Mr Men (1974 / 1999) The Mr Men is a 70’s and 90’s Children’s TV cartoon which was based on the Children's books written by Roger Hargreaves. In 1974 the first Mr Men series was broadcast by the BBC and consisted of 13 episodes. It was narrated by Arthur Lowe of Dad's Army fame. The animation was simple (and was reused for certain scenes), but that doesn't distract from the stories or the way they were told, which sucked you into the story. Not only that, the music was really great, ask anyone to hum the tune, I'm sure most people can.   One of the things I liked was the intro for each episode, which starred one of the Mr Men and their name. Some of them are really funny, the Mr Jelly intro is hilarious. A second series was made which consisted of a further 15 episodes. After this, no more Mr Men programmes were made until 1996 (but, as they say, that's another story). During this time Roger Hargreaves still created Mr Men books/stories and even expanded the Mr Men Universe to include Little Misses. He died in 1988 aged 53. Lets now meet the Mr Men (well, some of them). Mr Men Characters   Mr Happy He is the Happiest person around. He always looks on the bright side if life. If anyone is sad, then he'll try his hardest to make you smile.     Mr Silly Mr Silly lives in nonsense land, even the cars have square wheels. He's very silly and has marmalade in his cup of tea.     Mr Jelly Mr Jelly is a frightened person, even a leaf falling from a tree can scare him. He likes nothing more than hiding under his bed sheets and hoping it will go away.     Mr Snow Mr Snow was brought to life by Father Christmas to help him deliver presents, after he got stuck in the snow. He likes to talk and he talks very fast (listen carefully or you might not catch what he is saying).     Mr Bounce Mr Bounce is the bounciest person around. You would think he didn't mind this, but if he trips up then he bounces around everywhere and hurts himself. People even try to use him as a tennis ball (aren't they nasty!!).   Mr Men - Worm Mr Men T-Shirts T-Shirts (Europe) - Mr Men T-Shirts T-Shirts (USA) - Mr Men T-Shirts Mr Men T-Shirts Mr Men DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Mr Men     Original Series DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Mr Men Video Mr Men - Santa
Mr Men Episodes Series 1 (1974)  1. Mr Happy  2. Mr Silly  3. Mr Jelly  4. Mr Snow  5. Mr Bounce  6. Mr Forgetful  7. Mr Funny  8. Mr Bump  9. Mr Tickle  10. Mr Small  11. Mr Messy  12. Mr Greedy  13. Mr Sneeze   Series 2 (1999)   1. Mr Strong  2. Mr Daydream  3. Mr Fussy  4. Mr Worry  5. Mr Uppity  6. Mr Dizzy  7. Mr Topsy Turvy  8. Mr Muddle  9. Mr Mean  10. Mr Nosey  11. Mr Chatterbox  12. Mr Noisy  13. Mr Snow  14. Mr Lazy  15. Mr Grumpy Mr Men - Mr Happy Rainbow Mr Men - Mr Happy And Mr Sad Mr Men - Hello Mr Silly Mr Men - A Silly Car Mr Men - My Jelly Titles Mr Men - Mr Jelly Is Small Mr Men - Mr Jelly Is Happy Mr Men - Mr Snow Titles Mr Men - Snowy Village Mr Men - Mr Bounce Titles Mr Men - Mr Happy Titles Mr Men - Mr Bounce Tries To Get On The Bus Mr Men - Mr Bounce Is Used As A Tennis Ball Mr Men Images (click to enlarge) Mr Men - Mr Silly Titles Mr Men - Mr Silly’s House Mr Men - Mr Happy Mr Men - Mr Silly Mr Men - Mr Jelly Mr Men - Mr Snow Mr Men - Mr Bounce ©
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