My Little Pony Tales My Little Pony Tales is a 90’s Children’s TV cartoon that was made by Sunbow productions. A total of 26 episodes were made. Each episode was made up of two stories and each story contained one song. This was the follow-up to the original My Little Pony cartoon and the show was again aimed at young girls. Not only that, but the original cast had changed too, which was probably more to do with selling different named My Little Pony toys to the already established fan base.   Not all of the fan base was happy with the changes. Not because of the pony names, but more to do with how the storylines and plots had changed. This time the Ponies lived in houses with modern appliances and loved nothing better than doing aerobics and talking about boys. You can tell this show was made in America, because its absolutely hilarious that they think that the clock can stop in a soccer match! (football to us). I'll let you in on a secret, the clock does not stop till half time or the end of the match. In the USA, soccer is mainly a girls sport, which is why I think it was included in the show.     Story   In Ponyland, the Ponies attended school, where Miss Hackney would teach them. This was quite a cool school, as it had a slide that was built into the side of it. Maybe it was to get a quick exit when the clock struck 3pm and they could go home (the poor Cuckoo Clock had a bad time, as the Ponies were always trying to shoot things at it). But after school, they didn't go home and instead rushed to the local Ice Cream parlour, where they would chat about their lives and (amazingly) eat ice cream and drink shakes. I think they must of felt guilty about eating that stuff, as they would regularly got to aerobic classes to keep fit (or go to the roller rink).   As you can probably tell, most of the Ponies were female, but there were a couple of male ponies to keep up the numbers. But they were mostly portrayed as bullies, or they liked to sulk (maybe they got it spot on?). The show looks very 80's (even though it was made in the 90's), as they all walk around with sweatbands on and leg warmers (even the male ponies!).   The female ponies have their own secret club where they meet to discuss things, but boys are not allowed because they are always running around, causing trouble and being a nuisance (type cast eh?). The trouble is that they meet in a deserted house, but found out the hard way that new owners were moving in (they tried to ambush them!). So to make things right, the club members helped to tidy up and paint the deserted house and even let the new owners son join their club. I think he was really after the great cookies that Bon Bon cooks. My Little Pony Tales Characters    Bon Bon She is a good little pony that likes to cook, but she isn't always good. Once she cheated on her Maths test, so not to disappoint her Mom and Dad. She felt really bad about cheating, as she had never done anything like that before. She wrote about it in her diary, including that she cheated, but she was mortified when she had found out that she had lost the diary. She was scared that someone would read her diary and find out her secret, and she was right to be scared because someone did read the diary - Teddy!   She has a baby brother called (you'll never guess) Baby Pony and she pretended to get a cold to get attention from everyone, as her baby brother was getting all the attention because of his cold. She is part of a large family, which includes - Misty, Rusty, Mom, Dad and Baby Pony and she wants to be a world famous model when she grows up.     Clover  She is the luckiest little pony and always wins the competitions (to her friends dismay), but it looks like her luck has been changing and she seems to end up on the receiving end. She was even told off for throwing a teapot into the lake, as she thought it was bringing her bad luck. Not only that, she isn't good at making a decision. She told all her friends that they could have her concert tickets, even when there wasn't enough to go round. Her father is an artist and she wants to be a great ballerina when she grows up.     Teddy He sports a Mohican hair cut and he thinks that he's a bit of a tough guy, who is really cool, but in fact he is a bit of a bully. He found Bon Bon's diary and wouldn't give it back. He read it and used it to blackmail her into liking him. Luckily Sweetheart had a hunch that he had her diary and threatened to tell everyone that he has a Teddy Bear. So he turned it in to Miss Hackney. He told Bon Bon that he hadn't meant to blackmail her, but he just wanted to hang out with her. He wants to be a pirate when he grows up.   Sweetheart  Sweetheart and Clover are sisters. She is very responsible and level headed. She even defended Teddy when he was accused of stealing Melody's cassette player. All the other ponies pressurised her into turning her back on Teddy, but she stuck to her principals and stood by him. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up.     Ace He has a crush on melody, but the feelings aren't returned. He is captain of the soccer team and is a bit over confident. I think that he would stop if he passed a mirror, he just looks vain! Not only that, he became jealous of the new member of the soccer team - Starlight. When they got to the soccer final, he tried to stop the coach bringing on Starlight for the last 30 seconds. He was even more gutted, when Starlight scored the winning goal. Eventually they became friends.     Patch  She is also on the soccer team and is a little immature. She wants to be a circus clown when she grows up.     Melody  She is part of a band called 'The Rockin Beats', who sound a bit boring to me. The band contains Half Note, Tune Full and I'm not sure what the others are called. They entered the 'Battle of the Bands' which was being televised on PTV, and won the contest. She dreams of being a famous Rock and Roll star. She has two twin sisters called - Jing-a-ling and Ting-a-ling, who are always getting into trouble.     Starlight She works at the ice cream shop and is always drooling after Ace, but he doesn't even notice her. She went to Miss Hackney for advice, who recommended that she should try out for the soccer team to get close to Ace, but the plan backfired when he got jealous because she was good at soccer. He tried everything in the book to try and make sure she didn't join. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up.     Bright Eyes  She wants to be an environmentalist when she grows up, to keep their world beautiful.     Miss Hackney She is the teacher at school and tries to be fair with everyone. When Teddy was accused of stealing Melody's cassette player, she set up a pretend court room, to teach the ponies the real meaning of justice. This was a good lesson, as eventually it was proven that Teddy didn't steal anything and instead it had been put in the 'lost and found' basket at the school. Starlight secretly goes to Miss Hackney for advice on things in her life.   My Little Pony Tales - Surprised My Little Pony Tales T-Shirts - NONE My Little Pony Tales DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - My Little Pony Tales Region 1 (USA) - NONE My Little Pony Tales Video My Little Pony Tales - The Girls
My Little Pony Tales Episodes Series 1 (1992)  1. Slumber Party / Too Sick To Notice  2. Battle Of The Bands / And The Winner         Is...  3. Stand By Me / The Tea Party  4. The Masquerade / Out Of Luck  5. The Play's The Thing / Shop Talk  6. The Impractical Joker / The Great Lemonade Stand Wars  7. Blue Ribbon Blues / Roll Around The         Clock  8. Princess Problems / An Apple For         Starlight  9. Up, Up, And Away / Sister Of The Bride  10. Birds Of A Feather / Send In The           Clowns  11. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart / Gribet  12. Bon Bon's Diary / Just For Kicks  13. Ponies In Paradise / Who's           Responsible? My Little Pony Tales - Shocked My Little Pony Tales - Keep Fit My Little Pony Tales - Angry My Little Pony Tales - Trick Or Treat My Little Pony Tales - Sexy Girls My Little Pony Tales - A Sad Bon Bon My Little Pony Tales - Multi Coloured My Little Pony Tales - What Hair! My Little Pony Tales - Titles My Little Pony Tales Images (click to enlarge) My Little Pony Tales - Football Match My Little Pony Tales - Making Babies Bottles My Little Pony Tales - Bon Bon My Little Pony Tales - Starlight My Little Pony Tales - Bright Eyes My Little Pony Tales - Miss Hackney My Little Pony Tales - Clover My Little Pony Tales - Teddy My Little Pony Tales - Sweetheart My Little Pony Tales - Ace My Little Pony Tales - Patch My Little Pony Tales - Melody My Little Pony Tales - Cooking Time ©
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