Paddington Paddington is a 70’s Children’s TV animated show which was written and created by Michael Bond. The television series (produced by FilmFair) was based upon the Paddington Books that Michael Bond started writing when he was working as a BBC TV Cameraman. He got the idea of Paddington when he bought a rather lonely Teddy Bear for his wife. The bear had been left sitting on a shelf all alone, in a Selfridges Store.   They promptly named it Paddington after the London Station that was nearby to where they lived. The stories of Paddington became so popular that he could afford to give up the Cameraman position and become a full time writer. Later on in his career he wrote and created The Herbs. Each episode of Paddington started with some graffiti on a wall, with the words Paddington on it and a long arrow pointing towards the bear in question.   I'm sure nowadays they wouldn't start a show like this, as I'm sure some people would say that it would encourage children to write graffiti. All I can say is, I grew up watching this and I never once wanted to write graffiti on walls. The show had a unique style, as most things were made from paper cut-outs. These were in 2D, but the perspective that they were presented in, gave a 3D effect. One of the only things that wasn't a cut-out was Paddington himself, he was a proper bear. There have been a number of Paddington shows, and even Hanna Barbera created a cartoon version of him. But we class the FilmFair version of Paddington as the definitive version. Here is a bit of trivia, Jeremy Clarkson's mother (the same Jeremy from 'Top Gear') created the first Paddington Bear toys.     Story  When Mr and Mrs Brown went to a railway station, to wait for their daughter Judy, they came across a brown bear wearing a Duffle Coat and a large hat. This bear was sitting on an old suitcase behind some mailbags and was very polite when they approached him. They found that he'd come from Darkest Peru and had a label round his neck - 'Please Look after this Bear'. So taking pity on him, the Browns did look after him and took him home to live with them.   This is when their adventures started, where Paddington looks into a strange new world, from some innocent and childlike eyes. Paddington Characters      Paddington He comes from Darkest Peru, where he lived with his Aunt Lucy. At an early age he was orphaned after an earthquake. When Aunt Lucy had to go into a Home for Retired Bears (in Lima), he decided to emigrate to England. He stowed away on a ship, where he lived in the lifeboat (eating Marmalade). When he reached England, he found himself at a Railway Station where he was discovered by Mr & Mrs Brown. He was named after the station that he was found in - 'Paddington', which is a station in London.   He is very good at giving 'Hard Stares' to people who are grumpy to Paddington or are just plain rude. It normally does the trick as they go red and normally back down and apologise. He doesn't like baths, as he nearly drowned in one once, and I don't think wearing his hat and coat at the same time helped. He much prefers dry baths.   He is an innocent bear and takes most things literally and most things never turn out as he hopes. One time he went shopping in Barkridges and went to try on a pair of pyjamas, but he made a wrong turn and ended up in the shop window. He thought the changing room were quite posh, it even had a bed in it. So once in his pyjamas, he hopped into the bed, had a snack and fell straight to sleep. When he woke up he then realised he was in the shop window.   The Manager was happy, as he had sold all their pyjamas (which hadn't been selling well) and said he could have anything he wanted in the store for free. Paddington thought carefully and eventually chose some Wellington Boots. In his haste to be helpful, he can have the opposite effect and become a hindrance. One tip is, never ask him to do any DIY for you, as you WILL regret it. He keeps his favourite snacks under his hat - Marmalade Sandwiches.     Henry Brown He lives at 32 Windsor Gardens, London, with his wife and two children. He was unsure whether Paddington should come to live with them and I think he's still unsure. He is always hesitant when he's around Paddington, because he's wondering what trouble he will get into next. Also he's a bit grumpy. He likes reading the paper called 'Westminster Snores'.   He wanted to decorate the attic to have his own room to get away from everyone, but as usual he only half finished it. He wish he had finished it, as Paddington decided to finish the job, but made a mess of it and papered himself in the room and couldn't find the door. To tidy up the mess, they had to get a real decorator in, which suited Mr Brown. He gives Paddington a weekly allowance, like the rest of his children.     Mary Brown She is married to Henry Brown and it very kind hearted. It was her suggestion that Paddington came to live with them. Now I'm not sure who chose this arrangement, but Mary and Henry Brown sleep in two single beds in the same room. Strange eh?     Mrs Bird She is the Brown's housekeeper and knows everything about everything. She even knew that bears from Darkest Peru like Marmalade!!     Judy Brown She is the Daughter of Mr & Mrs Brown and she loves Paddington dearly.     Johnathan Brown  He is the Son of Mr & Mrs Brown and is always waiting to find out what silly thing Paddington will get up to next.     Mr Gruber  He is one of Paddington's friends, who owned an Antiques Shop on the Portobello Road. They also like to share their elevenses together. He doesn't call him Paddington and instead calls him Mr Brown. When they went to an Antiques Auction, he found out that it can be quite expensive for him if Paddington comes along, as he accidentally bids for things and poor Mr Gruber has to pay for them.     Mr Curry  He is the grumpy next door neighbour of the Browns. He likes nothing better to look over the back fence into the Brown's garden and observe what Paddington is doing. But he never calls him Paddington and instead say "Bear, what are you doing?", now that's not very pleasant!   He did the silly thing of letting Paddington use his table to lean on when making a magazine rack, and Paddington accidentally sawed it in two. But Mr Curry doesn't learn from this and still keeps on giving Paddington things to do, and once he's done them Mr Curry gets frightfully upset at the outcome. Paddington Bear - Arrives In London Paddington T-Shirts - NONE Paddington DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Paddington DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE Paddington Video Paddington Bear - Meets The Browns
Paddington Episodes Series 1 (1975)  1. Please Look After This Bear  2. A Bear in Hot Water  3. Paddington Goes Underground  4. A Shopping Expedition  5. Paddington and the 'Old Master'  6. A Spot of Decorating  7. A Family Group  8. Paddington Makes a Bid  9. Do-it-Yourself  10. A Disappearing Trick  11. Something Nasty in the Kitchen  12. Trouble at the Launderette  13. Too Much Off the Top  14. A Visit to the Dentist  15. Paddington Cleans Up  16. Trouble at Number Thirty Two  17. Paddington and the Christmas           Shopping  18. Christmas  19. Mr. Curry Takes a Bath  20. Paddington Turns Detective  21. Paddington and the Cold Snap  22. Trouble at the Waxwork  23. Paddington Makes a Clean Sweep  24. A Sticky Time  25. Paddington Hits the Jackpot  26. Paddington Hits Out  27. A Visit to the Hospital  28. Paddington Recommended  29. Fortune Telling  30. An Unexpected Party   Series 2 (1979)    1. Paddington in Court  2. Paddington Bakes a Cake  3. A Picnic on the River  4. Paddington's Patch  5. In and Out of Trouble  6. Paddington at the Tower  7. A Visit to the Bank  8. Paddington Clears the Coach  9. Picture Trouble  10. Trouble at the Beach  11. Keeping Fit  12. Paddington in the Hot Seat  13. Paddington and the Mystery Box  14. Paddington's Puzzle  15. Paddington Weights in  16. Paddington Takes a Snif  17. A Visit to the Theatre  18. Paddington Buys a share  19. Paddington in a Hole  20. Paddington and the Finishing Touch  21. Trouble in the Bargain Basement  22. An Outing in the Park  23. Paddington Dines Out  24. Paddington Takes the Stage  25. Paddington in Touch  26. Comings and Goings at Number Thirty- Two   Specials (1984)  1. Paddington's Birthday Bonanza  2. Paddington goes to School  3. Paddington goes to the Movies Paddington Bear - A Messy Eater Paddington Bear - Titles 2 Paddington Bear - Likes The Look Of The Pyjamas Paddington Bear - Is Upsetting Mr Brown Paddington Bear - Smile For The Camera Paddington Bear - Looks Like He’s In Trouble Paddington Bear - Mr Curry Is Nosey Paddington Bear - Tries His Hand At Woodwork Paddington Bear - Everyone Together Paddington Bear - Titles Paddington Images (click to enlarge) Paddington Bear - Time For Bed Paddington Bear - Polite Bear Paddington Bear - Paddington Paddington Bear - Mr Curry Paddington Bear - Henry Brown Paddington Bear - Mary Brown Paddington Bear - Mrs Bird Paddington Bear - Judy Brown Paddington Bear - Johnathan Brown Paddington Bear - Mr Gruber Paddington Bear - In His Pyjamas Paddington Merchandise Toys (Europe) - Paddington Toys Toys (USA) - Paddington Toys ©
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