Here Comes Mumfie Here Comes Mumfie is a 70’s Children’s TV puppet show based on books by Katherine Tozer first published in the 1930's. Fifty-two episodes were made each lasting 11 minutes (2 series of 26 episodes). The TV puppet series was first transmitted in 1975. It was produced and directed by Mary Turner and John Read for ATV. They are well known for their other Children's TV series' of The Adventures of Rupert Bear, Cloppa Castle and The Munch Bunch. The catchy theme tune was sung by The Mumfie Gang.     Story  Mumfie the polite little elephant lives in idylic countryside with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Jumbo, but it is his eccentric Uncle Samuel E. Phant (inhabiting a house made from an old boat - called 'Dun Sailin') who encourages him in his adventures. He is accompanied by his great friend Scarecrow who has a hankie in one pocket and Pankie the mouse in the other.    The pair encounter a man who has decided to become a tramp, and so swaps his motor cycle and sidecar for Scarecrow's natty socks, and 'Natty Socks' becomes his name. The Wicked Witch is always trying to capture Mumfie because she wants his beautiful manners. ‘Mumfie is a elephant A perfect little gentleman Always minds his manners everyday Wicked Witch up in the sky She has got an evil eye Taking Mumfies manners all away chorus Mumfie, you are an elephant who's bound to go far Down in Pinetree Forest, the star you are Mumfie, Mumfie, Mumfie, Mumfie Mumfie, you'll be, happy ever after, you'll see Scarecrow will look after you, and me he-he Mumfie Salty Uncle Samuel, he's a bit unusual Living on a boat he calls a house Come sailing in the wood he would, oh I bet he wish he could Hanky is a pee-pee little mouse (chorus) Looking from behind the tree, lurking 5 and 33 they are ace at thievery as well Witches palace in the air, aggravations everywhere with bad dreams and really horrid smells (chorus) (chorus)’ Here Comes Mumfie Characters        Mumfie He is a kind-hearted young elephant full of the joy of living. Very naive, but protected by some sort of Guardian Angel because he always comes up smiling no matter what the trouble he lands in.      Scarecrow He could be an agent of Mumfie's 'Guardian Angel'. Close friend of Mumfie's - and being older and more worldly wise is a great help in getting him out of trouble.      Uncle Samuel He is Mumfie's Uncle - a retired Naval elephant. He lives on his own in an old boat converted into a house and 'docked' in the forest. Considered by the adult Jumbo family to be 'odd'. Mumfie and Scarecrow love him and would not agree with them.      Natty Socks He is a tramp who has 'opted out'. He was 'something in the city' but now prefers wandering Pine-wood Forest and the surrounding countryside pleasing himself as to when he should eat and sleep. He got his nickname by exchanging his old motor-bike for Scarecrow's red and white striped hose - which in his own words were 'Natty Socks'!      Witch of Up-In-The-Sky She lives in a Palace in the sky among the Dark Clouds. She has her workers making Bad Dreams, Nasty Tastes and Smells, and two children who think up Naughty Thoughts and bottle them. She is always trying to capture Mumfie for his Good Manners.      Pankie  He is a mouse that lives in Scarecrow's pocket and makes the occasional guest appearance.      Nero The Witch's black cat - often helps Mumfie, but only as a means to getting his own back on the Witch when she has upset him.      Mr. Yogel, The Giant He lives in a Castle high up on a Mountain. He is friendly and loves to play chess with Uncle Samuel. Natty Socks has the recipe for a Reducing Spray so that the Giant can become normal size when neccessary.      The Lurkings  They are Ferrety-type characters with trilby hats and long overcoats who work in a gang. They have a base somewhere in the countryside and a Chief, and are known to be devout cowards. Stealing is their speciality, but they are often in the pay of the witch.    Here Comes Mumfie - Mumfie 1 Here Comes Mumfie T-Shirts - NONE Here Comes Mumfie DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE Here Comes Mumfie Video Here Comes Mumfie - Scarecrow, Mumfie and His Mother Here Comes Mumfie Episodes Series 1 (1975)  1. Mice can be Useful  2. Uncle Samuel Disappears  3. Playing Chess Presents Problems  4. The 'L' Driver  5. The Witch of Up-In-The-Sky  6. Follow that Note  7. The Petrol Station  8. The Lurkings  9. A Twig from a Broomstick  10. Mumfie and the Haunted House  11. An Unusual Christmas Cake  12. Natty Socks' Socks  13. A Bottle Full of Trouble  14. Coughs and Colds  15. The Guilt Edged Invitation  16. The Enormous Safe  17. Mumfie Buys a Sea Chest  18. Nero the Cat  19. Mumfie Makes a Strange Catch  20. Mumfie at the Carnival  21. An Unexpected Journey  22. Under the Rainbow  23. Uncle Samuel has a Cold  24. The Runaway Dishcloth  25. Mumfie does some Spring-Cleaning  26. Snowscene Paperweight   Series 2 (1976)   1. The Trouble with Noise  2. Tom Tum - or Posts and Pans!  3. An Hour to Spare  4. Things that go Bang!  5. The Missing Clock  6. The Beanstalk  7. Through the Yellow Door  8. Lurkings, Lurkings Everywhere  9. The Gingerbread Man  10. The Wrong Spell  11. The Tale of Fairy Gold  12. Frogs and Cauldrons  13. Scarecrow's Instant Birthday  14. The Talking Pillow  15. The Time Patterns  16. Brooms are for Sweeping  17. A Parrot Moves House  18. The Weeping Willow  19. Naughty and Mischief  20. Tit for Tat  21. The Late Breakfast  22. The Witch's Prisoner  23. The Paper Dragon  24. An Unusual Birthday Cake  25. There and Back  26. A Tangle of Voices  Here Comes Mumfie - Watch With Mother Exhibition 2 Here Comes Mumfie - Watch With Mother Exhibition 3 Here Comes Mumfie - Mumfie 2 Here Comes Mumfie - Scarecrow And Mumfie Here Comes Mumfie - Uncle Samuel’s House Boat Here Comes Mumfie - Natty Socks Comes To Visit Here Comes Mumfie - Mumfie 3 Here Comes Mumfie - Watch With Mother Exhibition 1 Here Comes Mumfie Images (click to enlarge) Here Comes Mumfie - The Puppets Here Comes Mumfie - Here Comes Mumfie - Mumfie Here Comes Mumfie - Scarecrow Here Comes Mumfie - Uncle Samuel Here Comes Mumfie - Natty Socks Here Comes Mumfie - Witch of Up-In-The-Sky NO VIDEO...YET ©
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