Orm and Cheep Orm and Cheep is an 80’s Children’s TV puppet show, which was created by Tony Martin. It was directed by Jan Martin (click to see our interview with Jan) and Derek Oliver. The puppets were produced by Mary Edwards. The voices and narration were provided by Richard Briers. The programme was shown on ITV in the early 1980s.       Story  Cheep was a baby bird who fell from his nest before he learnt to fly. He is helped to recover from his ordeal by Orm - a clever worm, who lives in a little round underground house. In each episode Orm, Cheep and their many friends including Mole, Snail and Mouse have an adventure, which usually involves one of their enemies - Crow, Rat or Cat! Orm And Cheep - Happy Orm Orm and Cheep T-Shirts - NONE Orm and Cheep DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE Orm and Cheep Video Orm And Cheep - Cheep Wakes Up Orm and Cheep Episodes Series 1 (1983)  ?. Water, Water Everywhere  ?. Spring Clean  ?. Gone with the Wind  ?. Buried Treasure  ?. The Dark Wood  ?. Eye Eye  ?. Strawberry Patch  ?. Cat and Mouse  ?. A House for Mouse  ?. What a Rat  ?. The Fall  ?. A Piece of Cake  ?. Cat Nap  ?. Down to Earth  ?. Don't Sneeze Please Orm And Cheep - Intro 2 Orm And Cheep - Intro 3 Orm And Cheep - Mole And Cheep Orm And Cheep - Orm Orm And Cheep - Mouse Orm And Cheep - Crow Orm And Cheep - Snail Is Slow Orm And Cheep - Cheep Orm And Cheep - Snail Orm And Cheep - Intro 1 Orm and Cheep Images (click to enlarge) Orm And Cheep - Rat Orm And Cheep - Mole NO VIDEO...YET © JedisParadise.com
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