Heidi Heidi is a 70’s Children’s TV show based on the book that was written by Johanna Spyri back in 1880. The show was originally made by a number of television companies (in German) and was one of the many programmes at the time to be dubbed into English. But don't let that put you off, the dubbing might not be great, but the story and the acting make up for this. This version of Heidi is well remembered by most for its catchy theme tune, which was created by Siegfried Franz. Story Heidi is a little girl whose parents have died and who lives with her Aunt Dete. But one day Dete gets an offer of a job that is very hard to refuse, but it doesn't involve her looking after Heidi. So she takes Heidi on a train to the Swiss Alps to meet her Grandfather (Ohi), who lives up in the mountains like a hermit. Here Aunt Dete abandons poor Heidi in the company of her Grandfather to take up the job. Her Grandfather is an extremely grumpy man, but Heidi's charm and innocence wins him over and melts his frozen heart. Heidi is also pleased with the move as she dearly loves her Grandfather and loves living in the mountains. She has made friends with Goat Herder Peter and loves to be close to nature. But the villagers who live further down the mountain do not share Heidi's love for her Grandfather, instead they are frightened of him and fear for the child's safety. They are also concerned that she does not attend school.   But life starts to get complicated when Aunt Dete returns looking very presentable and with money, she argues with Heidi's Grandfather that Heidi shouldn't be there and that the villagers are concerned with the safety of Heidi. She then storms off with Heidi, and her poor Grandfather is left alone and despondent. His greatest friend has left him. Little did we know that Aunt Dete didn't really want to look after Heidi, but was instead asked to find a girl companion for a sick little girl called Clara Sesemann, who is wheelchair bound, and lives in Frankfurt. Once Heidi was dropped off at the Sesemann houshold, she came into contact with her greatest nemesis - Fraulein Rottenmeier. She is the governess of the household and rules the household with a rod of iron. When the country girl Heidi comes along, she sees her as simple and not good enough to be a companion for Clara. Everything Heidi does infuriates Fraulein Rottenmeier, but Clara loves her new friend and wishes for her to stay. While Heidi is there, she does start schooling via the private tutor that the Sesemann's use for Clara. But Heidi is a girl that is very sad. She loves her new friend Clara, but misses the mountains and her Grandfather, and dreams of going back. During her stay she becomes ill and it becomes apparent to Clara's Father, Herr Sesemann, that the only way to make Heidi better and mend her broken heart is to send her back to her Grandfather. Clara is distraught, but knows its the right thing to do. When she returns to the mountains, she find an unhappy Grandfather who is missing his Heidi. But as soon as he sees her, he cannot believe that she has returned and is overjoyed that his little Heidi is back with him. Later Clara comes to visit Heidi up in the mountains and even stays in the log cabin. Goat Peter starts to get jealous and he accidentally breaks Clara's wheelchair. But this is the push that Clara needs and with the encouragement of Heidi she starts to take her first steps in years. When Clara's Father and Grandmamma arrive to see her, they cannot believe what they are seeing and cannot stop hugging her. So they arrange that Heidi and Clara should meet up each year in the Mountains and in Frankfurt and continue their friendship. Heidi - Concerned Heidi - Grandfather Gets A New Lodger Heidi - Aunt Dete Drops Off Heidi Heidi - Herr Sesemann Greets Heidi Heidi - Intro Heidi Images (click to enlarge) Heidi - The Staff Discuss Heidi Heidi - In The Classroom With Clara Heidi - Grandfather Is Worried Heidi - Peter Herds The Goats Heidi T-Shirts - NONE Heidi DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Heidi DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Heidi Episodes Series 1 (1978) Heidi in the Mountains  1. The Village  2. Ohi Of The Alps  3. Peter The Goat Herder  4. The Grandmother  5. Winter  6. The Departure Heidi in Town  7. Arrival In Frankfurt  8. The Sesermann House  9. A Trip  10. Unrest In The Sesermann House  11. A Cabinet Full Of Rolls  12. Herr Sesermann  13. The Granmamma  14. Homesick  15. The Ghost Heidi Comes Home  16. The Journey Home  17. At Home Again  18. Surprises  19. The Reconciliation  20. The Old Doctor  21. A Visit From Frankfurt  22. In The Winter House  23. Clara Arrives  24. The Wheelchair  25. The Telegram  26. Happy Ending Heidi Video Intro Heidi - Fraulein Rottenmeier Plots Heidi - Clara Can Walk Heidi - Clara Stays At Grandfather's Heidi - Clara Gets Out Of The Wheelchair Heidi - Peter Feeds The Goats Heidi - Herr Sesemann and Grandmamma Visit Heidi - A Miracle For Clara Heidi - Peter And Heidi Chat Heidi - Teaching Heidi And Clara Heidi - Clara Walks On Her Own Heidi - Clara, Grandfather and Heidi Heidi - Grandfather And The Doctor Heidi - Fraulein Rottenmeier
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