Henry's Cat - Henry’s Cat Henry’s Cat is an 80’s Children’s TV cartoon that used the same animation techniques that were employed in another cartoon called Roobarb. Stan Hayward created Henry's Cat and the series was made by Bob Godfrey Films Ltd. As the series went on, the stories became longer and they changed to suit the American market. Not only that, but the style of the show changed. Gone were the white backgrounds and the rough and ready characters. They were replaced with a more colourful show, with extremely polished characters. Compare the 1st Series to the last, and you will really notice the difference.     There were 5 Series of Henry's Cat and the Title/End Sequences gradually changed. In Series 1, Henry's Cat was painting at the top of a ladder, but forgot about the can of paint when he was climbing down, which eventually falls and lands on his head. In Series 2 & 3, Henry's Cat tripped and knocked a table that had a jelly on it, which lands on him. But he didn't mind as he like the taste of jelly.     In Series 4, Henry's Cat tosses a pancake that then goes and lands on his head, followed by loads more of them. Also the unique theme tune was replaced by one of the cheesiest songs that I've ever heard. My advice is stay clear of listening to it! Not only that, but this series had numerous songs throughout it. I wonder if it was to sell the Henry's Cat CD that was out at the time? In Series 5, it starts with Henry's Cat and Chris Rabbit in a hot air balloon, but a bird lands on the balloon and bursts it. The poor guys are thrown all over the place! At the end of the show, you see that Pansy Pig has been tied to the railway tracks by the Evil Rum Baba. Luckily Henry's Cat becomes Super Cat and rescues Pansy Pig from oncoming train (+ ends up being tied up himself!). Story Each episode followed Henry's Cat on an adventure with his friends. We never met Henry, but his cat was so laid back that he was nearly on the floor! He's a Cat that likes to ponder about things in life. But too much thinking can get in the way of his hobby of eating and watching TV. His New Years resolutions include eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping etc. Plus he has to watch his back, as the Evil Rum Baba might be after him. Henry’s Cat Characters Henry’s Cat He loves to daydream about things he would like to do and tries to fulfil his fantasies, like joining a circus or flying a plane. He lives in a thatched cottage in the middle of the country. Once he accidentally joined the Foreign Legion when he was trying to buy an ice cream. Also in the past he got together with his friends and acted just like Robin Hood and his merry men. But as you can guess, all the people didn't like being robbed (especially Constable Bulldog on his day off). So they all got arrested, but were let off with a caution.     One thing I wouldn't recommend is stealing any food from him. A three headed dragon did this to him once and regretted it straight away! He stuck the teeth together of the first head, he made the second head dizzy and the third head was bombarded with bad jokes. The poor creature just couldn't take anymore (would you? as Henry's Cat's jokes are bad!). He even won a game show and became famous in the USA, where they produced thousands of Henry's Cat masks (it only happens to him!). Chris Rabbit Chris Rabbit is Henry's Cat's best friend and daftest one. He's a bit hyperactive and likes to run around like mad waving his arm and saying 'I've got it, I've got it' (whatever he's got, I don't want it!). He loves to comes up with ludicrous explanations for things, which as usual Henry's Cat believes. His hobby is looking for flying saucers and eating carrots (what a surprise). Not only that, he was a keen inventor. He is also the Bubble Gum Champion of the World.   Farmer Giles Farmer Giles is not a fan of Henry's Cat as he keeps disturbing his cows on his madcap adventures. He even had Henry's Cat put in prison for a week, for karate kicking his partly built cow shed down (what a naughty cat!). Rum Baba Rum Baba is Henry's Cat's arch rival and nemesis. This (German?) sheep is evil and is always trying to get one up on Henry's Cat. Luckily Henry's Cat always seems to turn the tables on Rum Baba and come out top.   Constable Bulldog He is always keeping an eye on Henry's Cat, who can cause mayhem and break the law when he acts out some of his fantasies. Farmer Giles is always asking him to arrest Henry's Cat. One of his hobbies is flower arranging. Sammy Snail Sammy is another friend of Henry's Cat, who accompanies him on his adventures. One of his hobbies is tightrope walking. Douglas Dog Douglas is another friend of Henry's Cat, who accompanies him on his adventures. Two of his hobbies are flying kites and travelling.   Ted Tortoise Ted is another friend of Henry's Cat, who accompanies him on his adventures. He is training to be a boxer. Denise Duck Denise is another friend of Henry's Cat, who accompanies him on his adventures. She enjoys water skiing. Pansy Pig Pansy is another friend of Henry's Cat, who accompanies him on his adventures. She loves Gymnastics. Philipe Frog Not sure what he likes :) Henry's Cat - Himself Henry's Cat - Circus Henry's Cat - Fired Out Of A Cannon Henry's Cat - A Monster Henry's Cat - Musical Henry's Cat - Titles Henry’s Cat Images (click to enlarge) Henry's Cat - Rum Baba Attacks Henry's Cat - Off To The Beach With Chris Rabbit Henry's Cat - Party Henry's Cat - The Gang Henry's Cat - Constable Bulldog Henry's Cat - Ted Tortoise Henry's Cat Henry's Cat - Chris Rabbit Henry's Cat - Sammy Snail Henry's Cat - Douglas Dog Henry's Cat - Denise Duck Henry's Cat - Philipe Frog Henry’s Cat T-Shirts - NONE Henry’s Cat DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Henry's Cat DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Henry’s Cat Episodes Series 1 (1983)   1. The Hobby  2. The Race  3. The Circus  4. The Competition  5. The Moon Trip  6. The Hypnotist  7. The Holiday  8. The Treasure  9. The Ill Wind  10. The Diet  11. The Fortune Teller  12. The Explorer  13. The Whale  14. The Invention  15. The Dream  16. The Robbery  17. The Christmas Dinner  18. The Film  19. The Disco Dance  20. The Artist  Series 2 (1984)  1. The Magic Tummy Button  2. The Secret Weapon  3. The New Years Resolution  4. The Good News Day  5. The Cat's Eye Kid  6. The Hot Day  7. The Merry Men And Women  8. The Actor  9. The Weatherman  10. The Invitation  11. The Ventriloquist  12. The Clever Trick  13. The Hero  14. Caveman Cat  15. The Abominable Snowman   Series 3 (1984)  1. The Treasure Hunt  2. The Day Of The Terrible Jokes  3. The Case Of The Pilfered Pearls  4. The Lost World  5. The Computer  6. The Correspondence Course   Series 4 (1984)  1. Out For The Count  2. Birthday Caper  3. Funny Feeling  4. Once Upon A Time  5. The Jingle  6. The Great Adventure   Series 5 (1984)   1. The Mystery of the Missing Santa  2. When Time Went Wrong  3. Valentine's Day  4. The New President Henry’s Cat Video Intro Henry's Cat - Farmer Giles Henry's Cat - Pansy Pig Henry's Cat - Rum Baba Henry's Cat - Watching TV
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