Max and Ruby Max and Ruby is a 00’s Children’s TV cartoon based on the books by Rosemary Wells. It was made in Canada by Nelvana. There was a Canadian voice track to this show, but when it hit the shores of the UK, Nickelodeon UK decided that they needed the voices to be re-recorded using English accents, for that market.     Story  Max and Ruby are two bunnies who are brother and sister. They live in a lovely house, but one thing seems to be missing from it - their parents. It's worrying as they seem to be 'Home Alone' all the time. Be careful Mr and Mrs Bunny, or your children could be taken into care! Max is 3.5 years old and is a cheeky scamp who loves to play, but his older (7 year old) sister wants to play with her friends, which upsets Max, as he wants to join in.   Max and Ruby Characters   Max    (voiced by Billy Rosemburg) Max is a young bunny that doesn't say many words, but what he lacks in words, he makes up in actions. He just never stops. Anything Max likes to do seems to be off limits according to Ruby. Each time Ruby asks (or is it tells) him to do something, he looks reluctant to carry it out and drags his feet. But as soon as Ruby's back is turned, Max develops a cheeky little grin and does the opposite of what she said. Ruby could tell him 10 times not to do something and guess what, yes he would still do it.   Max isn't very good at sneaking around, as Ruby spots he's up to mischief and stops him most times. But he is such a persistent bunny, that he keeps trying until he succeeds. He loves making mess, which infuriates Ruby, as she prefers everything to be neat and tidy. So while she is making everything tidy, he is undoing all her good work. Not only that, but he has some of the coolest toys around and they have great names, like the 'Ear Splitter Rocket'. These toys zoom around on the floor or in the air, but they make the loudest noises you could imagine and are great fun.   Max really does want to play with his sister and will try anything to get this to happen, but Ruby never understands this and is always trying to get him to play with his own toys and to leave her alone with her friends. Max's luck always seems to be in, as when he does do the opposite of what Ruby says, then it always seems to be the right thing. He is into earthy creatures and keeps an ant farm under his bed, plus he loves to earth worm cakes, which is made up of soil and lots of worms.   He likes listening to the radio and his favourite programme is 'Super Bunny'. So he tries to re- enact the show, with him playing the lead role of Super Bunny. He dons a cape and zooms around the house and garden saving things. Mostly this consists of Max chasing after his wind up toys and steering them away from things. Once he got Ruby to pick most of the apples from the apple tree. Ruby couldn't understand why he wanted more and more apples. Eventually he let her in on the secret, he wanted her to bake him an apple pie. Crafty Max! Max can have trouble getting to sleep if he doesn't have his Rubber Elephant with him. The last time he didn't have it, he turned his room upside down looking for it, to the annoyance of Ruby, as she was trying to get some sleep.   Some of Max's toys are called: Rock Crusher Dump Truck / Deep Diver Submarine Wonder Bubbles / Fire Engine Red Rubber Elephant / Jellyball Spitting Spider Ear-Splitter Space Cadet / Can't-Sit-Up-Slug Glow in the Dark Electric Eel     Ruby     (voiced by Samantha Morton / Rebecca Peters) Ruby is Max's older sister and just loves to mother him (maybe this is because her mother never seems to be around!), but I'm not sure she has quite mastered the knack of it. She is always speaking down to Max and ordering him around, but she means well and doesn't realise she is doing it. She is always saying to Max that he must be tidy and tries to show him how to be. As she says "a place for everything and everything in its place". Poor Max is always being told off by her.   When any of her friends are around, then Max is put in front of a box of his toys and told to play with them and not join in with her and her friends. When Max come to her for help or wants to play, she says 'Not now Max!'. Ruby just wants to be left alone to play with her friends, but Max won't be put off and every few minutes will try again, to the despair of Ruby.   Ruby has quite a good social life and has only just enrolled in the Bunny Scouts, where she can earn Merit Badges for certain tasks. Most of her friends are in the Bunny Scouts and it is a good excuse to get together with them. She really throws herself right into the Bunny Scouts and is always searching or practicing things, such as wrapping Max up in bandages to get her bandages Merit Badge. Max didn't look happy looking like an Egyptian Mummy.   Ruby loves to dress up and will nearly always choose to be a Princess. But to Max's horror, she always want him to be a Prince (not cool), but Max likes being a Vampire (cool). She gets frustrated when Max takes no notice of what she says and would love for him to do as he is told. She still hasn't learnt that Max always ignores her advice. Each time she gives him the benefit of the doubt and believes that Max will carry out the task she asked him to do (she really must learn from this).   Ruby is very good at making cakes. Mostly she makes them for Grandma, but Max loves to intercept them before they reach her. So Ruby has a very hard time steering Max away from them. Once Max had broken the eggs, so she sent Max on his own to the Grocer's to get some more. Nooo!, he could have got run over or worse!! Naughty Ruby! One of Ruby's other hobbies is playing the piano, but she has to be quick at playing, as Max will interrupt her given any opportunity.   Some of Ruby's toys are called: Little Miss Miracle / Quack Quack Duck Rapunzel / Curly Shirley The Tooth Fairy / Mr and Mrs Quack Pinocchio / Walkie Talkie Bear Polly Pig / Slinky Snake      Baby Huffington     (voiced by ) Ruby loves to baby sit Baby Huffington and loves to show off to Mrs Huffington how good she is at it. Ruby was horrified when Max kept setting off the Cuckoo Clock, as she thought it would keep the baby awake, but it seems that this was Baby Huffingtons favourite thing and in fact was the thing that helped him go to sleep (lucky Max). But be careful, Baby Huffington is a light sleeper.     Mrs Huffington     (voiced by ) When she gets a chance, she asks Ruby to baby sit Baby Huffington. She likes to throw garden Tea Parties.     Louise     (voiced by Julie Lemieux) Louise is Ruby's closest friend and loves to play Princesses with her. She is also in the Bunny Scouts and has been in one for a while and has earned lots of Merit Badges. So she helps Ruby practice so that she can earn some too. She also gets frustrated when Max constantly interrupts and suggests other things for him to do.     Grandma     (voiced by Kay Hawtrey) Grandma is the only relative of Max and Ruby we see. She doesn't live too far away from them and loves for them to visit her. She can be quite good fun and surprised Ruby when she dressed up as a vampire for Halloween, as Ruby kept telling Max that his vampire costume would hinder them getting treats. But she was proved wrong at Grandma's house when Grandma opened the door as a Vampire!   Ruby is always baking cakes for her, arranging surprise Birthday Parties and buying her things. She bought her some singing bluebird earrings when Max spent most of Ruby's money. Max likes to buy Grandma silly things such as glow in the dark vampire teeth. Grandma loved them and put them in straight away, Boo!! I wonder if Grandma ever gets any time for herself?     Bunny Scout Leader     (voiced by ) She is the local leader of the Bunny Scouts (an all female bunny group). She is always surprised it the strange way that Ruby goes about earning her merit badges. Little does she realise that Max is actually interfering with the tasks and ruining them. But when he does this, he actually earns her a different merit badge, as he actually completes a different task by accident.   Robert     (voiced by ) When we said that Max didn't say many words, then this bunny must have the world record for saying the least words each day. All he ever seems to say is uh-hu (which means yes) and uh-uh (which means no). Ruby and Louise really wanted for him to play with them, but to their horror, he preferred to play with Max and push him around in his toy car making vroom, vroom noises. Max And Ruby - Max On The Run Max and Ruby T-Shirts - NONE Max and Ruby DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Max and Ruby DVDs Region 1 (USA) - Max and Ruby DVDs Max and Ruby Video Intro Max And Ruby - Ruby, Grandma And Max Max and Ruby Episodes Note: Each episode was made up of 3 stories, which are listed separately below Series 1 (2002)  1-1. Max's Bedtime  1-2. Max's Bath  1-3. Ruby's Piano Practice  2-1. Hide and Seek  2-2. Max's Wormcake  2-3. Louise's Secret  3-1. Max Misses the Bus  3-2. Ruby's Leaf Collection  3-3. Max's Breakfast  4-1. Ruby's Clubhouse  4-2. Max's Rainy Day  4-3. The Blue Tarantula  5-1. Max's Halloween  5-2. Camp Out  5-3. Quiet, Max!  6-1. Max's Picnic  6-2. Ruby's Merit Badge  6-3. Max Cleans Up  7-1. Max's Apple  7-2. Bunny Cakes  7-3. Max's Cuckoo Clock  8-1. Good Night Max  8-2. Ruby's Jewelry Box  8-3. Bunny Money  9-1. Max's Rocket Run  9-2. Bunny Party  9-3. Max's Birthday  10-1. Max's Christmas  10-2. Ruby's Snow Queen  10-3. Ruby's Lemonade Stand  11-1. Max Drives Away  11-2. Max's New Suit  11-3. Ruby's Rummage Sale  12-1. Max's Chocolate Chicken  12-2. Ruby Flies a Kite  12-3. Ruby's Beauty Shop  13-1. Ruby's Magic Act  13-2. Max's Valentine  13-3. Super Max  14-1. Max Meets Morris  14-2. Max's Work of Art  14-3. Ruby's Scavenger Hunt  15-1. Max's Froggy Friend  15-2. Ruby's Hiccups  15-3. Ruby's Stage Show   Series 2 (2002)   1-1. The Big Picture  1-2. Max Gets Wet  1-3. Max's Music  2-1. Max Is It  2-2. Ruby's Science Project  2-3. Ruby's Tea Party  3-1. Ruby's Roller Skates  3-2. Super Max To The Rescue  3-3. Ghost Bunny  4-1. Ruby's Prize Panda  4-2. Max's Bug Salad  4-3. Ruby's Beach Party  5-1. Baby Max  5-2. Ruby's Figure Eight  5-3. Roger's Choice  6-1. Max's Dragon Shirt  6-2. Max's Rabbit Racer  6-3. Ruby's Candy Store  7-1. Max Remembers  7-2. Ruby's Pajama Party  7-3. Bunny Scout Brownies  8-1. Max's Shadow  8-2. Max's Check Up  8-3. Space Max  9-1. Ruby's Surprise Party  9-2. Ruby's Tent  9-3. Max's Prize  10-1. Ruby Writes a Story  10-2. Max's Dominoes  10-3. Grandma's Attic  11-1. Max's Pretend Friend  11-2. Fireman Max  11-3. Max's Thanksgiving   Series 3 (2007)  1-1. Max’s Easter Parade  1-2. Ruby’s Easter Bonnet  1-3. Max & The Easter Bunny  2-1. Ruby’s Hippity Hop Dance  2-2. Ruby’s Bird Bath  2-3. Super Max Saves the World  3-1. Ruby Delivers  3-2. Getting Crabby at the Beach  3-3. Max Babysits  4-1. Max’s Fireflies  4-2. Max & Ruby’s Fashion Show  4-3. Ruby’s Singalong  5-1. Ruby’s Safari  5-2. Max’s Mudbath  5-3. Max’s Lost Lizard  6-1. Surprise Ruby  6-2. Ruby's Party  6-3. Max's Present  7-1. Max’s Ant Farm  7-2. Sugar Plum Max  7-3. Ruby’s Puppet Show  8-1. Ruby’s Loose Tooth  8-2. Ruby Scores!  8-3. Ruby's Sandcastle  9-1. Grandma's Berry Patch  9-2. Ruby's Bunny Scout Parade  9-3. Ruby's Detective Agency  10-1. Max's Rocket Racer  10-2. Max's Candy Apple  10-3. Max's Blast Off!  11-1. Little Red Ruby Hood  11-2. Max and the beanstalk  11-3. The Froggy Prince  12-1. Max's Jack-o-Lantern  12-2. Max & Ruby's Perfect Pumpkin  12-3. Max's Big Boo  13-1. Max & Ruby’s Christmas Tree  13-2. Grandma’s Present  13-3. Max & Ruby’s Snow Plow  14-1. Max's Mix-Up  14-2. Snow Bunny  14-3. Snow Day Max And Ruby - Max Isn't Allowed In Ruby's Room Max And Ruby - Vampire Bunny Max And Ruby - Max In Bed Max And Ruby - Max Plays With His Toys Max And Ruby - Ruby Plays With Her Dolls Max And Ruby - Bunny Scouts Max And Ruby - Max Is Up For Trouble Max And Ruby - Unhappy Max Max And Ruby - Max Loves Butterflies Max And Ruby - Max Is Not Amused Max And Ruby - Intro Max And Ruby - Max Is All Tied Up Max And Ruby - Toys Tea Party Max And Ruby - Family Photo Max And Ruby - Max Plays With His Ear-Splitter Space Cadet Max and Ruby Images (click to enlarge) Max And Ruby - Ruby Helps Max Max And Ruby - Trick Or Treat Max And Ruby - Max Max And Ruby - Ruby Max And Ruby - Baby Huffington Max And Ruby - Mrs Huffington Max And Ruby - Louise Max And Ruby - Grandma Max And Ruby - Bunny Scout Leader NO VIDEO...YET © Max And Ruby - DVDs
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