Hatty Town Tales Hatty Town is a 60’s Children’s TV show, which was created by Keith Chatfield and the series was animated at Filmfair by Ivor Wood. Thirty-nine episodes were produced, each lasting 11 minutes. Story All the characters of Hatty Town lived in hat homes which reflected their personalities.  King Ethelbert's palace was a jewelled crown, Bobby's police station was a blue policeman's helmet and Mr Bun lived and worked in a large, white baker's The central characters, 'Sancho' and his best friend 'Carrots' the donkey, used a magic hat to journey around Hatty Town, where the Mayor, Mr Wimple attempted to control the goings-on. Hatty Town Tales Characters Sancho He is a boy who wears a large sombrero. He is a keen photographer, but gets very upset when Carrots keeps getting in the way. Also he does like to fish. He feels guilty doing nothing and always wants to be on the move. The trouble is he can be a bit too enthusiastic and suddenly he finds that he's taken on a job that is bigger than he can handle. Every so often he helps out Milko with his milk round. Once, he was surprised when Mr Wimple asked him to make a statue of him, as he'd never made one before. So as you can guess, Sancho made a mess of the Statue and just created a smaller block of stone. He came up with the excuse that he didn't have enough stone. He does come up with good ideas to help others, such as the time he filled Posty's old boots with soil and planted flowers in them. Then he sold them all and gave the money back to Posty to buy some new boots. Also Sancho has the job of waking up Carrots each morning, who then wakes Milko, who then wakes Bobby, who then wakes Mr Bun. Carrots He is Sanchos very special friend and is a donkey that wears a hat with a carrot dangling from it. But every once in a while he loses the carrot from his hat and when this happens he is bone idle and has no enthusiasm to do anything. He loves eating carrots (which is probably why he is called carrots) and thinks that everyone must love/eat carrots, as they make you healthy (he says they are good for colds too). He's not very good at fishing as he uses carrots as bait. His favourite thinking position is spreading his front legs out, his bottom in the air and putting his chin on the ground (maybe the blood rushes to his head?). He can be a bit slow on the uptake and only sees the big picture at the end. Sometimes he doesn't know what certain things are and feels shy in asking. This is because he doesn't want people to think he is stupid.   Milko He is the Milkman of Hatty Town. He seems to have issues with the people of Hatty Town not paying their milk bill.He likes to fish too. Just don't tell him a secret as he will tell everyone in the town! Such as the time when Sancho told him in secret that there was buried treasure in Bobby's vegetable garden. He told everyone and they all came to Bobby's garden to dig for it in the night. Shame that he was fooled by Sancho, who just wanted someone to dig the vegetable patch for him. But Sancho did help take over his milk round when he wanted a day off. Bobby He is the Policeman of Hatty Town. He spends all his free time gardening and growing some fantastic looking flowers. He likes to practice directing traffic, even if Hatty Town doesn't have much traffic!   King Ethelbert He is King of Hatty Land and lives in a Palace, which looks like a crown. He wanted a statue to be created of himself, but didn't realise that the Major wanted one of himself too. When Sancho messed up creating a statue, the King thought it was a base for the statue that he had commissioned. He wished to be an ordinary person for just one day, so Sancho suggested that he draped a cloak around him to disguise himself. He thought it was a great idea and so disguised himself and went wandering around Hatty Town. But when he couldn't pay for milk as he never carried money and when he was mistaken for a vagrant by Bobby, he became very upset and he decided that being the King wasn't such a bad thing. Mr Wimple He is the Major of Hatty Town. He is conceited and can be rather mean. Mr Wimple is always looking to do things on the cheap and even tries to get out of paying his milk bill. He even asked Sancho to make a statue of him, even though he'd never attempted to make one. He gets very upset if his breakfast rolls or milk is late. Simon He is a detective that is always looking for clues through his magnifying glass. He accepted the challenge to find Carrots missing carrot. But he got in trouble with Mr Bun as his investigations made him accidentally tip over a bag of flour and bag of currants. Simon had no idea of the trouble he was causing and he seems to be in a world of his own when investigating. Once he lost his magnifying glass and was lost without it. He is a little short sighted and cannot see very well without it. But it was Sancho that found out that Carrots had the magnifying glass, who was using it to make his carrots look big and juicy. Simon was so relieved when he got it back. Posty He is Hatty Town's Postman and delivers the post between 7am and Midday. The trouble is he keeps catching colds because his boots let in water, as he keeps wearing out a pair of boots every 2 months. Mr Bun He is the Baker of Hatty Town. He likes to fish with Sancho. Hatty Town Tales - Hello Sancho Hatty Town Tales - The Town Hatty Town Tales - Carrots and Sancho Hang Out The Washing Hatty Town Tales - Milko On His Round Hatty Town Tales - Exhibition1 Hatty Town Tales - Intro Hatty Town Tales Images (click to enlarge) Hatty Town Tales - Carrots Thinks Hatty Town Tales - Simon's House Hatty Town Tales - The King Meets Sancho and Carrots Hatty Town Tales - King Ethelbert Hatty Town Tales - Posty Hatty Town Tales - Sancho Hatty Town Tales - Carrots Hatty Town Tales - Mr Wimple Hatty Town Tales - Simon Hatty Town Tales - Mr Bun Hatty Town Tales T-Shirts - NONE Hatty Town Tales DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Hattytown Tales DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Hatty Town Tales Episodes Series 1 (1969) 1. Mr. Wimple's Breakfast Rolls 2. Bobby's Flower Garden 3. Carrot's Carrot 4. King Ethelbert 5. Milko's Day Off 6. Simon's Magnifying Glass 7. Going Fishing 8. The Statue 9. Sancho's Camera 10. Posty's Old Boots 11. You Cannot Please 12. Wash Day 13. The King's Portrait  Series 2 (1970)  1. Saving Time 2. Up and Away 3. Creatures of Outer Space 4. Almost Magic 5. The Pillar Box 6. The Royal Hattytown Guards 7. Friendship 8. The Picnic 9. The Cannon 10. Carrots for Mayor 11. Too Much of a Good Thing 12. Hiccup Buns 13. Bookworms  Series 3 (1970)  1. Bobby's Security Patrol 2. Mr. Bun the Master Baker 3. The Walking Pillar Box 4. The Fete 5. A Note for the Milkman 6. Sneezy Cheese 7. Mrs. Bagwash and the King 8. The Secret Tunnel 9. It Pays to Advertise 10. The Auction 11. The Telephone Box 12. A Taxi for Hire 13. Mustafer the Hedgehog Hatty Town Tales Video Intro Hatty Town Tales - Milko Hatty Town Tales - Bobby Hatty Town Tales - Exhibition2 Hatty Town Tales - Exhibition3 Hatty Town Tales - Exhibition4 Hatty Town Tales - Exhibition5
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