Muffin the Mule Muffin the Mule is a 40’s Children’s TV show. Muffin was commissioned some 14 years earlier by Jan Bussell to appear in the Hogarth Puppet Circus as a 'knock about' mule. He was made by Fred Tickner who also created the famous Punch and Judy puppets. The mule was used by Hogarth Puppets, but was stored away for years when Jan Bussell and Ann Hogarth moved onto other projects.   Annette Mills (sister of Sir John Mills) rediscovered the mule among the Hogarth Puppets, and christened him 'Muffin'. His talents were quickly realised by the BBC, who gave him a slot on Children's Hour.  He was first shown on television during an episode of 'For the Children' in 1946, along with a clown called Crumpet.  Muffin went on to become Britain's first true television 'star' but poor old Crumpet vanished into obscurity.   The puppeteer of 'Muffin and his friends' was Ann Hogarth, who had to stand on the piano behind a partition while operating them. Annette Mills died in 1955, aged 61.   Muffin The Mule - Meets His Fans Muffin the Mule T-Shirts - NONE Muffin the Mule DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Muffin The Mule DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Muffin the Mule Video Muffin The Mule - With Annette Mills
Muffin the Mule Episodes   Muffin The Mule - With Crumpet The Clown Muffin The Mule - Packing Away The Puppets Muffin The Mule - Filming Muffin The Mule - Dancing With Annette Mills Muffin The Mule - Ann Hogarth Muffin The Mule - Oswald And Muffin Meet A Fan Muffin The Mule - Oswald the Ostrich Muffin The Mule - Mr. Peregrine Esquire the penguin Muffin The Mule - Has A Drink Muffin The Mule - Meets His Fans Muffin The Mule - Hogarth Puppets Muffin The Mule - His Fans Love Him Muffin the Mule Images (click to enlarge) Muffin The Mule - Controlling Muffin Muffin The Mule - Pulling The Strings ©
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