Iron Man Iron Man is a 60’s Children’s TV cartoon, which was made by the same people who made the Mighty Thor (if you can’t tell). The style and the simple animation were identical. Each story was split over 3 episodes and there was nearly always a cliff hanger in it, to keep you tuned into the programme.     Story  Tony Stark is a very successful business man and is head of Stark Industries, a weapons manufacturer. But Stark has enemies and they are out to get him, so he employs a mysterious body guard called Iron Man. This man is encased in an Iron suit of armour, which makes him extremely powerful and he can even fly using his rocket boots.   But Iron Man isn't really Tony Stark's bodyguard, in fact Tony Stark is Iron Man! He hasn't told anyone of this secret and now Iron Man has become a Superhero in the eyes of most people, but hated by others (mostly villains). So Stark has gone on a one man crusade to battle his enemies and protect the citizens of the USA from evil villains.   Iron Man Characters   Tony Stark / Iron Man Tony Stark inherited his fathers business at the age of 21 (Stark Industries) and made it into the world leading manufacturer of weapons. But he keeps an unusual secret, he leads a double life as a superhero called Iron Man (The Great Golden Avenger). He puts on a suit of armour that gives him super strength and allows him to fly. It's also very shiny, he must spend days polishing it.   His armour is made out of flexible iron and the whole of the suit can fit in his briefcase. But one thing confuses me, isn't the case too heavy to lift? Also, why does Iron Man fly like he is doing the splits, isn't it uncomfortable? When Iron Man is in trouble, does he panic or get worried? No, he calmly says how he is going to deal with the situation and does it. I'm surprised that none of the evil doers haven't overheard his mutterings and countered his plan. Oh well, maybe next time.   But Iron Man does have a weakness. The suit of Armour needs to be powered to allow Tony Stark to move it from inside. But the suit can only store a limited amount of power before it needs a recharge (he even has a plug socket attached to him!). Also Stark is not a well man and he uses the Iron Man technology to keep himself alive. You see he has a heart complaint after a previous battle and the chest plate keeps his heart going.     Pepper Potts Pepper is Tony Stark's Secretary and she is always jumping to the wrong conclusions. One moment, Iron Man can't be trusted, the next thing she is putting her life in his hands. She even questioned the loyalty of Tony Stark and said he didn't care. I'm sure she will change her mind again soon.     Happy Hogan Happy Hogan is Pepper's boyfriend and also works for Stark Industries. He too is suspicious of Iron Man, but he eventually worked out the Tony Stark and Iron Man were the same person. He even rushed back to get a vital part for Iron Man, so that he could beat Titanium Man. But Happy got too close to the battle and was hit by a molecule changing ray. Stark thought he was dead, but luckily he pulled through because the ray only works on metal.     The Mandarin The Mandarin is the most evil genius in the orient and he uses electronic devices (in the form of rings) to attack people and control larger machinery. These rings of power were stolen from a spaceship, which they powered. He has one of the worst fake Chinese accents that I have ever heard and should be ashamed of himself for using it. If all his electronic devices fail him, then he resorts to karate and tries to dish out a fatal blow (he's quite good, if I say so myself). Also, like all baddies, he cannot stop talking while doing battle and mentioning how great he is. If he carries on like this, he'll never fit his head through the door.     The Moleman The Moleman is a dangerous character that has a grudge against anything that lives above ground. He even started to pull buildings underground from the surface! But he doesn't want to live in any of them and instead wants to rule the surface world and subterrania. He has a legion of molemen to carry out this threat, but they aren't very bright, such as the time they were having trouble getting in a locked building. Most people would have broken a window to get in, but not them! Titanium Man  Colonel Buldar runs a prison camp in the soviet union and wants to be famous. So he gather the best scientists in the camp to build him a similar suit to Iron Man, but instead it would be made from Titanium, a stronger metal. So what does he call himself when he's in the suit? I'm sure you would have guessed it - Titanium Man (can you believe it).   Iron Man - Iron Man T-Shirts - Iron Man T-Shirts Iron Man DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Iron Man - Complete Series Region 1 (USA) - NONE Iron Man Video Intro Iron Man - A Short Cut To The Mandarin
Iron Man Episodes Series 1 (1966)  1-1. Double Disaster  1-2. Enter Happy Hogan  1-3. Of Ice And Men  2-1. The Death Of Tony Stark  2-2. The Hands Of the Mandarin  2-3. The Origin Of The Mandarin  3-1. Ultimo  3-2. Ultimo Lives  3-3. Crescendo  4-1. The Mandarin's Revenge  4-2. The Mandarin's Death Ray  4-3. No One Escapes The Mandarin  5-1. Crimson Dynamo  5-2. The Crimson Dynamo Strikes  5-3. Captured  6-1. Enter Hawkeye  6-2. So Spins The Web  6-3. Triple Jeopardy  7-1. If I Die, Let It Be With Honor  7-2. Fight On, For A World Is Watching  7-3. What Price Victory?  8-1. The Moleman Strikes  8-2. The Dragon Of Flames  8-3. Decision Under The Earth  9-1. The Other Iron Man  9-2. Death Duel  9-3. Into The Jaws Of The Death  10-1. Cliffs Of Doom  10-2. The False Captain America  10-3. The Unmasking  11-1. My Life For Yours  11-2. Black Night's Gambit  11-3. Menace Of The Monster  12-1. Dream Master  12-2. If A Man Be Mad  12-3. Duel In Space  13-1. The Beauty And The Armor  13-2. Peril In Space  13-3. As A City Watches Iron Man - Tony Stark Is Iron Man Iron Man - Pepper Iron Man - Happy Hogan Iron Man - The Mandarin Iron Man - The Moleman Iron Man - Titanium Man Iron Man - Intro Iron Man - Unique Flying Style Iron Man - All Tied Up Iron Man - Breaks His Bonds Iron Man - What Was That? Iron Man - The Mole Man And His Army Iron Man - Is Down But Not Out Iron Man - Colonel Buldar Iron Man - Closes In On Titanium Man Iron Man - Tony Stark Flirts Iron Man - Ready For Action Iron Man - More Baddies Iron Man - Titles 2 Iron Man - Another Robot To Take Down Iron Man Images (click to enlarge) Iron Man - Tony Stark Talks To The Military Iron Man - Tony Stark Invents © Iron Man - DVDs Iron Man - T-Shirts
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