Joe 90 Story  Joe 90 is a 60’s Children’s TV puppet show. Professor McClaine (Mac) has invented quite an unusual machine, a machine that can record brain patterns and transfer those patterns into someone else, thus giving a person the same knowledge as the original person. This machine is called Big Rat (Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record and Transfer).   Helping to perfect this process was Joe, the adopted son of Professor McClaine. The brain patterns are collected via electrodes or an antenna then transmitting them remotely to Mac's laboratory and into Big Rat. Here Joe would sit in a machine, next to Big Rat, with electrodes attached to his head and the machine swirling around him, with the brain patterns being fed into his brain. Once finished, Joe knew everything that the original person knew. But there was a limitation, once Joe was disconnected from the electrodes, the knowledge started drifting away. So Mac came up with a way round this, a special set of spectacles with electrodes built into them. This would enable Joe to go anywhere and continue to use the knowledge he had gained.   Mac showed his work to a friend of his, Uncle Sam. He thought that the machine was fantastic and spoke to his superiors about it, The World Intelligence Network (WIN) immediately agreed to buy the machine, claiming to use it to maintain world peace. There was one condition, they wanted to use Joe as their secret agent to utilise the technology. Joe became their youngest agent. Joe 90 Characters Joe McClaine     (voiced by Len Jones) Joe was orphaned when he was young and was adopted by Mac.   He was recruited to work for WIN as their 'Most Special Agent', after demonstrating the potential of Big Rat. The reason why he was chosen, is because they believe no one would suspect a child as being an agent. He is agent number 90, hence being called Joe 90.   Whilst on a mission, Joe carries: 1) Glasses with electrodes, to enable Joe to become another person 2) A briefcase to store his gadgets 3) A specially made pistol that is smaller and lighter than normal guns. It also has the capacity to store 200 rounds. 4) A portable transmitter to talk to base 5) A WIN badge, which says 'Most Special Agent'   Ian ‘Mac’ McClaine     (voiced by Rupert Davies) He is the inventor of many things, including Big Rat and a flying car that he uses. He lives in an old cottage in England, but you wouldn’t know that buried underneath it is his high tech laboratory. Mac has spent a lot of time and effort perfecting Big Rat and has used Joe as his guinea pig.   Once he'd completed Big Rat, his first question to his friend, Uncle Sam, was 'how much is it worth'? He wasn’t impressed when Mr Weston (Uncle Sam’s boss) said that they wanted to use Joe on their secret missions. He argued that he was just a boy and shouldn’t be put into dangerous situations that they were talking about (even though Joe wanted to do it). ‘Uncle Sam’ Loover     (voiced by Keith Alexander) He is a friend of Mac's and works for WIN, who are an agency that try to maintain world peace. He is American (not surprisingly with that name) and lives in the UK. Once he saw Big Rat, he knew that WIN must own it and no other organisation must have it. He asked Mac to give him 12 hours in order to discuss the invention with his superiors, and to agree that he has the first option on the technology. Once he spoke to them, they agreed that it was a fantastic machine that they should own, and made him an offer that he couldn't refuse.   Joe 90 - In The Chair Joe 90 T-Shirts - NONE Joe 90 DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Joe 90 DVDs Region 1 (USA) - Joe 90 DVDs On Demand (USA) - Joe 90 Video on Demand Joe 90 Video Intro
Joe 90 Episodes Series 1 (1968)  1. The Most Special Agent 2. Hi-Jacked 3. Splashdown 4. Operation McClaine 5. Three's a Crowd 6. International Concerto 7. Big Fish 8. The Unorthodox Shepherd 9. Relative Danger 10. Business Holiday 11. King For A Day 12. Double Agent 13. Most Special Astronaut 14. Arctic Adventure 15. The Fortress 16. Colonel McClaine 17. Project 90 18. The Race 19. The Professional 20. Lone Handed 90 21. Attack of the Tiger 22. Talkdown 23. Breakout 24. Mission X-41 25. Test Flight 26. Child of the Sun God 27. Trial At Sea 28. Viva Cordova 29. See You Down There 30. The Birthday Joe 90 - Titles Joe 90 - Big Rat Joe 90 - Start The Machine Joe 90 - The Transfer Of Knowledge Begins Joe 90 - Uncle Sam Joe 90 - WIN Most Special Agent Joe 90 - Joe On A Mission Joe 90 - The Flying Car Joe 90 - Blasts A Path Joe 90 - He's Dropped His Special Glasses Joe 90 - 21st Century Productions Joe 90 - Sam and Mac Joe 90 - In Action Joe 90 - About To Fly Joe 90 - Behind Bars Joe 90 - Credits 1 Joe 90 Images (click to enlarge) Joe 90 - Joe Goes Into The Machine Joe 90 - Are You Ready Joe? Joe 90 - Joe McClaine © Joe 90 - DVDs Joe 90 - Ian 'Mac' McClaine Joe 90 - 'Uncle Sam' Loover Joe 90 - Credits 2
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