Hong Kong Phooey Hong Kong Phooey is a 70’s Children’s TV cartoon made by Hanna-Barbera, who’s shows were always based on things that were popular at the time and as you can guess, in 1974 Kung Fu was very popular in the USA. As this was the time when Bruce Lee was making movies and the series called 'Kung Fu' was being shown, starring David Carradine. Joe Barbera had always liked dogs and was always taking every opportunity to cast one in their shows. So that is one of the main reasons why Hong Kong Phooey is a dog (+ they are cute and cuddly). But he wasn't always going to be called Hong Kong Phooey and instead he was going to be called Kung Phooey. The team that worked on Hong Kong Phooey thrived on the show. It was like a group of friends, as they all got on with each other and had lots of fun. They came up with quick ideas and had lots of good banter. At the time, the writers used to draw their scripts, which made the storyboard artists fairly redundant and instead they took on a role of editors, who would edit the storyboards down into scenes and re draw areas that needed to. Also Hanna-Barbera liked to trial other ideas in their existing shows, a sort of pilot within a show. This happened in the last Hong Kong Phooey episode where 'Posse Impossible' was seen for the first time. Hong Kong Phooey wasn't seen for most of the episode, but Posse Impossible went on to star in their own show (minus a few things). Hong Kong Phooey used old story settings, such as an animal who lives and talks in a human world where no one thinks it's out of the ordinary. Also the style of the backgrounds was very oriental. Hong Kong Phooey is one of the classic shows most people remember. This isn't just down to the brilliant animation, it has to do with a catchy title sequence which everyone wants to sing along to (and can't get out of their head) plus the fantastic voice of Hong Kong Phooey, supplied by Scatman Crothers. There were a total of 16 episodes, which mostly contained 2 stories. While I was growing up, I always thought the Janitor was called Henry, but shock horror, it seems that his name was Penry. Most people I tell this to don't believe me (it sounds a stupid name to me!). Look out for where the vending machine is in episode 1, as it is on the left hand side of the room, but for all other episodes it has switched to the right side of the room. Cartoon Network even commissioned a 'flash' cartoon which gave us a short updated version of Hong Kong Phooey. I would advise against watching it, as it didn't have any of the style of the original and looked more like an episode of Street Fighter or Dragon Ball. Now if they created a new series that mirrored the style of the original, then that would be worth seeing. Story Hong Kong Phooey is the greatest crime fighter, but... Who is this super hero? Sarge? No Rosemary the Telephone Operator? No Penry the mild mannered Janitor? Could be.... Hong Kong Phooey Number One Super Guy Hong Kong Phooey Quicker than the human eye He's got style a groovy style And a car that just won't stop When the going gets rough he's super tough With a Hong Kong Phooey Chop Ya! Hong Kong Phooey Number One Super Guy Hong Kong Phooey Quicker than the human eye Hong Kong Phooey Penerific! Each story revolves around Police Headquarters where a humble janitor works. When a call comes into HQ about a crook then Penry is off.  He runs right into the vending machine, but don't worry he doesn't hurt himself as its a secret door and it swings open into a secret room. Penry jumps into the bottom draw of a filing cabinet. Spot, Penrys cat is on top of the cabinet and bangs on the top when the top draw sticks and out jumps Hong Kong Phooey!! After squashing himself with a fold away ironing board and sliding into a dumpster, he emerges in the Phooey Mobile ready to fight crime (I'm surprised that he hasn't found a less painful way of getting to his car).On his way to catch the criminals he always upsets someone with his car (eg. splashing them with mud), but as soon as they see it is Hong Kong Phooey then they feel that it is a privilege. Also the crooks would like to know how he catches them, as he is mostly nowhere near them. Hong Kong Phooey Characters Penry     (voiced by Scatman Crothers) Penrod "Penry" Pooch is the Janitor of the local Police Station and is always cleaning something. Poor Penry can't seem to do anything right and is always upsetting Sergeant Flint. This is normally because Penry is very accident prone and the Sarge is normally on the receiving end concerning the accident. He loves to talk to himself (or does he know that we are watching?) and announces to Spot what he is going to do next. He is friends with Rosemary, who he sometimes calls her his 'lovable lady fuzz'. When the call comes into the station that there is a criminal on the loose or a crime has happened, Penry suddenly disappears from the police station and no one knows where to? Hong Kong Phooey     (voiced Scatman Crothers) If you didn't know, Penry is in fact the alter ego of Hong Kong Phooey, who transforms into the superhero via a quick change in a filing cabinet. The inept crime fighter Hong Kong Phooey is the number one crime fighter, who uses his Kung Foo skills to catch crooks (mostly by accident). When things are getting bad, he consults the Hong Kong Book of Kung Foo for his latest Kung Foo moves to dispatch his enemies (how does he get the book to stay in his sleeve?). But when he tries out the move it nearly always goes wrong and Spot has to help him out. It seems as if he isn't the martial arts master that most people think he is, and instead he is learning it as he goes along. Hong Kong Phooey has a massive ego and if he was told that Spot was helping him catch the crooks, then he wouldn't believe them. He is that certain that his Kung Foo skills and his mental powers are unrivalled that he has no fear going into a dangerous situation. He has to be careful not to be mobbed when he is out in public as he has thousands of admirers, especially the girls that love to hug and kiss him (its a hard life!). He seems to love to give his autograph out to everyone, even if they don't really want it (normally its to crooks that are in disguise). He drives one of the coolest vehicles ever - the Phooey Mobile, which makes a great sound when its been driven along.  It can convert to loads of different vehicles when he bangs his gong, such as the Phooey Copter. He is also someone who respects safety, as he always puts his seat belt on. What I'd like to know is, how does a low paid dog afford such a fantastic vehicle? Sometimes he dresses up in disguises to catch the crooks, but it is easy to spot which one is Hong Kong Phooey, as its the only disguise that has a black mask on it. Still, the crooks never seem to notice this fact.   Spot     (voiced by Don Messick) Spot is the Police Station's cat. It is ironic that the cat that is covered in stripes is called Spot. He cannot believe how inept Penry / Hong Hong Kong Phooey is and is always yawning when he starts talking rubbish on how he will catch the criminal. In fact it is Spot who is the real Super Hero, as he tags along with Hong Kong Phooey and is the one that helps to catch the crooks by pointing him in the right direction. This cat doesn't speak, but can get the attention of Hong Kong Phooey by whistling. He has a knack of getting Hong Kong Phooey out of the filing cabinet when the drawer gets stuck (he bangs on it). Rosemary     (voiced by Kathy Gori) Rosemary is the police telephone operator.  She always answers the phone by saying 'Hello, Hello, Police Headquarters' and infuriates Sarge when she keeps saying 'You Don't Say' on the phone and his curiosity gets the better of him. She is friends with Penry and has some of the best legs I've seen (in a cartoon - of course). She has a massive crush on Hong Kong Phooey and if she knew that Penry was the same person, then she would never let him go. She thinks that Penry will be little more than a janitor (if only she knew).    Sergeant Flint     (voiced by Joe E. Ross) Sergeant Flint (or Sarge as he is also known) is the grumpy Sergeant of Police Headquarters Considering that he is in charge, he has no patience at all and should really go on an anger management course. Maybe this is due to the Police Commissioner always giving him a hard time?He loves to give Penry the dirty jobs to do, but Penry messes most things up, so its Sarge that ends up in a mess! He is always calling Penry a nincompoop. He has a strange habit of going 'ooh ooh' before saying things and tries to get everyone into shape via his Physical Fitness Programme, which is surprising as I think he needs the work out. The Gasket Gang These criminals love to steal any vehicle that they can lay their hands on.'Hot Rod' is the brains of the gang, while 'Crank Case' is the muscle and 'Mousey' is the person that resprays the cars. Hot Rod dressed as a little old lady so not to be detected when stealing cars. Even Hong Kong Phooey helped fix his/her car when he thought she'd broken down. The Diamond Thieves Rocky hid the 'Hopeless Diamond' in a Kangeroo's pouch, but forgot which one he had put it in, so they had to steal all the Kangeroos in the city (his boss wasn't happy).To try to catch them, Hong Kong Phooey disguised himself as a Kangeroo. He soon found out that they weren't easy pickings as they knew Kung Foo too. Slippery Smith He is the worlds greatest safe cracker. He uses a robot, called Iron Head', to steal safes for him. But he doesn't steal them in the normal way and instead Iron Head just crashes through the walls and rips the safes out for Slippery Smith to open.  Fingers MagooHe is one of the fastest pick pockets in the world, he even stole Hong Kong Phooey's book of Kung Foo!   Grandma Goody She is a cat burglar who steals cats and even stole Spot from right from under Penry's nose. She drives around in a car and only has to lower a ramp and say 'here kitty, kitty' and then they jump in the back.The cats seem to love her, but she doesn't like cats. In fact she isn't a Grandma at all and is a man dressed up. So what does he do with the cats? He shampoos them, blow dries them and gives them phoney pedigree papers and sells them as expensive pedigree cats. The Candle Thieves Lefty and his boss (Waxy) own the local Wax Museum and make magnificent waxworks and sell them for thousands, but they suddenly find out that they have run out of wax to continue making them. So they embark on a crime spree to steal the whole of the cities candles. But as usual, the boss has the idea, but the brawn (Lefty) has to carry out the plan, and in this instance he bounces around on a pogo stick swiping them all. Hong Kong Phooey And Spot On The Case Hong Kong Phooey - Parade Hong Kong Phooey - They Love Him Hong Kong Phooey - Penry The Mild Mannered Janitor Hong Kong Phooey - Spot Helps Out Hong Kong Phooey - This Will Hurt Hong Kong Phooey - Ouch!! Hong Kong Phooey - The Garage Hong Kong Phooey - The Phooey Mobile Hong Kong Phooey - A Baddie Hong Kong Phooey - You Got The Baddie Hong Kong Phooey - Titles Hong Kong Phooey - The Credits Hong Kong Phooey - Diamonds Are A Robot's Best Friend Hong Kong Phooey and Rosemary Hong Kong Phooey - Time To Go Hong Kong Phooey - Sarge Drawings Hong Kong Phooey - Spot Drawings Hong Kong Phooey - Rosemary Drawings Hong Kong Phooey Drawings Hong Kong Phooey Images (click to enlarge) Hong Kong Phooey - Who Is This Superhero? Hong Kong Phooey - Sarge?...No Hong Kong Phooey - The Usual Suspects Hong Kong Phooey - Phooey Mobile Drawings Hong Kong Phooey - Penry Hong Kong Phooey - Himself Hong Kong Phooey - Spot Hong Kong Phooey - Rosemary Hong Kong Phooey - Sergeant Flint Hong Kong Phooey - The Gasket Gang Hong Kong Phooey - The Diamond Thieves Hong Kong Phooey - Slippery Smith Hong Kong Phooey - Grandma Goody Hong Kong Phooey - The Candle Thieves Hong Kong Phooey T-Shirts / Gifts Hong Kong Phooey DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Hong Kong Phooey DVDs Region 1 (USA) - Hong Kong Phooey DVDs Hong Kong Phooey Episodes Series 1 (1974)  1-1. Car Thieves  1-2. Zoo Story  2-1. Iron Head, The Robot  2-2. Cotton Pickin Pocket Picker  3-1. Grandma Goody  3-2. Candle Power  4-1. Penthouse Burglaries  4-2. The Batty Bank Mob  5-1. The Voltage Villain  5-2. The Giggler  6-1. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall  6-2. The Great Movie Mystery  7-1. The Gum Drop Kid  7-1. Professor Presto The Malevolent          Magician  8-1. TV Or Not TV  8-2. Stop Horsing Around  9-1. The Abominable Snowman  9-1. Professor Crosshatch  10-1. The Claw  10-2. Hong Kong Phooey vs. Hong            Kong Phooey  11-1. Greenthumb  11-2. Goldfisher  12-1. From Bad To Verse  12-2. Kong And The Counterfeiters  13-1. The Great Choo-Choo Robbery  13-2. Patty Cake, Patty Cake,           Bakery Man  14-1. Mr. Tornado  14-2. The Little Crook Who Wasn't            There  15-1. Dr. Disguiso  15-2. The Incredible Mr. Shrink  16-1. Comedy Cowboys Hong Kong Phooey - Penerific Hong Kong Phooey - Time To Change Hong Kong Phooey - Cool Entrance Hong Kong Phooey - Baddie Behind Bars Hong Kong Phooey Video Intro
Hong Kong Phooey - An Autograph Hunter Hong Kong Phooey - A Grand Entrance © JedisParadise.com Hong Kong Phooey - DVDs
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