Huxley Pig Huxley Pig is a 80’s Children’s TV animated show, which was based on the character that appeared in books created by Rodney Peppe. Huxley and all other characters were voiced by Martin Jarvis. A total of 26 episodes were produced for FilmFair. Story Huxley Pig is a pig with a great imagination. He loves to dress up in costumes from his suitcase, and dreams that he is that person, such as the time he became was a clown. But Huxley wonders if it really was only a daydream, as at the end of each one he finds something that he could have only picked up if was real (such as a Circus Programme). He shares all his adventures with a Seagull called Sam, but watch out for a shifty hamster called Horace, who is always out make a quick buck (at the expense of Huxley). Huxley Pig Characters Huxley Pig Huxley loves to eat, but was put off it once. This was when Cuddles the dragon made him a Monster Burger and he wasn't impressed by the taste! He always keeps his lunchbox close to him. He seems to be hungry all the time. He is scared of heights, but when he was a clown, he was forced to do the high wire. Luckily he was a natural at it and he made it to the other side.   Huxley has a good sense of humour and loves to tell jokes. Also he can't swim, but he got so fed up with Horace keep pestering him to buy things on the beach that he thought it would be safer on a peddlo in the sea! He is excellent at Hula Hooping. Sam Sam is a seagull and is Huxley's friend. He loves to listen to Huxley's stories and can imagine he's there too. Sam can only talk in Huxley's dream.He did very well when he joined the circus, as he could jump through hoops and play the trumpet (even though it sounded terrible). He's very good at the sticky wine gum throwing act.   Horace Horace is a hamster, who always appears in Huxley's dreams. It seems that Horace is always economical with the truth, such as the time he didn't tell Huxley that the house he was looking at was haunted. Even though Horace might be a pirate or a salesman, Huxley always seems recognises him. Horace is always out to make money (be careful Huxley). He even makes up rules just to get more money out of poor Huxley, such as the time when he was at the beach. He can be a bit of a big head. At the circus he thought he was the star of the circus, with his act - 'Hurtling Horace, the star of the trampoline'. But in fact he was a bit rubbish and the crowd booed him. He wasn't too pleased when Huxley and Sam joined and did a better job than him. He tried to stop their!! Vile Vincent Vincent is a Vampire butler at a haunted house, that Huxley was thinking of renting. He lives there with his pet 'Cuddles', who is a green dragon / monster. He has a very droll sense of humour and loves to make grand entrances via a secret revolving door.   Cuddles Cuddles is the pet dragon / monster of Vile Vincent. He feeds him on Dreaded Wheat and Fangfurters. Cuddles has now become the cook at the haunted house they live at, since the last one left in a hurry (wonder why?). His speciality is Monster burgers (slugs, earwigs, caterpillars, beetles, woodlice, toad, mud and green slime sauce) and he was upset when Huxley didn't like the burgers. Cuddles likes playing games, such as swallow my leader. Watch out for Cuddles in the sea, as he loves to sleep under the water! I hope he remembers to come up for air! Sidney Sidney claimed that he was a harmless snake, because he hasn't any fangs. He proved it to the others by saying he bit himself yesterday and he was still around today. He wears a fez and likes doing snake dances. Sidney watched pirate Horace bury his treasure and told Huxley where to find it. He needed Huxley to dig it up, as he doesn't have any arms to help dig with. But when they opened the treasure chest, he told the others that he had fooled them and that he was poisonous! He said that the treasure was all his and he'd bite anyone who got near it. By accident Huxley ran into the nearby Palm Tree and a coconut fell and landed on Sidney's head and knocked him out. Huxley Pig - As A Sailor Huxley Pig - As A Clown Huxley Pig - Horace Balances Huxley Pig - Titles Huxley Pig Images (click to enlarge) Huxley Pig - Sidney Is Hungry Huxley Pig - Cuddles Has A Swim Huxley Pig - Himself Huxley Pig - Sam Huxley Pig - Horace Huxley Pig - Vile Vincent Huxley Pig - Cuddles Huxley Pig - Sidney Huxley Pig T-Shirts - NONE Huxley Pig DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Huxley Pig DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Huxley Pig Video Intro Huxley Pig And Sam Are Sailing
Huxley Pig Episodes Series 1 (1989)  1. Huxley Pig at the Circus  2. Huxley Pig in the Haunted House  3. Huxley Pig on the Desert Island  4. Huxley Pig at the Beach  5. Huxley Pig the Clown  6. Something Cooking, Huxley Pig  7. Huxley Pig and the Sea Monster  8. Huxley Pig Goes Flying  9. Huxley Pig Goes Camping  10. Huxley Pig and the Abominable Snowpig  11. Huxley Pig and the Burglar  12. Huxley Pig Makes a Film  13. Huxley Pig's "Cinderella"  14. Huxley Pig The Magician  15. Huxley Pig The Reporter  16. Stone-Age Huxley  17. Huxley Pig In Space  18. Huxley Pig Goes Fishing  19. Huxley Pig's Home Movie  20. Huxley Pig and The Smugglers  21. Huxley Pig The Desert Explorer  22. Huxley Pig The Decorator  23. Huxley Pig The Hairdresser  24. Huxley Pig Goes Skiing © Huxley Pig - DVDs
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