Moschops Moschops is an 80’s Children’s TV animated show, made by Filmfair Ltd and was first show on television in 1983. 13 programmes were produced, each lasting 11 minutes.     Story  Moschops is a young dinosaur who lives in a cave with his friend Ally. Where they live is quite barren and hot. You see, it looks more like a desert, but things are changing and new plants are springing up. One newcomer is called Flower and she is befriended by the other dinosaurs (eventually). Mr Ichthyosaur, who knows everything lives in the nearby lake watching all the other dinosaurs running back and forth.   Together Moschops and Ally had all sorts of adventures as they explore the world around them. They have made all kinds of amazing discoveries, including inventing stilts, a tent and even the wheel! Their favourite game is football (soccer) and they kick around large rocks in the shape of a ball (ouch! that must hurt).   Moschops Characters   Moschops  He is a young dinosaur who wears a multicoloured cap. He likes to keep fit and does exercises in the morning. He was the first dinosaur to meet flower. Well, initially she had no name, but Moschops is a clever dinosaur and gets a dizzy feeling when a special thought comes along. His special thought was to name her 'flower'. He didn't know why, but it sounded right. When flower wouldn't tell him her name, he said he would eat her, but was full of remorse straight away. You see he isn't a bad dinosaur and is really friendly.   Sometimes he can have an over imaginative imagination, as he can dream up monsters and convince everyone else that they are real. Boy, can he scare the others!     Ally His full name is Allasaurus, but most people call him Ally. He is Moschops's best friend. Ally is quite energetic and loves to run everywhere (especially from Grandpa or Uncle Rex when he thinks he's in trouble). Poor flower didn't get off to a good start in life, as Moschops had threatened to eat her, followed by Ally. Luckily Moschops persuaded him not to eat her, as she is one of a kind. Ally does love to eat, and he especially likes grubs and beetles.     Mr Ichthyosaurus Mr Ichthyosaurus is a dinosaur that lives in the nearby lake, where he is trapped from the sea. He doesn't like it to be sunny and instead likes the rain (not surprising really, as he does live in water). He would like it to rain lots, so that the lake would join up with the sea again, so he could go back home. He is the only dinosaur that I know who speaks with a welsh accent. Mr Ichthyosaurus doesn't have any feet and instead has flippers, so doesn't come on land much. If he wants, he can pull himself up to see what the other dinosaurs are doing.   If Moschops is worried or needs advice, he goes and speaks to Mr Ichthyosaurus, who imparts words of wisdom, as he seems to know everything. Most of the time he is spot on and calms the situation. He helped to calm down flower after Moschops and Ally had threatened to eat her. He claims that he can conjure up spells, but I'm not sure he can. One thing is that he seems to be frightened of Grandpa Diplodocus and Uncle Tyrannosaurus Rex.     Grandpa Diplodocus He is an enormous and very old dinosaur. He is so big, that his legs get mistaken for tree trunks and when he walks, it feels like an earthquake. He is forgetful and when someone says that his head is in the clouds, then literally they are! It takes quite a while before he remembers something, usually after the others have discovered what he was trying to remember. He is always losing his spectacles and most of the time they are on his head.   He wasn't surprised about their new visitor, Flower, as he had been expecting her for several hundred years. He likes her singing and it makes him feel good and sleepy. He wonders how Moschops knew what to call Flower, as he knew her name but no one else had.     Flower When flower first appeared, she gave Moschops a fright, as she appeared right in front of him. She is the first of her kind and is unique, as you see the dinosaurs had never seen a flower up until that point. Initially she was frightened of the big dinosaurs, and she wouldn't tell them her name. Not surprising really, as Moschops had threatened that he would eat her (he didn't mean it).   When she had calmed down, she decided to sing to Mr Ichthyosaurus for being kind to her. Her singing is fantastic and the others love to listen to her. She gets ill if she doesn't get enough water to drink. The others built her a house (called Flower's Palace) to hide her from Uncle Tyrannosaurus Rex, but she didn't like it.     Uncle Tyrannosaurus Rex He is the Uncle of Ally, who thinks he is a horrible monster. Maybe Ally feels like this because his Uncle is trying to give him fierceness lessons. You see, he feels that Ally is not ferocious enough and so thinks he is lily livered and is a nincompoop. His fierceness faded away when he heard flower sing and he thought she was exquisite and had charm and grace. But he does scare Flower when he roars (he likes to roar and sound ferocious).   One thing he is scared of is Mrs Kerry and runs off when he sees her. You see she thinks he's all roar and no bite. Uncle Rex and Granda used to hide from her together, and now she's back they've reunited again to hide together.     Mrs Kerry  She is the most tidiest dinosaur in the prehistoric world and has been away for a while. Well, it was a long time really (5 years) and she didn't know who Moschops and Ally were! Mrs Kerry is a busy body. She upsets Mr Ichthyosaurus, but calling his lake a pond. Flower doesn't like her, as she orders he to pick up her leaves and stand to attention. The others aren't too impressed as she wants them to brush out their footsteps. Considering they walk on sand, they create hundreds of them, so that could take them forever!   She doesn't think that you have to be untidy to enjoy yourselves, but everyone else tends to disagree with her. Moschops and Ally Moschops T-Shirts - NONE Moschops DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Moschops DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Moschops Video Intro Moschops - Hello Little Flower
Moschops Episodes Series 1 (1983)  1. The First Flower  2. All's Well That Ends Well  3. Nightmare Sun  4. Fiercest Dinosaurs  5. Tidiest Dinosaur  6. Ally Takes to the Air  7. Wheels Within Wheels  8. Moschops' Garden  9. Moschops' Party  10. Just Like Me  11. Moschops' Tent  12. Rainbow  13. No Place Like Home Moschops - The Gang Moschops - Mr Ichthyosaurus In The Water Moschops - Flower Needs Water Moschops - Star Studded Sky Moschops - Flower Sings Moschops - Grandpa Diplodocus Investigates Moschops - Look Out It's Mrs Kerry Moschops - Titles Moschops Images (click to enlarge) Moschops - Finds A Flower Moschops - What Is It? Moschops - Himself Moschops - Ally Moschops - Mr Ichthyosaurus Moschops - Grandpa Diplodocus Moschops - Flower Moschops - Uncle Tyrannosaurus Rex Moschops - Mrs Kerry © Moschops - DVDs
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