The Little Green Man The Little Green Man is an 80’s Children’s TV cartoon written, produced and directed by Matthew Smith (click to see out interview with Matthew and our interview with his son Steve). It was made by Pentagon Motion Pictures in association with Central TV. It was narrated by the unmistakable voice of Jon Pertwee. Only one series of 13 episodes were made.     Story  One night Sydney Keets was looking out of his window, when to his surprise he spotted a flashing spaceship in the distance. And do you know what, it landed in his back garden! The Little Green Man (Greenie) and a flashing yellow thing (Zoom Zoom) appeared from the spaceship. He introduced himself to the boy and told him that he had come to meet him.   He made his spaceship invisible, so not to attract attention from Skeet's neighbours and decided to stay a while, with his new friend. That's not the only thing that can turn invisible, as Greenie and Zoom Zoom are invisible to everyone else, plus they can't hear them either (unless they decide to become visible). At the end of each adventure, Greenie gets himself into difficulty (normally falling off something) and says 'Well, Really!".   The Little Green Man Characters   Sydney Keets Sydney is know to his friends as Skeets. I'm a bit worried about Skeets, as he seems to have been left 'home alone', have you seen his parents? (his mother did leave him some food once, but I still haven't seen her!) Luckily for him, Greenie and Zoom Zoom keep him company.   He likes to show Greenie and Zoom Zoom around and take them to as many places he can. He must have lots of money stashed away, as he's always paying to visit things, such as football matches and zoos. But he doesn't have to pay for Greenie and Zoom Zoom, as no one else can see them. Both Greenie and Zoom Zoom seem to love all the places Skeets takes them and they all have fun along the way.   Once, Skeets reminded Greenie that he had promised to take him on a trip in his spaceship, so true to his word, he did. They went to the White Planet, where the White King plants Jam Tarts, so that Jam Trees can grow. They use the Jam to keep everyone well, so it's very important. When they got there, they found out someone had stolen all the Jam Tarts, so everyone on the planet was feeling ill. So Skeets came up with a plan to catch the thief (he's good at that you know). He set a trap by saying that a fresh supply of Jam Tarts had arrived.   He thought it would be easy for Skeets and Zoom Zoom to catch the thief, as they can become invisible. But on the White Planet, they had no powers and instead Skeets did. So Skeets made himself invisible and waited for the thief. They eventually found out it was the Grand Master Robot, who wanted to takeover the Planet and become King. So they put an end to that plan.     The Little Green Man Greenie (as he is know) is invisible to nearly everyone, apart from Skeets. Even if you can hear him speak, it sounds like gibberish, but luckily Skeets is able to understand him perfectly. His name is quite apt, as he has green skin (like all good aliens) and wears green clothes. I think he needs to go on a bit of a diet as he is...ahem...quite rotund.   He is very good at talking to animals, as they seem to be able to understand him. When needed, 2 antennae can appear out of his head and crackling Magic Rays come from them to help him out with a problem. He is a kind alien and will help anyone that is in trouble.     Zoom Zoom He is Greenie's friend that accompanies him on all his journeys. He looks like a miniature floating sun and is also invisible to nearly everyone, apart from Skeets. He can even grow arms if he wants and can turn into a number of different shapes. He needs to use glasses to read.       The Little Green Man And Zoom Zoom The Little Geen Man T-Shirts - NONE The Little Green Man DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE The Little Green Man Video Intro The Little Green Man And Skeets
Episodes Series 1 (1985)  1. The Visitor from Space  2. There's No Fun Like Snow Fun  3. Up Up and Away  4. Greenie Thro' the Looking Glass  5. Help for the Duke  6. Monkey Tricks  7. Skeets' Scarf  8. A Trip to the Circus  9. An Adventure in Space  10. A Fishy Tale  11. A Bicycle Made for Three  12. ?  13. ? The Little Green Man - Skeets Is Bored The Little Green Man - Skeets Can't Believe His Eyes The Little Green Man with Skeets And Zoom Zoom The Little Green Man - Funny Faces The Little Green Man - What Can They Hear The Little Green Man - Chimps Tea Party The Little Green Man - The Strong Man The Little Green Man - Front Row Seats The Little Green Man - Uses His Powers The Little Green Man - In His Space Ship The Little Green Man - Intro The Little Green Man - Arrested Thief The Little Green Man - One Big Party The Little Green Man - On Your Bike The Little Green Man - A Friendly Robot The Little Green Man - Likes Birds The Little Green Man Images (click to enlarge) The Little Green Man - Its A Man From Outer Space The Little Green Man And Zoom Zoom Say Hello The Little Green Man - Sydney Keets The Little Green Man - Himself The Little Green Man - Zoom Zoom ©
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