Mr Benn Mr Benn is a 70’s Children’s TV cartoon created by David Mckee. Only thirteen episodes were produced, each lasting 15 minutes which were first shown on the BBC in 1971 and was filmed by 'Zephyr Film Productions'. The programmes were narrated by the actor Ray Brooks and the catchy theme tune to Mr Benn was written by Don Warren.   The animation wasn't fantastic, as most of the time the camera panned across the drawings of David McKee and Ian Lawless and only the bare minimum was animated. But this didn't spoil the show, instead it enhanced it, as it was backed up with fantastic stories and story telling. The animation of Mr Benn walking is legendary, as it makes most people smile to themselves.   So popular has Mr Benn become in the history of Children's TV, that in 2004, Nickelodeon commissioned King Rollo films to make a special one off episode of Mr Benn. This episode was based on David McKee's latest Mr Benn Book. Some things were different, but the charm and feel of the episode was the same, they even had Ray Brooks do the narration again. Lets hope there are more to come!     Story  Each episode followed the exploits of Mr Benn, a bowler-hatted chap, who lived at number 52 Festive Road, London and made regular trips to his local Fancy Dress, costume shop.  Once in the shop, 'as if by magic' the shopkeeper would appear and suggest a costume for Mr Benn to try on.   After changing, Mr Benn would walk out of the 'other door' where he would find himself in a different world appropriate to his costume.  There Mr Benn would have an adventure and help solve a problem.  Once his adventure was over the shopkeeper would mysteriously re-appear and show him back to the changing room.  Back at number 52 Festive Road, Mr Benn would invariably find that he had a souvenir of his adventure.   Mr Benn Characters   Mr Benn Mr Benn lived in a terraced house (at 52 Festive Road) and even dressed in his suit and bowler hat at weekends (maybe he didn't earn a lot of money to buy more clothes?). I feel that in the real world, Mr Benn didn't have the most exciting life and didn't make the difference to others. But when he was invited to a Fancy Dress party, he had to hire a costume and he came across his local Fancy Dress Shop. This was the day his life would change and he could at last be someone and make the difference (he never did go to the Fancy Dress party - he'd had too much adventure in a day).   When he walked through the other changing room door, into an adventure, he used all his knowledge and skill to help the people he came across: When he was a Knight, he helped a Dragon, after he was banished when a match seller framed him for some fires. He decided to go and tell the King the truth.   When he was a Hunters assistant, he did everything in his power to stop him shooting animals, by saying that the animals were too small for such a great hunter. He plotted against the hunter by hatching a plan with the largest of all the animals - the Elephants.   When he was a cook, he hatched a plan to get Princess Annabella to eat. He invited all the poor children from the area, to a banquet at the palace. Here they ate loads, and offered the Princess some food, which she ate. As mentioned earlier, Mr Benn always came back with a souvenir, so don't be surprised to find his house clogged up with them.     The Shopkeeper The shopkeeper was a strange person. Well, do you know anyone in London that wears a Fez (please no emails to tell me about your Fez wearing friend!). He ran the Fancy Dress Shop down a back lane. This shop must have been one of the more classier Fancy Dress shops, as all his costumes looked so authentic, compared to some of the opposition. But he did have an advantage with the costumes, as he could go back or forward in time to get the original ones.   In his shop, he used to appear out of thin air (as if by magic), which didn't seem to frighten Mr Benn at all? I would have thought the shopkeeper would have kept quiet about his magic powers and the ability to travel to other places in time. Maybe he didn't expect Mr Benn to go through the other door and maybe he is the only other person to know this secret...who knows? But he seemed very happy to allow Mr Benn to have a magical adventure and amazingly enough, not pay to hire a costume outfit.   He would again appear at the end of Mr Benn's adventure, disguised as some one else and would try to usher him through a door, which would lead back to his shop.   Mr Benn - Mr Benn Waves Mr Benn T-Shirts T-Shirts (Europe) - Mr Benn T-Shirts Mr Benn DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Mr Benn DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Mr Benn Video Intro Mr Benn - At The Fancy Dress Shop
Mr Benn Episodes Series 1 (1971)  1. Red Knight  2. Hunter  3. Cook  4. Caveman  5. Balloonist  6. Zoo Keeper  7. Diver  8. Wizard  9. Cowboy  10. Clown  11. Magic Carpet  12. Spaceman  13. Pirate   Specials   1. Gladiator (2004) Mr Benn - Titles 2 Mr Benn - And The Dragon Mr Benn - At Home Mr Benn - About To Change Mr Benn - As A Roman Mr Benn - Back To The Shop Mr Benn - The Shop Keeper Appears Mr Benn - Balloon Race Mr Benn - This Balloon Needs One More Mr Benn - As The Red Knight Mr Benn - Titles 1 Mr Benn - As The Wizard Mr Benn - As The Clown Mr Benn - As The Chef Mr Benn - As The Explorer Mr Benn - As A Caveman Mr Benn - As A Spaceman Mr Benn Images (click to enlarge) Mr Benn - The Fancy Dress Shop Mr Benn - Hunting Mr Benn - Himself Mr Benn - The Shopkeeper © Mr Benn - DVDs Mr Benn - T-Shirts
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