Justice League Unlimited Story  Justice League Unlimited is a 00’s Children’s TV cartoon. Superman had seen that the Earth was in constant danger from Aliens, Super Villains etc. so he proposed creating the Justice League, a group of Superheroes to defend the planet. The Justice League consists of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Supergirl, J'onn J'onzz (coordinator), Captain Atom and many more. Their base is a space station that orbits the planet Earth. Here J’onn co-ordinates the Superheroes and arranges them into teams for each mission. The teams can be beamed down (a la Star Trek) or take one of their many vehicles down to the surface.     Superman     (voiced by George Newbern) He comes from the doomed planet Krypton, which exploded when he was a boy (where he was known as Kal-El). On Earth he has fantastic powers and can fly. But when he isn't being Superman, then he lives his life as his alter ego Clark Kent. Once, he was found by Batman and Wonder Woman with a plant growing out of his chest. He was totally disabled and in a dream like state, where the plant gave him a vision of everything that his heart could desire. What Superman wanted more than anything was a family and he wasn't too pleased when he was shown what he was missing in life. When he was freed, he went after the person who gave him the plant...Mongol. In the past he was brainwashed into attacking the people of Earth.   Justice League Unlimited Characters Batman     (voiced by Kevin Conroy) Normally he works alone, so its a surprise that Batman has joined the Justice League. His real name is Bruce Wayne and he’s in charge of Wayne Industries. He is quite a moody person and someone you don't want to get on the wrong side of. Plus he’s not got a sense of humour, so don’t tell him a joke.     Wonder Woman     (voiced by Susan Eisenberg) Her name is Diana and she is the Princess of a society of Immortal Warriors. She has superhuman strength, can fly and is extremely agile, which is very useful when engaged in battle. She can use her wrist bands to deflect bullets and can use the Lasso of Truth to force anyone caught in it to tell the truth. Diana also has at her disposal the ‘Invisible Plane’, which she uses for long distances or covert missions. It is unknown whether she is the girlfriend of Batman, there is certainly some chemistry between the two of them. She also has a fiery temper.      J'onn J'onzz     (voiced by Carl Lumbly) He is a Martian who co-ordinates the Justice League from the orbiting space station. He isn’t big on humour and doesn’t posses the ability to dream.     Lex Luthor     (voiced Clancy Brown) He is a supervillian who wasn't happy when Superman first appeared, as he kept thwarting nearly all his schemes. So he made it his life's ambition to kill Superman. But after an accident he contracted cancer, which was brought on by Kryptonite. So he began to wear a device that might prolong his life for another 30 years or 30 minutes. Because of this he said that he wanted his remaining time to have meaning and to make a positive impact on the world.     The Question     (voiced by Jeffrey Combs) He is a man with no face (literally). He believes that there is a single ongoing conspiracy going back through the ages, run by a cabal of powerful individuals who direct the course of history. He says that the common man likes to believe that these conspiracies don't exist. Most of the things he comes across aren't conspiracies, but once in a while he finds a real one. Such as the one where the government cloned Supergirl to protect themselves against rogue superheroes.   To backup his theories he goes through the rubbish of people to find evidence and even the rubbish of the Justice League!     Green Arrow     (voiced by Kin Shriner) He is an expert archer with a difference. The difference is that he has special arrows, such as explosive ones, nets, gas, lines etc. He is super fit, but resists joining the Justice League as he feels that it doesn't look out for the common people. Obviously the other Justice League members try to show him that isn't so, but he's not convinced. His attitude changes slightly when the Justice League take a detour while dropping him off. He finds that an enormous nuclear powered robot has gone out of control and is destroying everything and is venting radiation. The robot was built to repel foreigners from a certain country's boarders, but it went horribly wrong. So he joins forces with the Green Lantern, Captain Atom and Supergirl to combat this menace. Eventually, after the others have fallen in battle, he stops the robot by shooting a plutonium rod into its chest panel. At this point he starts to understand that team work can bring down bigger enemies, but still feels he does not fit in. He has more incentive to join when he spots a beautiful woman on the Justice League's space station.     Green Lantern     (voiced by Phil LaMarr) His real name is John Stuart and he is part of the Green Lantern Corps, which is a military organisation that is dedicated to the protection of the galaxy. He is a guy with attitude and gets very annoyed when Green Arrow turns down membership to the Justice League. He cannot understand why anyone would do this! He has some great abilities which draws power from the ring he wears. Such as flying, moving objects with energy from the ring and conjuring up force fields. But these force fields can shatter when under extreme pressure, such as pressure from the nuclear robot. When this happened he was in hospital for a while.     Captain Atom     (voiced by George Eads /  Chris Cox) He has to wear a containment suit to keep himself together as he no longer has a physical body and is instead made up of floating atoms, which is why he needs the suit to keep them together. He has the ability to drain/absorb atomic energy, but there is a limit to how much he can take. If his suit is damaged then you need to get as far away from him as possible, as he will explode sending his atoms flying. Luckily for him, the Justice League are geared up for this eventuality as they have a team that suck up his atoms and pump them back into a new suit (hopefully not losing many atoms in the process).     Supergirl     (voiced by Nicholle Tom) She is a teenager with attitude and is the cousin of Superman. She is strong and can also shoot laser bolts from her eyes. She has been waiting for ages to be sent on a mission, but this seems to be down to some of the others being worried about her lack of experience. When she did go on a mission some of their fears were realised, as she was headstrong, unprofessional and reckless (so said the Green Lantern). She seems to rush into situations without thinking, so potentially endangering other members of her team. But it sounds worse than it really is, as she does lay her life on the line and does contribute to the team. She was injured in the past when she defended the Earth from Superman (when he was brainwashed) and was rushed to Starr Labs to take care of her injuries (she was in a coma). During this time, unknown to her, she was cloned.     Galatea     (voiced by Nicholle Tom) She is a clone of Super Girl who was made by the US Army as a defence against rogue Superheroes / Supervillians, after the episode where Superman ran amok. She was accelerated into a woman and was trained to be smarter and faster than the original Supergirl, who had no knowledge of this clone. Also she did many horrible things under the guidance of the army.   This started to change when both the clone and the original Supergirl started to share their dreams. Galatea didn't like this, as Supergirl was starting to give her a conscience for all the terrible things she had done. So she hatched a plan to kill the original Supergirl, but her plans didn't go well. For a start she was having second thoughts about killing Supergirl and when the original tried to find out who had created her then the army stepped in and blasted Galatea into ashes. Or, that's what they wanted Supergirl to think (she was being put back together by the army).     Mongol     (voiced by Eric Roberts) He was humiliated by Superman in the past, so has been looking for a way to get back at him. He cleverly sent Superman a gift for his birthday, which was a Black Mercy Plant, which incapacitated him and started to grow out of his costume/chest. He thinks that all humans and Superheroes are inferior than him and lack intelligence. He felt that Superman was his only person to stand in his way of being the ruler of Earth.     Ares     (voiced by Michael York) He is a god who likes to see chaos on Earth. To aid him in his quest, he asked his brother Efestus (who made Wonder Woman's armour) to build him an indestructible suit of armour. He called it the Annihilator and made it heartless, which would feed on the rage and misery of humans. Ares also has the ability to take any form he desires which helps him progress his terrible plans.     Amazo     (voiced by Robert Picardo) He is an Android who was made by Professor Ivo. He evolved to a level where no one on Earth could offer anything to himself, so he left. He can even use telepathy to communicate with others. On his return to Earth he destroyed the Green Lantern Corps and the planet Oa, when they tried to defend themselves. He then smashed through all of the Earth’s defences, including the Justice League. All this in order to get at Lex Luthor, the one person who had previous taken advantage of him. Instead of destroying Luthor, he wanted to ask him why he continued his quest for more power, when he had already got more power than he could use. But the main thing he wanted was to get Luthor to tell him what his own purpose in life was. The advice to this question was to observe evolution and make your own destiny. It was then we found out that the Amazo hadn't destroyed the Green Lantern Corps, and the planet Oa had only temporarily been moved to an alternate dimension. Dr Fate offered to help him on his journey to search for meaning. Amazo accepted his offer.     The Atom     (voiced by John C. McGinley) He is a an expert in nano technology and can shrink himself to the size of an atom, including others and items that touch him.     Circe     (voiced by Rachel York) She is a goddess who was banished to the pits of Tarturus by Wonder Woman's mother (Hipolita), because she used to turn innocent people into animals. When she was let out, she had to promise not to go after Hipolita, so instead she went after her daughter, Wonder Woman, and turned her into a pig. Circe had always wanted to headline at the Amp theatre, as she was jealous of her cousins the sirens who sang there. Batman tracked her down to the theatre and had to make a bargain with her to release the spell from Wonder Woman if he sang on stage with her. Surprisingly he agreed to these terms!   Mordred     (voiced by Soren Fulton) He is the son of Morgaine Le Fey, who is a great sorceress. She had been using her powers to keep her son forever young and had great plans for him to become a powerful person. But he seized power sooner than she thought by taking the Amulet of 1st Magic. It enabled him to banish anyone older than himself to an alternate dimension.   Mordred proclaimed himself ruler of Earth and all children. The only way the Justice League could fight back was to get Morgaine Le Fey to transform Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern into younger versions of themselves. Once this happened then they were younger than Mordred and reappeared on Earth. Mordred was beginning to get bored of his new status, but sprang to life when he saw that some members of the Justice League had returned. He conjured up monsters to defeat them, but in a twist, they tricked him into turning himself into an adult which meant his spell was broken. This wasn't the only spell that was broken, the one to keep him forever young was broken and he became an old man and his mother looked after him.   Booster Gold     (voiced by Tom Everett Scott) He is from the future (2462 AD) and his motto is ‘Protecting his past, to ensure your future’. He is accompanied by his electronic pal, Skeets, who idolises him. But Skeets is the only one who does, as no one else believes in Booster Gold, especially people from the Justice League. This is due to his obsession with fame and fortune. It’s this attitude that keeps him on the sidelines in the Justice League, who even put in charge of crowd control. The public even mistake him for the Green Lantern, which annoys him. Its during crowd control that he reflects on his life and why he isn’t trusted, and gets despondent. It is then that he accidentally finds himself in a real situation, when he rescues Dr Tracy Simmons from an explosion. She explains that an alternate energy source has been let loose which could destroy all worlds. That an artificial black hole is being generated from her colleague, Dr Brown, which is sucking everything into it. Booster Gold is on is own and he decides to help. But while trying to put an inhibitor on Dr Brown, everything conspires to stop him, he even helps deliver a baby on the way.. His friend Skeets is destroyed on the journey and he begins to doubt his Superhero talents. He confides that he was a failure in the future and came to the past for a new beginning. But Tracy believes in him and motivates him to complete his mission and he successfully manages to put the inhibitor collar on Dr Brown. Everything that Dr Brown had consumed or destroyed was returned unscathed, including Skeets. Booster Gold learnt humility and no one saw what a hero he really was, but he didn’t care he got the girl (Tracy). Justice League Unlimited - Superman's Angry Justice League Unlimited T-Shirts - NONE Justice League Unlimited DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - Justice League      Unlimited DVDs Justice League Unlimited Video Intro
Justice League Unlimited Episodes Series 1 (2005)   1. Initiation  2. For the Man Who Has Everything  3. Hawk and Dove  4. Fearful Symmetry  5. Kid's Stuff  6. This Little Piggy  7. The Return  8. The Greatest Story Never Told  9. Ultimatum  10. Dark Heart  11. Wake the Dead  12. The Once and Future Thing - Part 1           (Weird Western Tales)  13. The Once and Future Thing - Part 2           (Time Warped) Series 2 (2005)   1. The Cat and the Canary  2. The Ties That Bind  3. Doomsday Sanction  4. Task Force X  5. The Balance  6. Double Date  7. Clash  8. Question Authority  9. Hunter's Moon  10. Flashpoint  11. Panic in the Sky  12. Divided We Fall  13. Epilogue Series 3 (2005)   1. I Am Legion  2. Shadow of the Hawk  3. Chaos at the Earth's Core  4. To Another Shore  5. Flash and Substance  6. Dead Reckoning  7. Patriot Act  8. The Great Brain Robbery  9. Grudge Match  10. Far From Home  11. Ancient History  12. Alive! - Part 1  13. Destroyer - Part 2 Justice League Unlimited - The Team Justice League Unlimited - Captain Atom Attacks Justice League Unlimited - Green Arrow Prepares To Strike Justice League Unlimited - Green Arrow Is Distracted Justice League Unlimited - Wonder Woman And Batman Justice League Unlimited - Superman Disabled Justice League Unlimited - Supergirl To The Rescue Justice League Unlimited - Galatea Looks Hot Justice League Unlimited - Galatea and Supergirl Faceoff Justice League Unlimited - Supergirl Is Down Justice League Unlimited - Intro Justice League Unlimited - Amazo Finds Lex Luthor Justice League Unlimited - Mordred And Morgaine Le Fey Justice League Unlimited - A Grown Up Mordred Justice League Unlimited - The Question Investigates Justice League Unlimited - Green Lantern Corps Justice League Unlimited Images (click to enlarge) Justice League Unlimited - Robot Attacks Justice League Unlimited - The Green Lantern In The Line Of Fire Justice League Unlimited - Batman Justice League Unlimited - Lex Luthor Justice League Unlimited - The Question © JedisParadise.com Justice League Unlimited - DVDs Justice League Unlimited - Wonder Woman Justice League Unlimited - J'onn J'onzz Justice League Unlimited - Green Arrow Justice League Unlimited - Green Lantern Justice League Unlimited - Captain Arrow Justice League Unlimited - Supergirl Justice League Unlimited - Galatea Justice League Unlimited - Mongol Justice League Unlimited - Ares Justice League Unlimited - Amazo Justice League Unlimited - The Atom Justice League Unlimited - Circe Justice League Unlimited - Mordred Justice League Unlimited - Superman Justice League Unlimited - Determined Supergirl Justice League Unlimited - Booster Gold
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