The Perishers The Perishers is a 70’s Children’s TV cartoon whose characters started life in a comic strip in the Daily Mirror Newspaper in 1958. It was the brainchild of its cartoon editor Bill Herbert. The Comic Strip wasn't an instant hit and initially the scripts were produced by Ben Witham and the characters were drawn by Dennis Collins. Maurice Dodd was drafted in to help, who sketched his scripts and the strip then went from strength to strength. It is still shown in the newspaper today.   In 1978 FilmFair and Bill Melendez Productions teamed up to bring The Perishers to life on the small screen, in a cartoon series consisting of 20 episodes. The theme tune to this series (by Trevor Evan Jones) was very catchy and ends with Boot saying 'Perishing Kids!'.     Story  Wellington, Marlon, Maisie & Baby Grumpling are 4 children who hang about with each other. They like to go camping and to the seaside, but trouble is always around the corner when they start squabbling with each other. Wellington's dog, Boot, likes to come along and have fun, but always tries to stay away from anything that could be hard work. Now lets meet the gang. The Perishers Characters    Wellington He is a very bossy little boy and always wants his own way and is an orphan. He's always trying to get his dog, Boot, to do things, but Boot has other ideas (they are always battling against each other). He wears a deer stalker hat and a pair of Wellington Boots (hence his name). His best friend is Marlon, but he is always using him to do something for himself. He especially likes him when he is trying to sell one of his wooden buggies (go-karts), as this is Wellington's little sideline to make money.     Marlon He's a bit slow (in the head) and likes to be pulled around on his buggy (he's easily lead). He likes buggies and does lots of Vroom!! Vroom!! noises and gets Maisie to push/pull him around in it (if he can persuade her to). To go for the complete look, he wears some overalls that look like the ones racing drivers wear (it even has a go fast stripe!).   He is the inventor of the 'Inch Thick Ketchup Sandwich'. I would recommend that you stand well back when he bites into this, as people standing too close are covered in Tomato Ketchup. Also he has very smelly feet.     Boot Boot is an Old English Sheep Dog and always saying (or is it thinking to himself) 'By the Lord Harry'. He has no tail and is not fond of water, he especially hates baths. Sausages are a favourite of his. He loves to talk to himself in the mirror and admires himself. He thinks he's handsome and and has an ego the size of a planet. He thinks he is more intelligent than Wellington and doesn't do what he is told, which gets poor Wellington really frustrated. Boot even thinks he owns the house they live in, but Wellington is always trying to tell him otherwise.   Boot is interested about what lives underwater, and when they all go to the seaside, he heads straight to the rock pools. Here he has become known as 'The Eyeballs in the Sky' by the crabs that live underwater, they are unsure what the Eyes are, maybe they're god? Its a shame Boot doesn't know this, as he would relish the chance to become anyone's god.     Maisie She is the sister of Marlon and sounds a bit posh. She has become the self appointed girlfriend of Marlon, he never stood a chance! Every once in a while, she has a go at ruling the World, but its a very difficult task! Once she had a hat like a duck, and all the others kept going Quack, Quack, Quack (which really upset her). But the final straw was when they all jumped in a duck pond to get away from a cow and some passing people threw bread for her to eat!     Baby Grumpling He is the baby brother of Maisie. He especially likes to go around on his Space Hopper, the trouble is he flattens anything in his way, such as Wellington. Digging holes is one of his specialities too. He especially upsets Maisie when he puts insects in her underwear draw. If he doesn't get his own way, then he resorts to his final threat - "I'm going to tell my Mum!".     BH He is an Indian dog (from the Army) that has no sense of smell and he is Boot's best friend.   The Perishers - Boot Catches Wellington The Perishers T-Shirts - NONE The Perishers DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - The Perishers DVDs Region 1 (USA) - NONE The Perishers Video The Perishers - Baby Grumpling Squashes Wellington
The Perishers Episodes Series 1 (1978)  1. Magic Mirror  2. In the Cart  3. A Life From the Ocean Wave  4. A Camping We Will Go  5. A Fool and his Money Aren't as Easily Parted as You Think  6. How to Train the Family Dog  7. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bath?  8. The Ugly Duckling  9. Look Before it Leaps  10. Spring Fever  11. The Skateboard Champion  12. The Wheeling and Dealing  13. She May or She May Not  14. Noblesse Oblige  15. The War Games  16. Well Blow me Down  17. Bone Companions  18. The Rehabilitation of BH  19. The Eyeballs in the Sky  20. The Inch Thick Ketchup Sandwich The Perishers - Titles 2 The Perishers - Maisie Is Shocked The Perishers - Boot Welcomes Wellington The Perishers - Boot Hides The Perishers - Boot Picks A Fight The Perishers - Wellington Is Left Holding Everything The Perishers - Titles 1 The Perishers Images (click to enlarge) The Perishers - They Fight Over Marlon The Perishers - Marlon Shows His Wheels Off The Perishers - Wellington The Perishers - Marlon The Perishers - Boot The Perishers - Maisie The Perishers - Baby Grumpling The Perishers - BH ©
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