.     Story   Fraggles live in an underground cave, where they have fun and sing all day. Gobo is a Fraggle with many friends and he has an Uncle that likes exploring - Uncle Travelling Matt.  Most of the other Fraggles think he is a little mad, but he enjoys exploring.  One day he discovers something from Fraggle mythology - Outer Space, which is really a hole in a wall into on old lighthouse, where an old man and his dog, Sprocket, live.   Uncle Matt tells Gobo about Outer Space and announces that he is off to explore it.  But he gets Gobo to promise to pick up his postcards each week, from the mouth of Outer Space (the lighthouse room).  Gobo isn't too happy about this as there is a beast (Sprockett) in Outer Space, so he has his friends help him. So check out the stars of the show below :   Fraggle Rock Characters   Gobo Gobo is the leader of the group of friends and they all seem to listen to him.  They just couldn't believe Outer Space was real, so Gobo persuaded them to come with him and help him get Uncle Matt's Postcards.  He likes seeing the Trash Heap for Advice.     Red Red is the daredevil of the group and the most energetic, she never seems to stop for a rest.     Wembley Wembley is a Fraggle that just cant make his mind up.  He loves very bright shirts and cannot always say what he wants when he's excited - sometimes they have to turn him upside down, before he slows down and tells the other Fraggles what's bothering him.      Mokey She is the calming more spiritual Fraggle out of the group and always speaks softly.      Boober He's one of the most neurotic Fraggle you'll ever meet.  He's scared of every thing.  You know when he's scared, because he shakes in fear.  Oh, and you never see his eyes - he's got his hair over them and mostly wears a hat of some kind.      Uncle Travelling Matt Uncle Travelling Matt just loves exploring, he even found Outer Space (which is anything outside of Fraggle Rock).  He sends Postcards back to Gobo about the strange humans each week.     Junior Junior is the youngest Gorg.  He hates Fraggles and is always trying to catch them when they come through his garden.  He is son of the King and Queen Gorg's (self proclaimed) and lives is a small castle tower with his parents.     The Trash Heap If a Fraggle is in Trouble, then they go and see the all knowing, all seeing, Trash Heap for advice.  The Trash Heap has two little helpers that introduce her each time.  Most of the advice is given in the form of a song to the Fraggle in need.  The only problem is that the Fraggles have to go through the Gorg's garden to get to her.     Sprocket Sprocket is the dog that lives in the lighthouse.  He's not a bad dog, but he's not too keen on Fraggles and chases them around the room when he sees them.  He guards the hole in the wall, waiting for the Fraggles, but has been known to get stuck in the hole!     The Doozers The Doozers are small construction muppets that just build and build and build.  Towers, bridges, you name it, they build it.  The Fraggles don't mind them, as everything they build is edible - Yum Yum! Fraggle Rock - Fraggle Rock - Doozers At Work Fraggle Rock - Singing Fraggle Rock - Watch Out For The Gorgs Fraggle Rock - Titles Fraggle Rock Images (click to enlarge) Fraggle Rock - Gobo Singing Fraggle Rock - Gobo's Having Fun Fraggle Rock - The Gang Stare Into Outerspace Fraggle Rock - Gobo Fraggle Rock - Red Fraggle Rock - Wembley Fraggle Rock - The Trash Heap Fraggle Rock - Uncle Travelling Matt Fraggle Rock - The Doozers Fraggle Rock - Mokey Fraggle Rock T-Shirts Fraggle Rock DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Fraggle Rock DVDs Region 1 (USA) - Fraggle Rock DVDs Fraggle Rock Video Intro Fraggle Rock - Sprocket Fraggle Rock - Boober
Fraggle Rock Episodes Series 1 (1983)  1. Beginnings  2. Wembley and the Gorgs  3. Let the Water Run  4. You Can't Do That Without a Hat  5. The Thirty-Minute Work Week  6. The Preachification of Convincing John  7. I Want To Be You  8. The Terrible Tunnel  9. Treasure of the Fraggles  10. Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk  11. Catch the Tail by the Tiger  12. The Finger of Light  13. We Love You, Wembley  14. The Challenge  15. I Don't Care  16. Capture the Moon  17. Marooned  18. The Minstrels  19. The Great Radish Famine  20. The Garden Plot  21. Gobo's Discovery  22. Mokey's Funeral  23. The Beast of Bluerock  24. New Trash Heap in Town   Series 2 (1984)    1. Wembley's Egg  2. Boober Rock  3. The Trash Heap Moves  4. Red's Sea Monster  5. Uncle Matt Comes Home  6. Boober's Dream  7. Mokey and the Minstrels  8. All Work and All Play  9. Sir Hubris and the Gorgs  10. A Friend in Need  11. The Wizard of Fraggle Rock  12. Doozer Contest  13. Red's Club  14. The Secret of Convincing John  15. Manny's Land of Carpets  16. Junior Sells the Farm  17. Fraggle Wars  18. The Day the Music Died  19. Doomsday Soup  20. A Cave of One's Own  21. Wembley and the Great Race  22. Doozer Is as Doozer Does  23. Boober's Quiet Day  24. Invasion of the Toe Ticklers   Series 3 (1985)   1. The Bells of Fraggle Rock  2. Red Handed and Invisible Thief  3. Boober and the Glob  4. The Grapes of Generosity  5. Blanket of Snow, Blanket of Woe  6. Pebble Pox Blues  7. Home Is Where the Trash Is  8. Believe It or Not  9. Wembley and the Mean Genie  10. The Secret Society of Poohbahs  11. Beanbarrow, Burden, and Bouquet  12. Gobo's School for Explorers  13. Scared Silly  14. The Great Radish Caper  15. Born to Wander  16. The Battle of Leaking Roof  17. Playing Till It Hurts  18. Bored Stiff  19. The Cavern of Lost Dreams  20. The Incredible Shrinking Mokey  21. A Dark and Stormy Night  22. Gunge the Great and Glorious   Series 4 (1986)    1. Sprocket's Big Adventure  2. Wembley's Wonderful Whoopie Water  3. Sidebottom Blues  4. Uncle Matt's Discovery  5. Junior Faces the Music  6. A Tune for Two  7. The Perfect Blue Rollie  8. A Brush With Jealousy  9. Wembley's Flight  10. Red's Blue Dragon  11. Wonder Mountain  12. Space Frog Follies  13. Boober Gorg   Series 5 (1987)    1. Mirror, Mirror  2. The Riddle of Rhyming Rock  3. The Voice Inside  4. The Trial of Cotterpin Doozer  5. The River of Life  6. Beyond the Pond  7. Gone But Not Forgotten  8. Mokey, Then and Now  9. Ring Around the Rock  10. Inspector Red  11. The Gorg Who Would Be King  12. The Honk of Honks  13. Change of Address Fraggle Rock - Junior Fraggle Rock - Sprocket Chases Gobo Fraggle Rock - Sprocket Is Stuck Fraggle Rock - Queen Gorg Fraggle Rock - Gobo Tells Wembley Where He's Going Fraggle Rock - The Gang Singing Fraggle Rock - The Fraggles Are Excited Fraggle Rock - Wembley Is Tired Fraggle Rock - Uncle Travelling Matt Is Exploring Fraggle Rock - Wembley Is Tempted To Eat The Constructions Fraggle Rock - Wembley Has The Hiccups © Fraggle Rock - DVDs
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